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Ellie is in Providence for the weekend, so I have the apartment to myself. I am working on unfucking my house. The big problem areas are the kitchen, which is really both our faults, but whatever, I cleared off the counters and wiped them down anyway, and will keep working at it; and the "craft zone" in the dining room, which has sprawled over, like, a third of the room and is entirely my fault with a few of Ellie's possessions swallowed up by the mess. But I am also working on my bedroom, because my personal space should be pleasant dammit, and the living room, where my exponentially growing collection of comics is threatening to avalanche all over everything.

The unfucking project has been going on for about a week (Ellie and I started compulsively cleaning while we were snowed in, and I have been keeping up with it reasonably well). I am also working to feed myself more regularly/healthily, since Ellie and I have a not-terribly-overlapping venn diagram of meals we can make and will eat. I got groceries from one grocery store yesterday, and know what I want from the other grocery store.

So my at-home project is to continue improving the general cleanliness of the apartment. My get-out-of-the-house project for the weekend is to acquire some essential things: I need some organizational supplies, and I still haven't snagged replacement buttons for the coat with a missing button and the coat with ugly buttons. Windsor Button is going out of business, alas, but at least it's forcing me to get this done. While I'm out, I will probably continue my quest for beautiful snuggly sweaters at excellent prices, because I get cold easily and fancy sweaters are waaaaaay more professional-looking than hoodies.

The meta-goal, to be honest, is to get myself out of the house tomorrow and Monday, when I don't have anything which I am required to show up for.

I have a dentist appointment Tuesday (the saga of my missing tooth draws toward its close, many years on), and I'm beginning to think I should get my vision checked. May need new glasses.

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 22:05
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Community archives thing at the Anarchist Bookfair went reasonably well although none of us had the faintest idea what we were doing. We're going to keep doing it though! Improvement through repetition etc.

Bonus of attending Anarchist Bookfair: bumped into my friend Jeremy and got to catch up with him a bit. I hadn't seen him in ages, which I suppose it what happens when I am friends with people who live in Somerville.

I am now the happy owner of several secondhand cashmere sweaters in good condition. I shall be toasty all winter. :)

I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with Cory and his family but, due to the cost of travel for said holiday and the fact that I will continue to be Overwhelmed By School until this damned semester is over, I have decided to zip down there some time between the end of classes and my parents' arrival in Boston for Christmas.
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I am now the proud owner of these boots. I got them for about 94% off. (When we play D&D at Loraine's apartment, I stop at Buffalo Exchange on my way, to see whether they've got anything I simply must have.)

The two biggest assignments of the semester are both due early next week, so there goes my weekend. (Except for a brief respite on Sunday, when I'm doing a Special Thing for work.)

(I maybe should have stayed home from Shadowrun last night, since without our GM we weren't going to be advancing any plot or earning any karma and nuyen. But I like my friends, so I went. We watched Buffy and played Cards Against Humanity.)
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Anybody want to advise me on how much clothes I should bring to New Orleans? I'll be there for three weeks but I'll be staying with my parents and my mother does laundry pretty much continuously. (I could probably get away with two pairs of pants and four shirts, but I'd get bored.)

things I need to do before I leave:
  • PACK!

  • clean out the pantry

  • clean off the countertops as much as possible

  • clean the stove

  • check in for my flight

  • take out the trash and recycling

  • load and run the dishwasher

  • EDIT: Okay, I have figured out the lower half of my body, mostly. Very flouncy trumpet-shaped skirt in aubergine or tiered olive green skirt?

    need. sleep.

    Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 21:47
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    interesting things from the past few days )

    streamlining my closet

    I have decided that my wardrobe must be decimated.

    In the original sense of the word, that is. One of every ten things must go. This has many advantages:

    * I get to say "decimate" a lot.
    * It's a large enough goal to accomplish something (like getting my t-shirts back into a drawer)...
    * ... but small enough that I will be able to work quickly.
    * Because I am not agonizing over tough choices, I won't be tempted to ignore my quota.
    * Since I'm dealing with batches of ten [skirts/tops/underpants/etc], I don't have to pull EVERYTHING out of the closet all at once.

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    Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 23:10
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    Went to a wedding on Saturday (it was lovely), then to the afterparty (where I spent a long time explaining my research to my brand new friend Jeremy). Groceries Sunday; Ellie wanted to try a new grocery store that's closer than our usual, but it's a bit more expensive, missing various items we use regularly, and really annoying to shop at. Monday evening, after Ellie got back from buying several hundred pounds of lumber in New Hampshire, we went to the mall. Ellie got a coat and a shirt, but not the pants she was actually looking for. I got a dress for my Halloween costume and pants for future MCR concerts - both on clearance, woooo! (And in online shopping news, I bought a Turkish spindle and a colorful batt called Show Pony.)

    In schmoopy relationship news, Cory and I are apparently taking a short trip to Minneapolis (I predict some squabbling over road trip music; we have very different philosophies about music in general). Also, you can see my increased comfort in this relationship by the contents of my suitcase: last time, I packed dresses and shoes and makeup. This time I am packing, uh idk, some clothes? and also some fiber. And a surprise! (because I feel like that would be a nice thing to do), so help me think up TSA-approved surprises? Also also: he knows this journal exists and he knows exactly where it is and I make mostly public posts - and yet he refuses to read it. IDGI.


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    Friday, September 3rd, 2010 22:52
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    I've been following the latest LJwtf and going to work, pretty much. Managed to wear a skirt today, and I think every single person I work with complimented it.

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    Get rained on and blown about. Hope the power stays on long enough to to chat with C. for a good long while. Drive up to NH with Ellie and [ profile] shadesong for the art retreat, and catch the bus back. Drag Ellie to see Scott Pilgrim, get groceries, and pick up the hair stuff I forgot last week. Make attempt number 4 at purple hair: bleach a thick streak and purple it, then update the rest to black.

    End of an era.

    Saturday, August 14th, 2010 01:39
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    Moment of silence, please, for my Really Really Ridiculously Gay Purse Strap.

    The RRRGPS started with a black purse I bought at PacSun many years ago. It came with two interchangeable straps: one with pyramid studs and one with grommets. I preferred the latter, and eventually wove a rainbow shoelace through the grommets.

    Then more rainbows: I slipped a bangle I wasn't wearing (bracelets tend to drive me nuts) onto the strap, and tied a ring onto the long end of the shoelace. Both were made of layered plastic, and I was pleased to have found a way to use them.

    And then the buttons. An assortment of sizes on the front of the purse (I lost one in the pit at a TAI... show ages ago, another few fell off at random), and one-inch buttons attached to the shoelace. Some funny, some geographic allegiance stuff, but mostly queer pins.

    I haven't used the purse in a really long time, because the strap was disintegrating. The snaps were working their way out of the fabric.

    But there is still the other strap. I won't be able to thread the studded strap with a shoelace or cover it in little buttons, but I can just shift them to the body of the purse instead.

    photos )

    This post brought to you by "it's two in the morning and I tried to sleep, really I did, but I am too wound up to reach unconsciousness."

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    I have come up with this little posting template (okay, I looked at [ profile] shadesong's journal and mostly borrowed her format) to help myself post more regularly. We'll see how it works...


    Tired; I stayed up too late chatting with C. And then after work today, I went to the Dating While Feminist event for three hours, which was very social and, as a result, kind of exhausting.

    Oh, and the hem fell out of the bottom of my right trouser leg this morning; I fixed it with safety pins. Anyone in Boston know a good tailor? Convenient to Orange Line a plus, convenient to Northeastern a doubleplus. Some of my pants need fixing; pretty much all of them need shortening. *is too short for regular women's inseams but too tall for petites*

    Yay for contacts! Although the left one is not feeling very happy. I am kind of wondering if I have it in backwards - but I can still see just fine! IDK whether having the lens inside out would actually affect vision correction, or just comfort.

    Furthermore, my contacts claim they can be worn continuously for a week or daily for two weeks (taking them out to sleep); I think I'm going to have to go for the continuous end of things, because augh plucking lenses out of my eyes! Much much harder than sticking them in.

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    Not dead.

    Monday, July 19th, 2010 00:49
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    I promise I will update with actual things from my life! Some time later today (as it is now technically Monday).

    But for now, the links: 10 links )
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    No pictures today; my outfit was kind of boring. Pinstripe pants and a Threadless shirt. (I will try to get up a picture of my jacket, though, because it's fucking cool. Black, with larger versions of these clasps.)

    The good news is that the next few days may be warm enough for me to wear some of the cute stuff I picked out. And I have actual reasons for leaving the house, which forces me to put clothes on. \o/

    Plans! I am having a busy weekend, it looks like. Friday night is Slutbutter, because Cameryn Moore (most of my weekend is because Cameryn Moore). Saturday, I want to go to Sowa Open Market, and then Ellie and I are heading out to Wilmington again for roller derby. Sunday is the Flea at MIT again (note to self: visit ATM beforehand), and then Phone Whore, and then Fuckbucket.

    My Monday is currently 100% empty, and I am going to nap hard, motherfuckers. I will have earned it.

    Daily Song (right-click): Cobra Starship - Move Like You Gonna Die

    1. [community profile] history: Another book, and a consideration of a historiographical problem

    2. [personal profile] jjhunter: dreamsheep poem

    3. [personal profile] trascendenza: On Cantonese tones.

    And since it's now technically Friday... [community profile] boston (which I co-mod, as of recently). And [community profile] unfunnybusiness_dw exists. I love reading [community profile] steampunk_nusantara.

    I'm actually pondering pruning my dreamroll... so I suppose this would be a good time to declare amnesty: if you're tired of my face or my links or my frequency of posting or my whatever, you can unsubscribe!
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    So apparently I lied about only making one post for Dress Your Best. That's just how the picture-taking shook out.

    Today's outfit was originally put together as an example of "casual night out" - dinner at a restaurant and/or one of the less-glittery local theater/dance/etc. things I go to. Unlike my fancier (by which I mean sparklier) stuff, I can wear something like this all day.

    Today's photos also highlight one of my favorite "oh shit it's cold" coping strategies for Boston's sudden weather changes: Add A Hoodie.

    four photos )

    As you can see, I didn't really accessorize today - baby steps, people! - but I have plenty of red jewelry (the shirt does lend itself to one of the larger pendants from Wyrding Studios) and at least three purses that could work (the devil Hello Kitty bag if I need to carry a lot of stuff, a shiny red purse, or a faux leather black one). And it could probably do with a belt, but belts are tricky.

    ETA: *facepalm* It helps if you upload the pictures before you post the entry. And also if you type the correct URLs. [No one saw that.]
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    So, here's the thing. I'm going to put together five outfits (for Dress Your Best Week), plus an extra outfit or two to account for Boston's fickle weather.

    But I can't work the timer on my camera to save my life (well, I can work the timer, but I can't get decent photos with it), so the next time that A) I'm awake, B) Ellie is home, and C) it's sunny outside, I'll get her to take pictures of all the outfits.

    And I'll stick all the photos and all the fashion meta in one post, so that nobody will hate me for spamming them. :D?

    In the meantime, the prep! My list of five body parts, and the types of outfits I want to construct... )
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    17 photos of Northampton )

    At this point, my camera died. Stupid thing consumes batteries at a rapid pace. So all of the following photos were taken by Ellie.

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    and two pictures of me, taken by Ellie )

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