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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 19:36
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So, I frequently make stir-fry. Specifically, I make my favorite: Pepper Steak with Onion. While Mom was in town, she showed me how to make my own sauce (I was dependent on bottled stir-fry sauces and packets of sauce mix, and nothing was ever quite like what I get from Food Wall).

Her process includes marinating the meat in soy sauce and rice vinegar. So last night I dutifully cut up my beef, mixed equal parts soy sauce and rice vinegar in a bowl, covered it, and stuck it in the fridge. And then between housework and a sudden desire to go to the grocery store, I didn't actually cook it last night.

So tonight I drained my marinade, made my stir-fry, cooked some rice, sat down to eat...

IDK if it was the proportions, the sheer volume of marinade (I actualfax covered the meat in liquid), or the fact that I left it marinating for ~24 hours, but congratulations, self! I have just invented SOUR Pepper Steak with Onion. Which would have been great if I liked sour.

(The bell peppers turned out fine though. And the rice. I have never disastrously fucked up a pot of rice.)


Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 00:14
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... accidentally deleted my entire folder of downloaded vids. FML.
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... or so sayeth the boyfriend, about my saving of correspondence.

Today I decided to configure Mail to serve as a local backup for my Google-Apps-For-Your-Domain account (I think it's working? yay). Backing up that inbox will also back up all my other GAFYD accounts, my undergraduate and graduate school email, and my old Gmail accounts,* so I really hope it works. (And then Time Machine will back up my backup. Whee.)

because nobody but me cares about my email from 2003 )

Link is unrelated to the above blathering.

[personal profile] laughingrat: We're not all liberals
Cataloging as a tool for social (in)justice: In EBSCO's Academic Search Complete, articles discussing women's anger at men for actual, real-life, systemic violence and discrimination towards women are given the "MISANDRY" subject label, implying that calling out oppressive behaviors is "man-hating" and unreasonable. Articles about these actual, real-life, systemic crimes--rape, spouse abuse, incest, sexual harassment, etc.--are not, however, given the subject heading "MISOGYNY," despite research on an ongoing basis demonstrating that violence against marginalized persons is absolutely a systemic, not an individual, issue.

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Friday, July 22nd, 2011 22:34
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Infotrope: I’ve been suspended from Google+
So today, I got off a plane this afternoon to find a pile of tweets, emails, and blog comments asking whether it was true that my Google+ account had been suspended. When I managed to get some wifi and check, it turned out that it had been.

I know there’s a lot of people wondering what happens when you get suspended, so here is my experience so far.
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It is really cold in Boston today. And the entire MBTA died. (Well, the bus system seemed to be in good working order. It got me to campus, at any rate.)

I've mostly been going to class, decluttering, and being ill. Sinus infection. Which would have been fine if I had been sick and then got over it, but noooo. At least at this point I can breathe through my nose again.

Here are some links that are kind of old, since I fell off the face of the earth between compiling them and updating my freaking journal )

And finally, the subject line... when Ellie and I were getting groceries on Saturday, I decided I would bring my lunch two days this week (Monday, when I have a break between classes, and Wednesday, when I have a break between work and class), and I decided I would bring ham and cheese sandwiches and salad. So we got bread and ham and I insisted (correctly) that we still had an unopened, unexpired package of Swiss cheese at home.

We were so desperately hungry when we got home that we tore into the lunch supplies. But there was still ham and cheese enough to make one more sandwich, which I could then eat on Monday, after which I would take myself to the store and replenish the supplies.

But she ate my sandwich! :( I slept really late yesterday, and when I woke up, she had forgotten that the whole reason we had the ham and bread in the first place was so I could have lunches, and she had eaten my sandwich.

So I'm so hungry my stomach is trying to digest itself and there's still ten minutes before the fast food joints in the student center open for lunch.


Saturday, January 15th, 2011 12:03
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  • [personal profile] ursamajor: United Airlines, I don't even *know*.
    10. In Hyoun's words, because I was over at the Customer Service desk asking what the next steps were:
    When I asked the desk agent what his name was and whether I could confirm that he had no information about holding the flight open for us and 4 other customers headed to Knoxville, he refused to identify himself and said "you don't need to know that". He then proceeded to shove me backwards and yelled "Fuck you" at me. (Check the camera pointed at Gate A6 at Dulles around 10 PM on 1/7 to watch this exchange.)
  • [personal profile] tiferet: My thoughts on Sarah Palin's responsibility for the Giffords shooting.
    I am not a politician. It is not actually MY JOB to get people to do things for me. If I know better than to ask for things on the internet that I don't actually want, if I know that I'm responsible for what happens when I ask for things on the internet, I don't think I am wrong to look at someone like Sarah Palin, who can get thousands of dollars from people she will never meet and was a vice-presidential candidate, and say, "Yes, you too are responsible for what happens when you ask for stuff on the internet."
  • [personal profile] tim: But I Really Didn't Mean It
    Get it? When you say, "You shouldn't be angry with me about that, because I didn't mean any harm," you are demanding that someone else do your emotional labor because you're too privileged to have to do so. And that is generally worse than the original thing you said, because while the original thing may have been unthinking, the response is a not-so-thinly veiled attempt to leverage one's superior political position. That, my friends, is busted. And is it what you really intend to say?
  • [personal profile] ajnabieh: Linkspam, Tunisia Edition

  • [personal profile] littlebutfierce: hourou musuko
    Last night we watched the first ep of Hourou Musuko, & people, it is wonderful. It's about trans kids in junior high, & I have been reliably informed that the manga isn't faily at all (isn't it nice to be able to watch things w/o holding your breath waiting for it?).
  • Wheeee!

    Sunday, October 31st, 2010 19:06
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    So my Saturday totally sucked!

    Remember how I was really worried about making my connection at JFK? It turned out not to be an issue at all, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Read more... )

    But I did finally make it to Grand Forks, four hours after I should have. And then I slept for 16 hours.
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    • [personal profile] oursin: More about money, extravagance, frivolity etc
      Such is the power of a-synchronicity, that it was only after making yesterday evening's post that I picked up Katharine Whitehorn's Only on Sundays, which of course fell open at the essay 'As Rich As You Feel', the vague memory of which lay behind much of my thinking in that post.
    • [personal profile] thingswithwings: while waiting for pain to subside, I wrote this post
      But the thing that really thrills me is seeing people get more and more efficient and matter-of-fact about their content notes, especially the content notes that are providing a warning for potentially triggering content. I don't credit kink bingo with this, but rather a shift in fandom thinking at large: I see more and more notes for things like forced feeding, self-harm, characters expressing racist sentiments, parental abuse, and all sorts of things - a range of things that reflects the broad manner in which people are beginning to think about how their story/artpiece might be read/viewed by someone with different life experiences than the writer's or artist's own. It feels to me, subjectively of course, that people in my fannish community are more and more willing to be upfront about what their story/artpiece contains, in order to provide the best possible information to potential readers. And that upfrontness, more importantly, is an indication of self-acceptance that I find extremely exciting and refreshing.
    • [personal profile] eruthros: some useful things on the internet
      1. Are you, too, frustrated by the new lj facebook and twitter connect buttons under your comments? Fear not, for not one but two people have made magical solutions! Do not mess with tab order or people shall make greasemonkey scripts, lj.
    • [personal profile] emceeaich: (no subject)
      The rest of the web is not the walled garden, Facebook is the walled garden, with a manifest destiny complex.
    • [personal profile] zulu: *flails* I just DON'T EVEN KNOW, livejournal. I JUST DON'T.
      Not to mention people could be automatically crossposting their comments to any post you made. Triangulation is suddenly that much simpler for stalkers, abusive exes, and potential or current employers. Any work you've put in to keep your fandom presence separate from your real life or professional presence is suddenly tissue paper where once it was at least nice sturdy cardstock. Feedback on your latest PWP that says "Fuck, you write hot man-on-man action, I totally got off to that," could end up side-by-side with your grandma's cookie recipe.
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    The one in my icon (IDK if I still have it uploaded on LJ). Even though the panic is over.

    Papers done, printed, gone through TurnItIn. Just have to deliver physical copies to the TAs, which I will do after this class.

    Of course, after that, I have to go to student health! Because I missed my appointment an hour ago! Because I was so busy freaking out about my papers that I forgot it. So, once again, fml. At least this round of "oh, self, fail" is minor and easily fixed.

    And then I'll go to work, because I had to cancel this morning because papers.


    Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 22:55
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    So I put a plastic thing on the top rack of the dishwasher, and it fell through the rack and landed on the heating element.

    Ellie's mad skillz, a leatherman (the tool), and some sandpaper later, the plastic is gone.


    Also, my laptop case is cracked, right at the edge of my optical drive. :(
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    Over the course of my less-than-eight hours of sleep, my LJ flist received over 200 vgifts. Needless to say, I disabled the notifications, because I was having trouble finding actual posts and shit.*

    Although that doesn't so much matter right now, I guess, since LJ managed to break its own notification system. The whole thing is down until they figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. Although I will kind of lol if the thing that broke it was the umpteen-MILLION snowflake vgifts that people have been sending. Are they free or something?

    * I no longer use /friends to read my flist. I have tracked each journal I read, which delivers the full text of people's posts to my LJ inbox (or a "you can't see this, neener" message if you locked it down after the notification was sent) and cuts down on the number of different places I have to go to keep up with everyone and everything. But since notifications are down, I am not receiving posts. I just hope they mean that bit about queueing everything until notification deliveries can resume. Otherwise I will just miss however many hours/days of posts, because seriously.


    Ellie's car wouldn't start this morning. Seems to be the battery more than anything else, but it's an old, high-mileage car with at least two "fix me" lights on, so who knows what else might be wrong.


    Bossboss is out every day this week except Thursday.

    So of course today was the apocalypse. In the form of sewage leaking through the ceiling in the storage area.

    Fortunately, we received warning early enough to save all materials - a few boxes got moved, and Second-in-Command covered some shelves with plastic sheeting, and they appear to have stopped the leak relatively quickly.

    The library's water was off for most of the day, and hazmat guys kept trooping through the workroom. All in all, most distracting.


    Monday, August 31st, 2009 07:40
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    Skeevy fanfiction survey is skeevy. In the comments to [personal profile] eruthros's post, people have turned up contact information for people who may be able to yank funding and/or provide a fishslap of common sense and/or scientific integrity.
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    Shopping from FBR's webstore seems likely to compromise your credit card info. :\

    I don't think that's what happened with mine,* since the last time I bought anything from FBR was probably the pre-order for Viva La Cobra.

    * A couple of weeks ago, I got a letter with a new debit card in it, informing me that there had been a security breach at some third party and they were issuing a new card just in case. (I was very annoyed at the time, but I've already got the new number memorized, so no big deal.)
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    Plus there was [livejournal.com profile] muskratjamboree and a sinus infection in there. I will be getting caught up with all of you over the weekend. If there's anything you really want me to see, you can link it in the comments to make sure.

    MJ09: Awesome. I love fandom.

    Sinus infection: I can has antibiotics, and I'm already on the mend.

    I am officially done with my art class as of this morning, and my poetry workshop as of Tuesday (though we have one last unofficial meeting tomorrow night at Ian's apartment). That leaves one more assignment for my sociology class, and the take-home final for Women In Western Religions - neither of which will be difficult.

    Then I'll have a few weeks to do nothing much. I'll keep volunteering at Dress For Success, and I might be working a little, but other than that... I'm expecting a nice big box of shiny stuff in the mail tomorrow or Saturday, so I can make jewelry again. :D And I can paint.

    Speaking of... I posted this a long time ago, but the offer is still open, if you want me to send you a crafty-thing. [livejournal.com profile] in_sunshine, I am plotting what yours will be.

    If anyone has a spare Dreamwidth code kicking around, I am looking for one. If not, or if you have it earmarked for another person, I will just wait until I can buy myself an account. At any rate, tell me your username over there, if you have one!
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    That's apparently what I do when I take my meds regularly.

    First project may never be posted, although I am writing it out as an LJ post. I feel like I don't have anything fresh to say about big picture issues relating to Racefail 09 (I have been following it via [livejournal.com profile] metafandom), so I'm trying to analyze things I can do. And since I have seen a number of entries about what people can do in their real lives, I decided to focus on how I am going to try and fail less at tackling issues of race in my writing.

    But as that is long, self-indulgent, and still unfinished, I may never actually post it - so don't hold your breath or anything. But do go and read some other people's posts.

    Second project is a personal undertaking, though it was sparked by the fact that I'm currently sitting in the NUBiLaGA resource room. I thought I'd make up a little list of all the LGBTQ&c collections we have in the archives, and distribute it to NUBiLaGA members for their edification. I figure it's a little better than just pointing them straight at the archives website, and all the links will go directly to the appropriate finding aids.


    Sorry about not posting a picture of my awesome outfit from yesterday. I came home and took a nap instead. Maybe you will get pictures of the articles of clothing, without me in them.

    email fail

    Friday, December 12th, 2008 17:12
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    If you have tried to send something to sofiaviolet@sofiaviolet.com recently and it bounced, sorry. I'm a fucking moron and I accidentally deleted my MX records. /o\

    Fixed now, though.

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