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Lots of snow, but we didn't lose power. Ellie and I have spent most of the weekend cleaning the house. This included trying out our new Laundry Pod (which we got at a pretty steep discount from for Christmas), for washing nice wool sweaters and delicates. It is pretty much a giant salad spinner with a drain hose, but it seems remarkably effective as long as you don't over-fill it with clothes. My bras and tights rejoice at the gentler handling.

I bought a lot of groceries a week ago and have been succeeding reasonably well at feeding myself. The only failures have been one under-flavored curry and a poor understanding of how fast the baby bok choy would go bad, meaning I didn't get to use it (and want to replace it before making my first attempt at at-home shabu shabu).

I have taken over the email newsletter for the local historical society.

Planning to do Mardi Gras nails for Tuesday. I have a decent collection of nail polish but I don't wear it very much. I am unskilled at painting my nails and, because I work with my hands a lot of the time, it chips quickly.

Signed up for SuperBetter. I think gamification will help me form better habits.

Hater-Free Wednesdays is a new tumblr aggregating reviews and stories about comic shops to help people find local shops that will not shit all over their gender/race/etc.

I bought a ticket for Fall Out Boy's Boston show in May! Very pleased to have them back. I'm not exactly in bandom any more - I am hardwired mono-fannish, and got into the Avengers thanks to the movie (and then I slid sideways into ALL THE MARVEL COMICS EVER, sort of, so that's a huge canon and fandom) - but I miss going to concerts.

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Yesterday on the train I read Scientific American's special report on parallel universes. Briefly: they ain't science fiction. They're theoretical, of course, but at least some of the theories are at this point pretty darned solid and make sense of increasingly huge heaps of data.


Why should fandom care? Well, mostly because science is cool. But also? It means our stories are real. Quite literally. Every course of events and configuration of particles, every decision and every outcome you can possibly imagine is, in an infinite universe, occurring right now. Kurt and Blaine? Somewhere, incomprehensibly far off, they're as solid as you and I, and muddling through snowstorms and love. Somewhere slightly off to the left, they've already been married for eighty years. We'll never meet them, and nor will our descendants, because, among other problems, the multiverse is expanding faster than it's possible to travel though it. But they're out there.

They're making up stories about you.
I knew there was a reason I made an entire religion in Auriel whose cosmology says that everything is stories and god is a writer. (Well, a reason besides ego. Heh.)

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 20:52
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Con.txt was a great experience, although I did make the mistake of booking such an early flight home that I missed all the Sunday panels.

Since getting back to Boston, I have taken over as GM for the Shadowrun campaign. I moved our setting to New Orleans. The party composition is very different this time; all the players have chosen different character types from what they played in the last campaign, and so we've got only one magic user and no hackers (last campaign had three/four magic users).

I cleaned all the things today in preparation for my parents' arrival tomorrow evening, and my allergies exploded in response to the dust I kicked up. I had to make room to unfold the futon so they have somewhere to sleep. They'll be here for about a week and a half.

I also bleached a couple of chunks of my hair and gooshed some more purple Manic Panic all over - a little of my usual Purple Haze/Ultra Violet mix, and a bunch of Electric Amethyst. I just washed the dye out and my hair hasn't dried yet, so I don't know how it'll look, but I feel pretty optimistic. (It had been a very long time since I bleached any new growth, which meant the existing purple streaks kicked in about halfway down the length of my hair. Accidental ombre.)

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Saturday, April 7th, 2012 20:53
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I got my hair cut today. Still not sure what it'll look like after I wash it and don't volumize it with five different products, a round brush, and a hair dryer. (I lack the brush, the products, the skills, and the time and give-a-fuck to actually do it myself.) But right now it looks awesome, even after I went shopping all after noon and tried on a bunch of tops and dresses that went on over my head. (Still don't know what I'm wearing to the wedding this summer. Still don't know what I'm supposed to be wearing to the wedding this summer.)

My D&D group hasn't played in a couple of weeks. :( But Shadowrun is meeting regularly. We've switched to playing mostly at MIT instead of in JP. This past Thursday, we were wrapping up the run from the previous week, and we finished pretty early. Instead of starting something new or going home early, we played Cards Against Humanity. My Shadowrun group is the perfect group of people to play that with; we're all on the same wavelength so it's consistently funny-terrible and not awkward-terrible or rage-inducing-terrible.
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Yesterday, I went to a Wyrding Studios jewelry party hosted by [ profile] shadesong. Getting there was an adventure - I didn't take a close enough look at the map before leaving (so I didn't know how to get from the bus stop to her house) and then I got on the wrong bus. Fortunately, my parents bailed me out with Google-Maps-over-Voice-Protocol, also known as "I called them and asked them to read directions to me over the phone." *facepalm* But I was right on time and the party was great.

It turned into crazy necklace day. I got a necklace with a small silver leaf, some dark peacock and purple beads and pearls, and a hammered-and-folded copper leaf. One of the other guests got a fantastic necklace she named Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff. I don't think Kythryne has put any of the photos up on her flickr yet, but she said they'd be up there eventually.

Lunch with [personal profile] stultiloquentia today. We're planning on being airplane buddies for Con.txt (at least for the return trip - I may be couchsurfing with relatives in the area for a couple of weeks beforehand).

Before lunch, I went to CVS for assorted necessities; the self-checkout stations were all behaving badly. After lunch, I dropped off a bag of donations and went thrifting. I have acquired a cardigan! It is burgundy.

I had to go to campus to work on an assignment that's due tomorrow, and then I wound up going grocery shopping to pick up a couple of things that'll get me through this week. Which apparently includes flowers. (For the latter half of my high school career, particularly while I was living in Atlanta, I always had a vase of small roses in my room. They're pretty much the only cut flowers I buy, because they're inexpensive but lovely and understated.)

Once I hand in this assignment in class tomorrow, I only have to write a fairly short final paper for my history class to complete my school stuff for this semester. Wheeee.
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I have decided I like red lipstick:

  • Its texture helps remind me not to bite my lips all the time (much like the slickness of nail polish helps remind me not to bite my nails).

  • Red lipstick + pale skin + dark hair = seems not inappropriate when my clothes required any degree of effort above "jeans and t-shirt." Not necessarily always the "right" choice, but probably not egregiously "wrong."

  • On the other hand, I'm not sure how well it goes with purple. (I am always purple, thanks to the hair. But so is a lot of my clothes, and most of the eye makeup I own.)

    At any rate, the possibility that my mouth clashes with my hair shall not stop me from testing ALL THE RED LIPSTICKS at Sephora tomorrow before the munch.

    My eye makeup skills are still subpar. I can kindasorta apply eyeliner now (I never thought I'd learn that skill! *excited*), but I still can't get it nice enough to wear in public. More practice needed. Eyeshadow... I can apply one color to my entire eyelid, that's about it.
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    (especially considering how many of them I have)

    Currently have an earring in backward through my left earlobe - I couldn't get it to go all the way through coming in from the front. (I'll turn it around tomorrow.) Honestly I'm a bit surprised I got it through at all, it's been so long and my earlobe has been so cranky.

    Of course now I want more holes poked in me, but I have to wait until I have both cooperative earlobes and money that is not earmarked for Christmas presents for my loved ones.

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    Friday, October 28th, 2011 11:25
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    Going to see Rasputina tonight with Cid and Daly, with possible trip to Good Vibes beforehand if the timing works out. :)

    Right now, I am sitting at home with my hair under a plastic shower cap, slowly re-purpling. I'll wash it out soon and then probably hit the lunch buffet at Ghazal. I ♥ their lunch buffet so much: a nice big plate of chicken tikka masala and rice, a couple of pieces of bhatoora, and a whole basket of naan to myself. (I am by nature a grazer, but since I have trouble noticing I'm hungry and remembering to eat on a regular basis, the ability to eat large and less frequent meals is important.)

    I'm pretty sure everyone reading this has already seen Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression, but I too must link it.
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    21 Days for Dreamwidth

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  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: I exist, and I exist in many universes. (Yet another rant about queer erasure)
    Silence = Death. If fictional people are silenced by their authors, then fuck yeah, we're marching right the fuck in and giving them voices.

  • Plans

    Get on plane. Change planes in New York. Maybe briefly meet up with Kajsa in Baltimore. Get self + suitcase to the Haus of Fangirl in MD.
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    First round of bleach is done; it's been months since I redid my roots and I decided to move some of my purple around. So everything is hideous right now! I'll let it dry, run a comb through it, and see where needs more bleach. Then (depending on how late I want to stay up/how early I want to get up tomorrow) purple! And probably black to cover up a few sections of retired purple and any bleach oopsies.

  • Quizzical Pussy: Be little.
    Think you’re better than one fucking person on this planet? Feel innately more correct, important, or that you occupy a moral high ground over any one group of people based on sex, age, weight, race, religion or lack thereof, sexual identity, orientation, or, hell, political affiliation? Bless your heart, all toddlers think they’re the center of the universe! You’re just a tiny bit behind, darling. Once you grow up a little you’ll let go of that and be a normal, healthy person.

    It’s not being condescending. It’s being optimistic.
  • Figleaf's Real Adult Sex: Logical But Not Necessarily Intuitive: Boundaries and Consent Go Both Ways
    Bottom line: We don’t usually think of boundaries and consent as moving in the direction of the top, or in heterosexual relationships as working towards the man. But boundaries are boundaries and consent is consent and when they’re confronted it’s important that they be respected regardless of who’s boundaries they are or who’s consent is required.
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    Subject refers to icon.

    Day of Epic Personal Responsibility! Got shit done at work. More importantly, wrote emails I'd been putting off to history advisor and my closest contact in the honors department. Haven't sent them yet; I am going to read over them one more time after dinner.

    Tomorrow's Epic Personal Responsibility! Print off paperwork and spend part of lunch break chasing down people in order to declare my minor in women's studies. Because I took all the courses, dammit. (This may be a multi-day project...)

    Other things I need to do: senior clearance, apply to graduate, register for classes (while I'm in North Dakota, hence the urgency of the emails: if something goes wrong, I don't want to be trying to fix it over email with no advance warning to whoever has to deal with it/me).

    Senior pictures are next week, apparently. I feel kind of meh about it, but then I am pretty meh about most things like that. I mean, I tried to skip my high school graduation (and while I don't have any strong feelings now that it's over, I still think it was a waste of an afternoon). It's kind of telling that the main thing encouraging me to bother with it is the fact that my hair will be super-purple (since this weekend is my last chance to do that before I need to have very bright hair for Halloween). I might even be willing to order prints, for the sheer awesome of being able to give them to my stodgier relatives.

    • Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today
      Today I don’t have to think about still not being equal.
      Today I don’t have to think about what it takes to keep going.
      Today I don’t have to think about how much I still have to hide.
      Today I don’t have to think about how much prejudice keeps hold.
      Today I don’t have to think about how I’m meant to be grateful that people tolerate my kind.

      Today I don’t have to think about all the things I don’t have to think about.
      But today I will.
    • The Slutcracker
      Boston/Camberville-area people! We should make plans for this. I quite enjoyed it last year.

    • NaNoCraftMo
      I don't think I'll be officially participating, but I could certainly do with some effort in the craft arena. (I'm still undecided about NaNoWriMo, too.)
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    Practice GRE was kind of meh. But I think I did pretty well. After it was over, I rewarded myself with some gorgeous tights and another component of my Halloween costume (I plan on pictures, although they might be locked). And then I had a facial today, because Spa Week put it in my price range. And then I had chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and hot fudge from JP Licks.

    And last night I was treated to Indian food courtesy of our upstairs neighbor, who wanted to repay Ellie for helping her get her cell phone out of the toilet, and I got included whee! Despite not actually helping at all; I was napping.

    I seem to be getting back into BPAL. I still have my collection (amassed from 2005-2007); it followed me from Atlanta to New Orleans to Boston back to New Orleans back to Boston and then to this apartment. But I haven't worn perfume for ages, despite really loving some of these scents.

    I'm going through my collection (I figure I can test two scents per day) and culling everything I don't love, in the hope that a smaller selection will encourage me to wear my damn BPAL by limiting the amount of searching through the imp box.

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    Not dead! Back in Boston since Saturday, and already caught up on things!


    Just finished eating half the curry I made tonight; the other half is in the fridge. I am going to bring it to work tomorrow. Leftovers for lunch - it's almost like I'm a real grown-up!

    Ellie and I went to the mall yesterday. We were supposed to get clothes for her. Instead, we got clothes for me. /o\ On the other hand, Hello Kitty rain boots in grown-up sizes, fuck yes.

    I continue to experiment with purple hair. Attempt 3 (dark purple over failed single-process bleach-and-purple) is the best yet but still not quite right.

    Grand Forks

    Spent nearly every waking moment with C., got to see my family, consumed much media. Was not really online. )

    Relationship Stuff

    :D! )

    We're planning more visits, and I convinced C. to install Skype. But I think my journal will stop being All About My Boyfriend now; he'll show up from time to time along with other important people in my life.


    From Ask Me Anything:

    Looking back, are you comfortable with the way you reacted when your sister came out to you?

    Not really. :( I could have done more. I am especially disappointed with how little help I was to her in 2006/2007, her last year of high school, while she was trying to figure things out. True, I didn't have nearly as much knowledge of gender and trans* issues then, but I probably still could have been more supportive than I actually was.

    But as far as her actual coming-out? I think I did okay then, although I didn't adjust to name-and-pronouns as fast as I would have liked, even if there is a specific reason for it (trying not to out her to Mom and Dad before she had the chance to tell them herself).


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    Figure out Netflix. Buy more $5 vermouth for cooking.

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    I'll be out of town August 14-21. While I'll have internet access, I have no idea how much I'll be online. But rest assured I'll catch up even if I can't keep up.


    Bosses and one reference desk person are away for the Society of American Archivists conference. Work is freakishly quiet.

    Busy couple of days. Tuesday morning, I hauled a box of fun surprises to the post office (since the TSA probably frowns on taking rope in your carry-on), went to work, and then went to Diesel to meet up with [ profile] shadesong and receive my BARCC auction winnings: a lovely flogger. After that, I ran into Andra and spent forever telling her about C. (she kept asking questions, and I am still flush with omgyay).

    Yesterday I got some purple dye, and this morning before work, I put it in my hair to see what it would do. Not a lot, as it turns out: my hair is too dark. Now it's even darker, with something of a blue cast to it. While kinda disappointing, it's not actually surprising, and it's definitely not a bad result.

    Leaving for Grand Forks at stupid o'clock Saturday morning. Clothes are basically picked out, and toiletries are selected and quart-size bagged.


    Still open for questions.

    I know so little about you, I'm afraid my question is quite pedestrian! What would your dream job be?

    Pretty close to what I'm doing right now. I want to be an archivist full-time, as my real grownup job. But I'm not thrilled with the idea of meetings and managing other people, which my bosses at work have to do. I just want to work with the collections.


    I want to write about "lazy femme," which is what I call my gender presentation. In short: I like things like skirts and makeup, but I don't generally bother with these more effortful bits of gendered plumage.

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    More packing, go to bed, sleep, get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, finish packing, go to bed, get up, get on airplane, arrive in Grand Forks, get laid.

    sofiaviolet: xkcd: stick figure in front of computer and text: Late? It's barely 3am! (up late)


    I have come up with this little posting template (okay, I looked at [ profile] shadesong's journal and mostly borrowed her format) to help myself post more regularly. We'll see how it works...


    Tired; I stayed up too late chatting with C. And then after work today, I went to the Dating While Feminist event for three hours, which was very social and, as a result, kind of exhausting.

    Oh, and the hem fell out of the bottom of my right trouser leg this morning; I fixed it with safety pins. Anyone in Boston know a good tailor? Convenient to Orange Line a plus, convenient to Northeastern a doubleplus. Some of my pants need fixing; pretty much all of them need shortening. *is too short for regular women's inseams but too tall for petites*

    Yay for contacts! Although the left one is not feeling very happy. I am kind of wondering if I have it in backwards - but I can still see just fine! IDK whether having the lens inside out would actually affect vision correction, or just comfort.

    Furthermore, my contacts claim they can be worn continuously for a week or daily for two weeks (taking them out to sleep); I think I'm going to have to go for the continuous end of things, because augh plucking lenses out of my eyes! Much much harder than sticking them in.

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    Friday, June 11th, 2010 23:02
    sofiaviolet: Sorry, up late. Internet porn. (because the internet is for porn)
    Another good day of research. Tomorrow is haircuts for Mom and I - I desperately need one; it's been about a year. (My hair has a rapid growth cycle, so the ends get very thin if I forgo trims, which makes them even more prone to tangling.) And I'll probably do at least one more day of research before I head home, but even if I don't manage that, I'm satisfied with the materials I have.

    I'm getting caught up on my dreamroll. I had to use the ?date=YYYY-MM-DD argument to view the older posts, but I have finally caught up to the point where ?skip=NNN works. Links from the past two weeks forthcoming; I foresee a heavier dose of fic recs than usual, because of [community profile] kink_bingo and [ profile] bandombigbang.
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    Productive morning of research, despite my bout of Academic Impostor Syndrome (resulting partly from the fact that I don't have the college credit aspect of this paper nailed down very well). Then Mom and I grabbed lunch and I went to the dermatologist. I have had this little red dot on the tip of my nose for years, and today I got it fixed with some kind of electronic zap via needle.

    More research tomorrow.
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    Which probably says something about my family.

    Since next semester will be devoted to class, code, finishing this collection for no pay,* my various crafty pursuits, and hopefully a bunch of concerts... I am considering purple streaks in my hair.

    * As I will be a volunteer, I feel less constrained by an office dress code. On the other hand, I will still be a quasi-official person, albeit not a user-facing one. But I have had coworkers with tattoos and moderately unusual piercings, and I was thinking dark purple against black.

    Registered for classes yesterday, btw. Didn't get Media and History due to error message (and rereading the class description, meh, I'm okay with that), and could not get either of two honors seminars in addition to my "Crazy in America" one. So I am currently taking Soviet Secret Police, which is a history course, and waiting to hear back from my friendly neighborhood honors advisor.
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    Dyed my hair - I had done it not that long ago but I somehow fucked up. I had a whole patch above/to the right of my left ear that just didn't get affected and was many many shades lighter. So now my hair is uniformly the darkest one can go besides black.

    I'm still kind of sick. The only thing wrong with me is a sore throat and cough that feed each other. Reading stories of hacks and pranks out loud to my family probably didn't help.

    I had to burn all those cds I made for my mom before I left Boston, because I apparently moved my laptop around too much while they were burning. They all skip all the fucking time. On the other hand, the albums that were supposed to be gapless actually are this time around.

    It's now technically Christmas. My family will do the gift thing at some point within the next 23 hours. Mom is going to go to church - she kind of has to, I think, seeing as she teaches at a Catholic school. And I need some sleep. We're a lot more laid back about this than we were when I was a kid. No waking up at stupidly early hours. I don't even think anybody wrapped presents. We all know what we're getting because we were there when the gifter bought it, or in my case at least, bought it ourselves with the parental credit card.

    So I already know what I'm getting and could do a gifty inventory now, but I'll wait until it properly passes into my possession.

    Night night all. I'll see you around lunchtime, I suspect.

    ♥ you all.


    Thursday, September 20th, 2007 12:03
    sofiaviolet: welcome to bandom - no, you're not dreaming (bandom)
    I am now in possession of one wristband for the signing. *glee* (Pictures of my outfit likely to come later, because it is awesome. I have three sartorial modes: jeans and a t-shirt, wishing I was a pin-up, and generalized anachronism. I default to the first, but I can look really cool if I put some effort into getting dressed in the morning.)

    I haven't met [ profile] blacksambuca and [ profile] chopsticknoodle face-to-face yet because we were kind of far from each other in line, but we have talked on the phone, and I'll probably meet them later this afternoon.

    Today has felt really rushed. [ profile] chopsticknoodle called me a few minutes before I would have left anyway, telling me to get my ass over there because people were queuing up like mad. So I walked as fast as I could whilst wearing a really long and full skirt and a pair of docs, got fairly lucky with the T, and made it in under half an hour. Something like that will really color the rest of your day unless you make a major conscious effort to avoid it.

    I'm now killing time in the library. I didn't bring my laptop to campus today because it weighs a ton and I'll be doing a lot of standing, so I'm using one of the iMacs in the computer lab.

    Also, my allergies are freaking the fuck out. I've taken my Singulair and a benadryl and I'm still sniffly and spraying snot every time I sneeze (which is kind of often). Gah. I've still got two benadryl tablets in my purse, along with a few benadryl+decongestant, so I'm definitely going to take more so I don't snot all over everyone in line.

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