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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 20:52
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Con.txt was a great experience, although I did make the mistake of booking such an early flight home that I missed all the Sunday panels.

Since getting back to Boston, I have taken over as GM for the Shadowrun campaign. I moved our setting to New Orleans. The party composition is very different this time; all the players have chosen different character types from what they played in the last campaign, and so we've got only one magic user and no hackers (last campaign had three/four magic users).

I cleaned all the things today in preparation for my parents' arrival tomorrow evening, and my allergies exploded in response to the dust I kicked up. I had to make room to unfold the futon so they have somewhere to sleep. They'll be here for about a week and a half.

I also bleached a couple of chunks of my hair and gooshed some more purple Manic Panic all over - a little of my usual Purple Haze/Ultra Violet mix, and a bunch of Electric Amethyst. I just washed the dye out and my hair hasn't dried yet, so I don't know how it'll look, but I feel pretty optimistic. (It had been a very long time since I bleached any new growth, which meant the existing purple streaks kicked in about halfway down the length of my hair. Accidental ombre.)

Not dead.

Thursday, June 14th, 2012 13:33
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I just got eaten alive by Avengers fandom after the first time I saw the movie (and seeing it twice more hasn't helped). I have been spending all my free time reading fic on the AO3, or on tumblr because it takes zero brain cells to operate.

Therefore, I haven't checked my dreamroll in a month. If I missed anything important, please point it out to me? :]

I've been on vacation for the past week, first in Maryland with my boyfriend and his family, now in Virginia with my cousins, and starting tomorrow, back in Maryland for [community profile] con_txt. (Speaking of Con.txt, does anyone have space in their hotel room for me to crash?? *so not on top of things right now*) Resolved: hotel room and roommate acquired.

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 22:35
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Work, mostly. [personal profile] solarcat and I are going to Garment District and maybe some other places this weekend, for Killjoys costuming purposes. (I also need to figure out a Ramona Flowers costume, since Cory has decided that's what we're doing for Halloween, since I'll be in Grand Forks and all.)

Ellie and I spent some time last night talking about our plans for revamping the apartment. The main thrust is to make our space better for our creative pursuits. So much of it depends on her having the time and spoons to build new furniture, so no idea when any of it will get done. I can post an outline of our plans, with crappy diagrams, if anyone is interested.


(Tangent: I once got to attend one of Jerry's workshops. He and my dad go pretty far back; we would usually pay him a visit when we took our road trips to New Mexico. Jerry knew I was working on a novel, he was running a writing workshop and it was going to be pretty fiction-oriented, and he hadn't seen Dad in a while. So Dad and I took a week off work/school and went. It was awesome.)

(And another tangent: Wow has my life been full of fantastic opportunities and experiences that resulted directly from grown-ups taking a chance on me. Including my current job.)


I am considering StrowlerCon, but would need roommates. I also need to run it past Ellie and see if she wants in.

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Sunday, August 8th, 2010 00:53
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Ask Me Anything still open for questions.


Ellie has painted the front room! It's light blue now, instead of salmon. I approve.

Also, I'm sneezing myself to death. IDK why. *drowning in own snot*

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And by that, I mean I Organized All The Books. Next step is to get them into LibraryThing.

Ellie suggests that the best place to hole up during the zombie apocalypse is a strip mall with a home improvement store and a Super WalMart that share an interior wall. Then you have materials for fortifications from the home improvement store, plus food and guns from WalMart. Just knock a hole through the interior wall and you're golden.

But if you have to choose, pick the WalMart and use random merchandise to block the doors. Ellie suggests filling shopping carts with slashed-open diapers and watering them to create a kind of sandbag thing.

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 18:17
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*flop* I definitely ran out of spoons for socializing. I'm still suffering those effects.

Stuff that happened: I met a bunch of people! Including [personal profile] zeenell in meatspace for the first time, [personal profile] viklikesfic, [personal profile] cesy, [personal profile] cinco, [livejournal.com profile] eleanor_lavish, [livejournal.com profile] schuyler, [personal profile] melannen, [personal profile] libitina, [personal profile] merisunshine36, and lots of other people.

A+++ con, would attend again. (Already preregistered for 2012!)

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Saturday, April 10th, 2010 13:11
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I started this post yesterday! Really! /o\

follow friday
[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw
[community profile] pacifi_cant, for those of us who can't be in Seattle this weekend for Pacificon/Bitchin' Party
Latest Things | [profile] follow_friday

[personal profile] azurelunatic: Why I think Dreamwidth is a special Free/Libre Open Source Software Development Environment

A very detailed step-by-step guide to using OpenID. Written for the members and commenters of [community profile] spn_bitesized, but generalizable to the rest of Dreamwidth.

This got mentioned in irc: [personal profile] kiwikiwi listed some of their favorite features on Dreamwidth, focusing on lesser-known things, and there are other people chiming in in the comments.

via Racialicious: University of North Dakota retires "Fighting Sioux" nickname (which, I'm sure, makes my uncle very happy!)

I've started using my tumblr, if only to reblog things I like. So, given my interests and who I'm following, there are many pictures of girls in various states of undress, ie NSFW.

ETA: tumblr's Dashboard is pretty awesome, actually. I had been following tumblrs-as-feeds on my dreamroll, but I'm going to unsubscribe from all of them on Dreamwidth in favor of my Dashboard. Makes my dreamroll a bit more SFW and a bit less overwhelming.

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