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Ellie is in Providence for the weekend, so I have the apartment to myself. I am working on unfucking my house. The big problem areas are the kitchen, which is really both our faults, but whatever, I cleared off the counters and wiped them down anyway, and will keep working at it; and the "craft zone" in the dining room, which has sprawled over, like, a third of the room and is entirely my fault with a few of Ellie's possessions swallowed up by the mess. But I am also working on my bedroom, because my personal space should be pleasant dammit, and the living room, where my exponentially growing collection of comics is threatening to avalanche all over everything.

The unfucking project has been going on for about a week (Ellie and I started compulsively cleaning while we were snowed in, and I have been keeping up with it reasonably well). I am also working to feed myself more regularly/healthily, since Ellie and I have a not-terribly-overlapping venn diagram of meals we can make and will eat. I got groceries from one grocery store yesterday, and know what I want from the other grocery store.

So my at-home project is to continue improving the general cleanliness of the apartment. My get-out-of-the-house project for the weekend is to acquire some essential things: I need some organizational supplies, and I still haven't snagged replacement buttons for the coat with a missing button and the coat with ugly buttons. Windsor Button is going out of business, alas, but at least it's forcing me to get this done. While I'm out, I will probably continue my quest for beautiful snuggly sweaters at excellent prices, because I get cold easily and fancy sweaters are waaaaaay more professional-looking than hoodies.

The meta-goal, to be honest, is to get myself out of the house tomorrow and Monday, when I don't have anything which I am required to show up for.

I have a dentist appointment Tuesday (the saga of my missing tooth draws toward its close, many years on), and I'm beginning to think I should get my vision checked. May need new glasses.

Date: 2013-02-16 17:07 (UTC)
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*cheers* for the unfucking! And good luck with the other projects as well. I'm very sad that Windsor Button is closing. We've lost a lot of good yarn stores in recent years.

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