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My sister is moving out by September 1, so there's a bedroom in my apartment in Jamaica Plain becoming available. Depending on Ellie's situation, your move-in date may be a bit flexible if you like. Due to my asthma/allergies, I require a non-smoking roommate.
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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 21:06
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Minor plumbing disaster yesterday. Cut for icky things found in drains. )

You should be grateful I am not posting a picture. (Yes, Ellie made me photograph this clog like a fishing trophy, and she posted it to FetLife.) Edit: Okay, saved it off FetLife, uploaded it to my own site, and am linking.
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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth happening now. Expect everybody to be posting all the time. (Seriously, the amount of stuff on my reading page today was terrifying. If you want the actual firehose, the threeweeks feed on Latest Things aggregates posts tagged with several variations on the fest name.)


Got to see the US Archivist speak today but was barred from the reception afterwards due to being a student (supposedly because of the presence of alcohol, which is doubly hilarious to me because I am over 21 and still do not ever booze it up). Although his speech was good (and confirmed that government archives are not my first choice but would not be too soul-sucking), and I got to archives-squee at the guy I sat next to.

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Questions meme

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Last blog entry for class, last paper for the same class, only paper for the other class, book reviews, responses for the New Orleans FONSFAQ (also still taking prompts), possibly some responses for other FONSFAQs, possibly a notable woman for She's Kind of a Big Deal, the thing I am making for MCR (yes, I am making them a thing).

Recipe: curry

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 20:48
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I am so proud of myself, y'all. After months of trying, I finally have something that is seriously tasty, albeit not as good as restaurant food. Much cheaper, though.

Thai curry

Ingredients (per serving)

  • ½ can (approx. 7 oz) coconut milk
  • 0 to 6 birdseye chili peppers or similar, according to taste (I use 4)
  • dried basil, lots
  • fish sauce
  • ½ to ¾ tbsp curry paste
  • one chicken breast fillet or one half boneless thigh, sliced
  • red, orange, and/or yellow bell pepper (about ¼ to ½ of a pepper), sliced
  • ½ to 1 cups rice

  • Directions

    1. Possibly begin making rice.
    2. Coconut milk in saucepan of appropriate size.
    3. Add chilis, fish sauce (about ½ tbsp, but I eyeball it), and curry paste. Stir for a little bit.
    4. Basil. Make a little mound, then stir it in. I would recommend overdoing the basil rather than underdoing it.
    5. You should probably make the rice here if you didn't earlier.
    6. Let the coconut milk etc. sit over low heat. Turn the burner off if it starts to froth.
    7. About five minutes before the rice is done, add the chicken and bell pepper and possibly nudge the heat up a bit (or turn it back on if you had to turn it off earlier).
    8. Serve and eat.

    I give per-person ingredients because I haven't found a way to make the leftovers good (the chicken always tastes funny, so vegetarian versions might reheat just fine), and I only make this for myself because Ellie hates coconut milk.
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    So I mentioned a little while back that I am visiting Cory's parents after Christmas.

    I am totally sending them a card, whenever he gets around to giving me an address. I am also going to send a card to his brother Chris and Chris's girlfriend Kajsa (who was one of Ellie's friends in high school, actually).

    But I also want to get them gifts! Because I do that! !!!! And this is where I turn to you, oh lazyweb...

    Kajsa crochets; I can get her some yarn, y? Or am I projecting my own desire to be gifted with craft supplies? Other people who crochet: what is a reasonable quantity of yarn?

    As for the other three, I am completely lost and I doubt Cory will be any kind of help. What kinds of things are reasonable, non-weird (well, non-excessively-weird) gifts for the parents and siblings of one's partner?

    I get that this is probably a weird and excessive thing to be doing, but. *hands* I had a Thing about the holiday season as a kid - I tried to get stuff for all my cousins, even the ones I wouldn't be seeing (not make my mom get stuff and put my name in the From: field. Pick it out myself, even if she did give me the money to pay for it). It faded for a while, and then a few years ago, the holiday wishlist meme and the people offering to send out cards brought it out again.
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    Subject refers to icon.

    Day of Epic Personal Responsibility! Got shit done at work. More importantly, wrote emails I'd been putting off to history advisor and my closest contact in the honors department. Haven't sent them yet; I am going to read over them one more time after dinner.

    Tomorrow's Epic Personal Responsibility! Print off paperwork and spend part of lunch break chasing down people in order to declare my minor in women's studies. Because I took all the courses, dammit. (This may be a multi-day project...)

    Other things I need to do: senior clearance, apply to graduate, register for classes (while I'm in North Dakota, hence the urgency of the emails: if something goes wrong, I don't want to be trying to fix it over email with no advance warning to whoever has to deal with it/me).

    Senior pictures are next week, apparently. I feel kind of meh about it, but then I am pretty meh about most things like that. I mean, I tried to skip my high school graduation (and while I don't have any strong feelings now that it's over, I still think it was a waste of an afternoon). It's kind of telling that the main thing encouraging me to bother with it is the fact that my hair will be super-purple (since this weekend is my last chance to do that before I need to have very bright hair for Halloween). I might even be willing to order prints, for the sheer awesome of being able to give them to my stodgier relatives.

    • Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today
      Today I don’t have to think about still not being equal.
      Today I don’t have to think about what it takes to keep going.
      Today I don’t have to think about how much I still have to hide.
      Today I don’t have to think about how much prejudice keeps hold.
      Today I don’t have to think about how I’m meant to be grateful that people tolerate my kind.

      Today I don’t have to think about all the things I don’t have to think about.
      But today I will.
    • The Slutcracker
      Boston/Camberville-area people! We should make plans for this. I quite enjoyed it last year.

    • NaNoCraftMo
      I don't think I'll be officially participating, but I could certainly do with some effort in the craft arena. (I'm still undecided about NaNoWriMo, too.)
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    I have finagled my inbox all the way down to four things in Priority Inbox (one of which is my flight info and one of which relates to the practice GRE I'm taking tomorrow), and eleven things in the regular inbox, none of which requires an actual reply (they're all emails containing coupon codes I stand a decent chance of using - I keep them in my inbox so they don't get lost, and so they can be easily deleted once they expire).

    Anyway, yeah. Practice GRE tomorrow (free, and it's been a while since I've taken a test like that). I should just register for the next convenient real GRE,* since it's not like I am going to study. And I went to an hour-long thingy about grad school, in which I had a lot of things I sort of knew confirmed, and had to suffer through a lot of stupid questions. Not sure it was entirely worth not getting paid for that hour, but eh.

    In other "did $thing like a motherfucking adult" news, I have successfully paid the internet bill (which we just didn't receive last month, wtf. Verizon has the absolute worst billing system in the world, I swear), and requested an absentee ballot (since, oops, out of town for the election).

    * Or maybe not, since it looks like I don't actually need it. IDK if I should take it anyway, though. So, uh, I turn to my dreamroll! For your information, I am seriously considering the Archives/History dual degree program at Simmons** but also seriously considering just the M.S. and going back for a history degree later. So y'all should give me advice on that, too.

    ** xkcd really nailed it.


    • Disabled Feminists: Let’s Bust Some Myths: Depressed People Are Always Sad or They’re Faking!
      Mix up a few details, and Blanchard’s story is a pretty common one. Whenever I talk to people who are currently living with long- or short-term depression, or have lived with it in the past, they tell me the same story: Friends thought they were faking because they managed to get out and have a good time. They laughed at a joke once and everyone decided they were “over” their “funk”. They didn’t act like stereotypes of depressed people, so they must not actually be depressed.
    • [community profile] britpop

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    • And there was going to be a link to a really cute picture I found while doing my actual job today, but it's on the test server, which A) I don't remember its IP address and therefore can't get to it from here and B) I probably shouldn't be linking the test server around anyway. But old photos of serious-looking small children, woo.

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    Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 22:35
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    Work, mostly. [personal profile] solarcat and I are going to Garment District and maybe some other places this weekend, for Killjoys costuming purposes. (I also need to figure out a Ramona Flowers costume, since Cory has decided that's what we're doing for Halloween, since I'll be in Grand Forks and all.)

    Ellie and I spent some time last night talking about our plans for revamping the apartment. The main thrust is to make our space better for our creative pursuits. So much of it depends on her having the time and spoons to build new furniture, so no idea when any of it will get done. I can post an outline of our plans, with crappy diagrams, if anyone is interested.


    (Tangent: I once got to attend one of Jerry's workshops. He and my dad go pretty far back; we would usually pay him a visit when we took our road trips to New Mexico. Jerry knew I was working on a novel, he was running a writing workshop and it was going to be pretty fiction-oriented, and he hadn't seen Dad in a while. So Dad and I took a week off work/school and went. It was awesome.)

    (And another tangent: Wow has my life been full of fantastic opportunities and experiences that resulted directly from grown-ups taking a chance on me. Including my current job.)


    I am considering StrowlerCon, but would need roommates. I also need to run it past Ellie and see if she wants in.

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    Not dead! Back in Boston since Saturday, and already caught up on things!


    Just finished eating half the curry I made tonight; the other half is in the fridge. I am going to bring it to work tomorrow. Leftovers for lunch - it's almost like I'm a real grown-up!

    Ellie and I went to the mall yesterday. We were supposed to get clothes for her. Instead, we got clothes for me. /o\ On the other hand, Hello Kitty rain boots in grown-up sizes, fuck yes.

    I continue to experiment with purple hair. Attempt 3 (dark purple over failed single-process bleach-and-purple) is the best yet but still not quite right.

    Grand Forks

    Spent nearly every waking moment with C., got to see my family, consumed much media. Was not really online. )

    Relationship Stuff

    :D! )

    We're planning more visits, and I convinced C. to install Skype. But I think my journal will stop being All About My Boyfriend now; he'll show up from time to time along with other important people in my life.


    From Ask Me Anything:

    Looking back, are you comfortable with the way you reacted when your sister came out to you?

    Not really. :( I could have done more. I am especially disappointed with how little help I was to her in 2006/2007, her last year of high school, while she was trying to figure things out. True, I didn't have nearly as much knowledge of gender and trans* issues then, but I probably still could have been more supportive than I actually was.

    But as far as her actual coming-out? I think I did okay then, although I didn't adjust to name-and-pronouns as fast as I would have liked, even if there is a specific reason for it (trying not to out her to Mom and Dad before she had the chance to tell them herself).


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    Figure out Netflix. Buy more $5 vermouth for cooking.

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    Internets! I am supposed to write a little blurb about myself that will be sent out to the entire library in the form of a "look! shiny new student employee" email. Tell me what I should include? EDIT: Or you can suggest things for me to include in my profile, in the same area as that quote from [personal profile] hagiologic.

    (no subject)

    Friday, July 2nd, 2010 22:57
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    Helped four statues and a balloon clown move house yesterday!

    It went pretty well - in spite of having to make two trips, the Uhaul got returned on time. And Ellie came by with the Subaru Wonder Wagon for physical assistance (being a person of greater upper body strength than, say, my puny self), transportation of items smaller than mattresses, and the driving from A to B of the five cats.

    Injuries sustained by me: cardboard rash on my palms and the insides of my arms, two parallel paper cuts on my left wrist, at least three separate bruises on my left knee. And of course my muscles are Not Pleased, but that is why we have pain relievers. Oh, and we dropped a dry sink on my foot heading down the stairs at the old place. Thank god for my boots, because although it hurt at the time, there's no evidence of it today.

    Then I went to work today! Only for the remaining few hours I could earn actual money for, but still. Ow to slinging boxes of documents and photos after that.

    And tonight we had Cid and Jason over for dinner. Alfredo sauce, ravioli, olive oil and bread.

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    The one in my icon (IDK if I still have it uploaded on LJ). Even though the panic is over.

    Papers done, printed, gone through TurnItIn. Just have to deliver physical copies to the TAs, which I will do after this class.

    Of course, after that, I have to go to student health! Because I missed my appointment an hour ago! Because I was so busy freaking out about my papers that I forgot it. So, once again, fml. At least this round of "oh, self, fail" is minor and easily fixed.

    And then I'll go to work, because I had to cancel this morning because papers.
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    Since I'm awake a whole hour earlier than planned, I figure I have time to give you guys another update on my academic progress over here!

    The text of the KGB paper is done, and so are most of the footnotes. I need to finish the citations from Wilderness of Mirrors and give it one more read-through for suck and typos.

    The text of the sociology paper is mostly done. I need to do its citations, and to keep adding stuff to the later paragraphs - I analyzed 8 photos of women from tumblrs I'm following, and each of those many photos is shorter than the last. I can probably accomplish most of that through actually comparing the photos to each other; currently each paragraph analyzes a single image.


    Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 10:18
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    *breathes into paper bag*

    So the paper for my sociology class is due tomorrow, right? It's not a long paper, and I find all that stuff really easy to talk about (thanks, feminist blogosphere!). Easy.

    And the paper for Contemporary Africa is already done; even easier.

    The big long paper for the honors seminar isn't due until the 28th, so it's okay. I have time.

    And then the paper for Soviet Secret Police... is not actually due Friday, like I thought. The final is on Friday, but the paper is actually due tomorrow.

    Which I discovered only last night, at 1:30, during an inbox-cleaning spree. I opened an email from the TA to see if I could archive it or if I had to wait until I was done with the class, and. Shit, I know I read it when it came in, but somehow the actual contents didn't stick with me.

    :( fml, guys.

    (I will be AFK until tomorrow at 3, or until both papers are done, whichever comes first.)

    (no subject)

    Friday, April 16th, 2010 11:31
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    Dreamwidth has merch now!

    [site community profile] dw_mobile has been created for the project team working on the mobile version of the site. See also [site community profile] dw_biz for the brainstorming post.

    [personal profile] azurelunatic is running an Emergency Fic Drive to keep [staff profile] denise occupied while she is prevented from typing by a hand injury.

    [personal profile] viklikesfic is hosting an RPF comment fic meme as part of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw.

    [community profile] factfinding is a place to ask research questions and help other people out. Like [ profile] little_details.

    Did my taxes at the last minute. I will probably wind up using most of my return to help Ellie pay our renters' insurance.

    *has a five-day weekend* I have spent today doing nothing productive whatsoever. I think this might be related to my inability to remember my meds over the past few days. /o\

    You should link me to your tumblrs, people.


    Thursday, March 25th, 2010 18:38
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    Landlady came downstairs and lent me a giant, really really nice cooler; she will let me know what is up with repair vs. replace later this evening. I got two bags of ice, cleared out the salvageable fridge contents (plus the frozen mozzarella sticks and the Hot Pockets, which I am not dumb enough to re-freeze when we have a working appliance again), and pitched the rest. We kind of really needed to clean out the fridge anyway, so. :\ Gross leftovers and shit, ugh.

    I seem to have a defined process for Shit Went Wrong. I call my mom, my dad, and my sister to bitch and solicit suggestions. Then I go and do whatever makes most sense re: fixing shit.


    In non-crappy news, Dreamwidth just did a code push. The new payment system isn't live yet; I guess it gets its own special code push as soon as [staff profile] mark finishes it.

    stuff )


    Thursday, March 25th, 2010 16:36
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    My fridge broke. Not cool.

    Puns aside, I have set myself up in the front room with the door open, to await my landlady. (She is a therapist and sees patients in an office in the building; all signs point to that being what she is doing right now.)

    Fuck being a grown-up, y'all. Fuck it in the ear.


    Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 22:55
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    So I put a plastic thing on the top rack of the dishwasher, and it fell through the rack and landed on the heating element.

    Ellie's mad skillz, a leatherman (the tool), and some sandpaper later, the plastic is gone.


    Also, my laptop case is cracked, right at the edge of my optical drive. :(
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    * All $winterholiday cards have been mailed! As well as the international packages. Domestic packages will go out Saturday, after I finish making their contents.

    * Items have been made for [personal profile] harborshore and [personal profile] fleurdeliser's jewelry prompts (and you can still leave me a prompt if you want), but I didn't take pictures last night, because dinnertime. When I get home, before dashing out for my last Slutcracker (probably NSFW) street team thing. *nods*

    * Speaking of The Slutcracker, I am seeing it tomorrow night. Tonight, after flyering, I will be going to Naked Comedy (probably NFSW) with [personal profile] solarcat and Ellie.

    * Dumb thing I did last night: whacked my hand hard enough to scrape a chunk of flesh off my knuckle.

    * Dumb thing I did next: put a bandaid over it so tightly that my fingertip was ever so slightly purple.

    * Dumb thing I did, part three: failed to realize my fingertip was suffering from circulation issues until five minutes ago.

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