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My weekend has come to a satisfactory conclusion, with all work completed on time, even with social media sanity breaks. \o/

Ellie has decided to Clean All The Things. The apartment totally needed it, but it was a little stressful to come in from Special Work Event after lunchtime and find Even MOAR Stuff in my bedroom.

Also, today I talked to my mom about getting a new computer. My Macbook is five years old!* It's still a perfectly adequate computer for my needs, except for two problems:
  1. The fan makes loud angry noises whenever the computer is sleeped/hibernated/shut down, carried in my bag, and woken up again.
  2. The plastic case around the screen and keyboard/trackpad has begun to chip off. Including right under where my right wrists rests when I'm mousing.
But, as my mother needs a new computer (hers is so old she can't update past Firefox 2, and she's understandably worried about Bad Shit From The Internet), we have decided she can have the Macbook, since she won't be moving it around or using the trackpad.

So now my goal is to locate the best Macbook for the least money. We have determined that it is a worthwhile investment to get a better computer than I need Right Now, because said computer will serve me for more years.

* I have been pretty impressed with the longevity of the Macs I've owned. 6 years, 4 years (would have been longer but Evil Ex stepped on it and refused to admit it was his fault the screen died), over 6 years (since AFAIK the iBook I gave to Cameryn is still kicking), and 5 years. Mom's iMac is 7.
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Most of the good stuff going on in my life right now has to do with gaming, munches, or both. Cid recruited a fourth player for Shadowrun at the munch Saturday night; he came to our first real session on Monday even though he didn't have a character yet, just to meet everyone and get comfortable with the group.

And Neoclassic is getting a new D&D group together; she wants another group, and she's been recruiting among her friends and acquaintances in the kink community. I'm definitely interested in playing, as long as it's not Mondays (conflicts with Shadowrun) or Wednesdays (when I wind up doing the homework for 2 of 3 classes).

In other awesome news, I'm having dinner tonight with [personal profile] marina and her Boston hosts who I am not currently internet-acquainted with.


Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 18:17
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*flop* I definitely ran out of spoons for socializing. I'm still suffering those effects.

Stuff that happened: I met a bunch of people! Including [personal profile] zeenell in meatspace for the first time, [personal profile] viklikesfic, [personal profile] cesy, [personal profile] cinco, [ profile] eleanor_lavish, [ profile] schuyler, [personal profile] melannen, [personal profile] libitina, [personal profile] merisunshine36, and lots of other people.

A+++ con, would attend again. (Already preregistered for 2012!)

tl;dr )


Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 13:52
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My big box of beads and wire has been delivered!

Just two and a half hours before I can go and rescue it from my porch and make stuff.

Possibly I should have spent my lunch break writing and not surfing the internet, but whatever. There is stuff in my head and 1000 words doesn't actually take that long.

EDIT: Also, I will be glad when [staff profile] mark gets the reading filters implemented, because I would like to be able to check my reading list in the computer lab without worrying about suddenly having a screen full of boobs or something. Not that it's a guarantee, but I can filter out the most likely offenders and save their posts for later.
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It's tempting to leave you with no context for that subject. But not that tempting.

I first noticed the lovely snails in Jamaica Plain when I moved into this apartment last August. They get very large, and their shells are all sorts of pretty shades of brown. But all I've done so far is try not to step on them.

I was coming home from work today and noticed a couple of empty shells on the sidewalk, just under the overhang of the front hedge. Hm, I thought, and picked them up. I could make something with these.

I went back outside to see if I could find more empty snail shells, and I did. The area where the hedge encroaches on the sidewalk seems to be some kind of snail graveyard. (The neighbors' kids had a lot of fun staring at me as I poked the accumulated leaf/dirt/snail debris with a stick).

Eventually I wound up with a little pile that was just a smidge more than a handful. I'll need to clean them somehow (and I suspect some will not survive that step) because they're covered in leaf bits and dirt, and some of them still have dried snail-snot in them.

Today's haul. )

And how was your day?
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It's been a pretty busy few days...

Stuff for making jewelry arrived Friday morning, but the gold and silver colored wire doesn't match the plated findings, so I have to send it back and invest in gold-filled and sterling wire. Friday night, I partied with my classmates from the poetry workshop. Saturday and Sunday were the Skillshare.

Friday: Symposium )

I staggered through the door around three in the morning and woke up pretty late on Saturday.

Saturday: Skillshare day 1 )

I chatted with my parents for a little while, then nabbed some Popeyes and went home.

Sunday: Skillshare day 2 )

I went home a little after ten and managed to get lost on my way back to Shawmut, so I called my parents and had them read directions to me over the phone. When I got home, I finished my work for my sociology class, then checked my email and found a Dreamwidth invite code.

And here I am.

Manually crossposted between and
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Poetry workshop meets Tuesdays and Fridays.

Workshop schedule cycles through the entire class. Everybody gets 4 chances to workshop things.

My day is the first Tuesday of any given cycle.

A new cycle starts this week.

I have written ~600 words of New Orleans themed poetry for the occasion. And I will be wearing this.
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Up early enough to shower, dress nicely, pack bento (2, since one is full of salad and that is Not Lunch), and make extensive use of the internet! And I still have 10+ minutes to kill before I need to leave the house.
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... but there's no way I would be coherent. Suffice to say, I had a fucking amazing time, both nights.

I am liking my job so far, although I need to get them to schedule me for some more hours. So far, I have checked one collection against its finding aid (some stuff missing, and two extra things not listed), interfiled stuff in boxes of negatives (holy shit are those heavy; somebody is supposed to move that whole collection into smaller boxes, and it may fall to me), and helped hunt through another collection for two missing folders (not found).

And now about my classes. )
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I'm so looking forward to listening to that CFOB mixtape. If anyone reading this hasn't been able to download it, I can upload it.

Everyone and their mother has posted about Gerard's update, but here's the text again, mainly for the benefit of my mother.
lol overinvested )

There are still no pictures or video of Frank kissing that guy in Texas, which surprises me. I mean, I trust [ profile] blondiusmaximus and all, but - pics or it didn't happen. Them's the rules of the internet.

Speaking of Leathermouth. September 7th and 9th. Also known as the night before I probably start my new job, and the night before classes start. Made of win/made of fail? (I am still going. Of course.)

lol u guise!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 22:03
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My mom called earlier. She wanted to tell me she had watched My Chemical Romance on Fuse (or at least as much of it as she could, with a storm fucking with the satellite dish). Also (dramatization):
Mom: And one of my students? I swear, he could be Gerard Way's son.*
Sofia: *seal clap* OMFG really?
Mom: Yeah. The first thing I noticed was his hair, but his whole face...
Sofia: *choked giggles* Eeee.
Mom: I said to him, '[name], do you know of a band called My Chemical Romance?'
Mom: And he sighed. 'Yes ma'am, I know I look like Gerard Way.'
Sofia: I kind of want to ask you to take a sneaky cameraphone picture of him or something.**
Mom: When I get the yearbook, I'll show you.
Sofia: *glee*

* I demand fic. I don't know what kind of fic, though. A variation on INOK-verse seems to be the logical choice.
** My mom totally doesn't have a cameraphone. And won't until that's the only kind of phone available.

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home again

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 14:33
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I'm back. I really kind of want to do it all again.

I'm not sure I can explain what it was like. Not just the shows, the entire adventure. I never thought I could do it - too many strangers, not enough creature comforts, too much effort.

I don't know if I can muster any kind of "report." I got all the !!!!!!! out with the people around me. I saw some great shows and met some amazing people. The end.

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Monday, January 14th, 2008 05:52
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Northeastern canceled classes. All of them, all day.

If you'll excuse me, I think I'm going back to bed.
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50134 / 50000 words. 100% done!
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Yes, someone texted that to the bigass screens at the arena. Twice.

freezing my nonexistent nuts off in line, and things that preceded that )

the show )

post-show fannish shenaniganating )

In conclusion: A+ would do again and again. Also, more fan gatherings kthnx.

ETA: my one not-blurry picture from GCH, my least blurry picture from FOB, and the sign, split into two parts (Patrick Stump stole our gay and LynZ gave it back).
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Um, I fail at LJ, sorry. I slept and slept and slept when I got back from MCR, and then I saw TAI... in Providence yesterday. So here's my Wednesday and Thursday - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to follow in a separate post to avoid teal deer.

If you're wondering about the subject line, it's a result of a conversation I had with Kitty and Ness at one in the morning in a cafe in New York City.

I'm sorry I didn't make any phone posts from MCR. For about half the show, I couldn't even reach my cell phone, and then I was sure it would get knocked out of my hands if I tried to do anything.

The basics of this post were originally written in my journal at about 2:30 in a subway station in New York City, as was the cut text.

I lost my tiara and very nearly my glasses, my feet have moved past agony into the throbbing that means they can't process the pain, I am sweaty and smelly and Frank Iero spit on me. I haven't slept since 6:30 AM Tuesday and I won't sleep for hours and hours yet. I am fucked up. And I am happy. )

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Monday, October 22nd, 2007 15:32
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My Italian prof. decided this Thursday would be a splendid day for a test. *sigh*

I got Viva La Cobra and polaroid #236 in the mail today. \o/ I will scan the polaroid if anyone wants to see. I also got some new loafers, because my current pair are very old and the treads have completely worn off.

Is it can be naptiemz now. zzzz
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• Happy birthday to [ profile] kisingchaos9 and [ profile] ladysorka!!!!

• I have completed my take-home midterm for Gender & Society. I think I accidentally went over the time limit, but that's just what happens with me (at least when I manage to focus on something).

• Directly related to the above, I'm stimulated again with regard to that semi-academic bandom thing I said I was going to write. I'll jot down my thoughts over the next few days, try to give it some structure.

• Note to self: "brb, South Station at ass crack of dawn."

• MBTA trip planner hates me. :(

• As a result, I'm going to actually go to South Station at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow, because I need to see what time I can get there by. Then I will go to campus and hang around the library until class. \o/ I am insanely devoted.

• Or perhaps just insane. Even more insane than you're probably thinking. All shall be revealed in due course. *mysterious*


Friday, October 19th, 2007 17:53
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I am coming to you live from my shiny new MacBook.

It runs great and I am busy setting everything up (the migration assistant thingy is beyond helpful, though), and I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to the keyboard and trackpad. The keys are too far apart and they take more force than the iBook keyboards did, and the trackpad is just really huge.

iTunes is being an asshat, though. Apparently I need to update it before it will be able to open the existing library file? *headdesk*

Now I need to name it and its hard drive. Hmm.
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I went to the Wendy's on Mass Ave for lunch (I prefer it to the one in Curry because a. you can get a smaller fry with combos which means I actually eat all the food I buy and b. they have a ketchup dispenser instead of handing over like three packets when you ask). So I was sitting there, eating french fries and staring blankly at the icky grey day, when I hear something that sounds kind of familiar. It's Dance, Dance!

And if that didn't put enough of a smile on my face, then the guy who looked just like Nate from Cobra Starship would have. He walked by right in the middle of the song.

In reference to my previous post, I just overheard a line of conversation about the Beatles as the apocalyptic horsepersons. Apparently today is the day for a rockalypse. Or something.

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