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Saturday, November 17th, 2012 14:42
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No obligation to give me stuff! Or even to read this post, which is why I stuck it behind a cut. :)

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If you'd like to share your wishlist with me, you can comment here (where your comment will be public), on my holiday card post (where your comment will be screened), or you can send me an email or private message. [personal profile] marina is creating a public list of wishlists, if you'd like to check it out and/or tell her about yours.
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I think I have managed to note the wishlists that have come across my reading page, but just in case I missed yours, feel free to link me to it in the comments or send me an email/private message. I'll also be sending holiday cards for another week or so, if you want one.

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via [personal profile] spuffyduds:

Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favorite word is now your catchphrase.

I am the fourth regeneration of the Archivist. (Or the 0th, if we're using my actual cell number rather than my Google Voice.) The nearest clothing item is either the bathrobe I'm wearing (fuzzy and purple with lavender stars on it) or a lilac cabled v-neck sweater - which I don't think is notable enough, so bathrobe it is. My mother is my companion. And my catchphrase is now either nifty, absurd, or some variation on fuck, take your pick.

(My mother has never actually seen Doctor Who. She'd have a legitimate reason for being genre-blind whenever the plot required.)
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Hung out with [personal profile] pinesandmaples and [personal profile] rooibos this evening. They are awesome! We had a great time eating Indian food and getting to know each other by conversing as though we already knew each other. High point of my week, hands down.

I didn't sleep at all last night. Just a surprise attack of insomnia. It sucked. :( I am probably going to fall down go zzzz right after posting, because ugh. Also I am really stressed out lately and normally I would be all about the cathartic journal entries but these are somebody else's problems and they are really private and I am the only person they ever talk to about shit. At least when I was being a trainwreck I spread my misery around (using cathartic journal entries, of course!) so no single person was responsible for keeping me among the living and out of the hospital.

I mean, there probably will be locked cathartic journal entries but I do not have it in me to type this shit out tonight. I did email my mom though. Yay for moms!

[personal profile] tajasel: Darkroom Orgy Number Three
Comment with your account name. If you see someone who takes your fancy, leave them a message describing exactly what depraved and thoroughly rude things you would like to get up to with them. Anonymous commenting is enabled, so you can look at this as the Dreamwidth version of a darkroom orgy if you wish, and of course, link to this post if you want to encourage the free-flow of filth.
my thread

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Sunday, May 15th, 2011 21:01
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21 Days of Dreamwidth

21. What's your favorite thing about Dreamwidth?

The community. :) (I mean, the features are great, don't get me wrong! But the people...)


  • [community profile] multikinkmemes! There's a bandom post, hint hint.

  • [personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting a love meme. I has a thread. Will monitor the post for other people's threads, too.

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    Saturday, May 14th, 2011 20:48
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    Garage sales didn't happen because I was up too late last night to get out of bed this morning. Cleaned my room some (needs to be DONE by the time my parents come to visit, since I currently have the futon boxed in and they need to sleep on it).

    I also went to Goodwill and Boomerangs to get myself out of the house. I got:
  • Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor, which I will probably give to Dad
  • a summer weight black skirt of sufficient length
  • a strawberry-print shirt
  • a very gay umbrella ($6 is about what I'm willing to pay for a folding umbrella, because of how quickly I ruin them, and we can use this as a parasol at Pride!)
  • a magnet-backed weekly schedule whiteboard
  • All Out Of Munchies notepad (because Ellie and I grocery-shop like stoners even though we're not)
  • a chips-and-dip plate
  • a purple and grey plaid skirt

  • 21 Days of Dreamwidth

    20. Yes, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?

    I was pretty into yaoi for a while - there was a big comm on LJ where I could get scans. But then that comm tightened its age restrictions/enforcement quite a bit and I went back to getting my unrealistic guy-on-guy porn fix exclusively from fic.


  • [personal profile] rivkat: Media piracy in emerging economies
    An extremely interesting study of piracy, defined as large-scale unauthorized reproduction both for profit and via free downloads, around the world. The authors conclude that piracy is largely a problem of a globalized Euro-American entertainment/industrial complex that has successfully generated demand for its products but unsuccessfully served that demand at prices people in other countries can pay, largely from refusal to price copies so they’d take roughly the same amount of purchasing power in poor nations. One example: converting prices as a percentage of per capita income, a Dark Knight DVD sold in India would cost $663 in the US; A Beautiful Mind would cost $421.
  • Plans

    MIT Flea, Mob meeting/demo, JP picnic munch.

    (no subject)

    Friday, May 13th, 2011 20:29
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    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    17. How many people on your reading list do you know IRL?

    By my count, 51. 25% - not bad.

    18. What don't you talk about here, either because it's too personal or because you don't have the energy?

    Not much is too personal - I've used my journaling environment as a support group for dealing with depression and sexual assault. Energy is a much bigger constraint on my posting (thanks, depression!), although most of the things I deliberately leave out are omitted because I know I'm writing for an audience that demands a smidgen of entertainment value.

    19. Any questions from the audience?

    Ask and I will answer.

    being nice to one another


    my thread


  • Obsidian Wings: The Women Men Don't See
    Why is it that of all possible human topics, the one that conservative religious people of different faiths agree on is strict gender roles?
  • Plans

    I might hit a couple of garage sales tomorrow morning, if I can haul myself out of bed. Sunday is the Mob meeting/demo and the JP picnic munch.
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    21 Days for Dreamwidth

    a few more )


  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: I exist, and I exist in many universes. (Yet another rant about queer erasure)
    Silence = Death. If fictional people are silenced by their authors, then fuck yeah, we're marching right the fuck in and giving them voices.

  • Plans

    Get on plane. Change planes in New York. Maybe briefly meet up with Kajsa in Baltimore. Get self + suitcase to the Haus of Fangirl in MD.
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    MCR show in Boston was great! I was one person back but used a couple of crowd surges during Thursday's set and the break before MCR to wedge myself into a little opening on the barrier. Ellie came late, so we met up afterward and went to IHOP because we were both starving. (I had to bail on [personal profile] tuesdaysgone and skip the Philly show because I was so exhausted, and because some combination of lights/noise/hunger gave me a terrible headache.)

    Boston Slutwalk! I met up with a bunch of people I know mainly via Mob. We marched (super powerful experience! Almost an altered state, with an abnormal boost to my lung capacity akin to what I experience at concerts), there were some amazing speeches (finally got to hear [livejournal.com profile] shadesong give a survivor speech. I put myself at the front of the crowd pretty much directly in front of her, because she had posted about feeling stressed about this particular speech and I wanted to guarantee a known-friendly face in case that would help), and then it started raining, so I went with two friends to the workshop space, where we took the responsibility of setting up chairs and enjoyed some relaxation time. I stayed for three workshops before I had to bail for food.

    [community profile] thefridayfive

    questions about love and marriage )


    I need to pack tomorrow. On Monday, I fly into Baltimore (arriving around 3:15). Concert Tuesday, then back to Boston on Wednesday.

    I am not thinking about August until I get back from D.C. (I cannot; I am too scatterbrained to hold that many plans in my head at once), but I am determined to celebrate our anniversary either by dragging Cory to Boston or schlepping myself to Grand Forks again, which involves lots of scheduling and stalking the internet for best airfare.

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    Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 23:35
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    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    Since I'll be offline for a few days, I should get ahead. )

    Side Effect: May Cause FEELINGS

    So I have a question for the people out there who are not congenitally depressed.

    Sometimes I experience semi-random happiness, where I'm just having a nice day and everything is kinda shiny and it's good to be alive. Sometimes I get enormously ragey over stuff that doesn't seem to merit serious RAEG.

    And both of those ~~feelings~~ are pretty obviously tied to my meds (along with an increase in ability to Get Shit Done and a decrease in memory function). My question is: do I finally, after 20 years of being depressed, have a reasonable range of emotions?


    Boston MCR show tomorrow night; I'll be in line during the day. Meeting with [personal profile] tuesdaysgone Friday morning for a ride to PA and another MCR show. Assuming the gods of train schedules smile upon me, I should be back in Boston in time for the SlutWalk. (Fingers crossed I can make all my transit connections.) And then there is the DC concert. Wheeeeeee.
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    [personal profile] erika asked: did Katrina change NOLA totally, or is it still basically the same city? What major changes have there been / took place because of Katrina?

    New Orleans mostly feels recovered to me, but A) I only visit and B) I think a lot of the remaining damage has become the new normal. I mean, my parents still don't have kitchen cabinets or counters and it's just, like, whatever.

    kinda disjointed )

    I have no info on how the surrounding areas are doing; I expect the city itself is one of the most highly-recovered areas.

    It doesn't feel the same, but it doesn't feel wrong or broken or irreparably damaged.
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    Capture the flag didn't happen; no one from the Camberville side showed up, so the four JP residents (well, three plus Daly, who is probably on our side anyway, regardless of where he actually lives) got ice cream and hung out at Cid's house instead.

    I got recruited into a BattleTech game. Daly taught me how to play on Saturday and my first session with the group was Monday. (Daly severely underestimated our ability to defend a base. And we discovered a loophole for artillery - if every spotter is -1 to hit a target and we have ten mechs peering over the wall... "hey Cid, the pilot's got brown eyes, are you aiming for the left one or the right one?") I fielded three mechs (all of mine, none from the communal pool) and actually managed to keep track of all of them! Although I think I'm going to have to get my own miniatures, because keeping track of which vaguely similar grey plastic mechs are mine (and which one goes with which sheet) is going to drive me nuts. And because I am me, they will be painted to suit my tastes and will therefore not look anything like they're supposed to.

    Biggest news, though: I got into Simmons, after an eon of waiting for a decision. No info on financial aid yet, but I have wonderful parents who will put me through grad school regardless.

    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    I missed a few. )


    three links )

    (no subject)

    Saturday, April 30th, 2011 11:48
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    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    5. How about when you're not on the computer?

    Work. Concerts. Etc. My offline social life is mainly arranged over the internet, although I do have random encounters with some of my friends on the Orange Line (the benefits of going to the same school and living in the same area).

    6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?

    ... you people probably know more about me that anyone except maybe my sister and my boyfriend.


    kink, ad-supported devices, mental illness and medication, filk, reproductive rights )


    Capture the flag, followed by ice cream. Everybody cheer for JP! We are going to destroy Camberville.

    (no subject)

    Thursday, April 28th, 2011 22:11
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    Turned in my last assignment today! Except actual content soon as a result. :D

    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    4. What do you do online when you're not on DW?

    Tumblr, Fetlife (sofiaviolet on both). I read a bunch of non-Dreamwidth blogs plus I use Twitter and Facebook, but since I interact with those mainly through apps instead of a browser (Vienna for feeds, Socialite for Twitter and FB status updates, Adium for FB chat), they don't feel the same.
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    Three Weeks for Dreamwidth happening now. Expect everybody to be posting all the time. (Seriously, the amount of stuff on my reading page today was terrifying. If you want the actual firehose, the threeweeks feed on Latest Things aggregates posts tagged with several variations on the fest name.)


    Got to see the US Archivist speak today but was barred from the reception afterwards due to being a student (supposedly because of the presence of alcohol, which is doubly hilarious to me because I am over 21 and still do not ever booze it up). Although his speech was good (and confirmed that government archives are not my first choice but would not be too soul-sucking), and I got to archives-squee at the guy I sat next to.

    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    day 1 )

    Questions meme

    [personal profile] erika asked: three questions )


    4 links: male privilege, derby girl names, non-fictional women of interest, migraines )


    Last blog entry for class, last paper for the same class, only paper for the other class, book reviews, responses for the New Orleans FONSFAQ (also still taking prompts), possibly some responses for other FONSFAQs, possibly a notable woman for She's Kind of a Big Deal, the thing I am making for MCR (yes, I am making them a thing).
    sofiaviolet: wrought-iron fence and crumbling tomb in St. Louis No. 1 in New Orleans (so goth i hang out in graveyards)
    Welcome to the post where you get to ask questions about New Orleans! Inspired by assorted other FONSFAQ projects, originating with [personal profile] dingsi, who is maintaining a masterlist.

    Any topic is fair game, as long as it relates to New Orleans. I personally am qualified to say stuff about:
  • schools (I went to a Catholic school, a non-religious private school, and a public school)
  • history (especially free women of color before the Civil War, considering I just wrote 30 pages about that topic)
  • culture
  • food (although you may be getting my typescript of my mom or sister's answer)
  • And, as that last parenthetical aside suggests, I am willing to consult with my sister (another born-and-raised New Orleanian now living elsewhere) and my parents (who both live there now).

    [personal profile] harpers_child has also volunteered to answer questions. Other people can volunteer, too! Volunteering can be as minimal as answering one question and you don't need to pre-register or anything. This post is happening in my journal because it needs to happen in somebody's journal; this is not my pet project that I am all possessive about. Feel free to link as widely as you desire and contribute however works best for you.

    To ask a question: leave a top-level comment with PROMPT in the subject. One question per comment, please.

    To provide an answer: post your answer to your own journal. Then reply to the question-comment with a link.

    You may post questions starting now; I would encourage you to post answers during the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw period of April 25th through May 15th.

    (no subject)

    Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 11:07
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    Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

    I already have a few ideas of things to post. If there are things you would like me to post about, then prompt me. (No guarantees, since I will be offline for 5+ days, but I will try.)

    Questions meme!

    Long-overdue )


    2 links: Portal fanart and criticism of rape culture )


    Finish up my semester (my last semester of undergrad omfg), MCR concert, Capture the Flag in Franklin Park, play party.

    It's link time.

    Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 21:39
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  • Dogs of the 9th Ward dog rescue

  • Yes Means Yes: Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer
    I just read a paper from the discipline of conversation analysis. It dovetails nicely with what I wrote in Talking Past Each Other, and I’m going to go through some of the findings (I can’t redistribute the paper itself), and talk about some conclusions. Long story short: in conversation, “no” is disfavored, and people try to say no in ways that soften the rejection, often avoiding the word at all. People issue rejections in softened language, and people hear rejections in softened language, and the notion that anything but a clear “no” can’t be understood is just nonsense. First, the notion that rape results from miscommunication is just wrong. Rape results from a refusal to heed, rather than an inability to understand, a rejection. Second, while the authors of the paper say that this makes all rape prevention advice about communicating a clear “no” pointless, I have a different take. Clear communication of “no” isn’t primarily going to avoid miscommunication — rather, it’s a meta-message. Clear communication against the undercurrent that “no” is rude and should be softened is a sign of the willingness to fight, to yell, to report.
  • [personal profile] sasha_feather: The Power of the Right Metaphor
    The presenter, whose name I unfortunately do not recall, let the discussion go on for a bit before stopping it. She said, and I paraphrase, "All of the medical details can get confusing and upsetting, so I like to use a metaphor. Imagine you are caring for your elderly grandmother. It's difficult to get her up and down the stairs and into the tub because she is a tall woman. So, to fix this problem, you decide to cut off her legs to make her smaller."
  • Alt.Share
    Alt.Share is an unconference on April 3rd, 12:30pm-4:30pm at the Boston University Women’s Resource Center based on the idea that sexuality affects all aspects of life and that anyone with the desire to learn has the right to do so and has something to contribute to this open environment.
  • [livejournal.com profile] elusis: Privilij denyin kitteh has invisibul knapsak

  • The Curvature: Louisiana Law Forces Many Sex Workers to Register as Sex Offenders
    Because of the way that sex workers are generally made vulnerable to violence, as well as the ways that prisoners face frequent sexual assault, the most callous part of this practice may be the fact that such large numbers of those forced to register as sex offenders for non-violent offenses are victims of sexual violence themselves. Most of the women and men profiled in these articles talk about having been raped, whether as adults or children, whether by clients or family members, by prison guards or fellow prisoners. They must register as sex offenders, be unable to find employment or residences, face harassment and assault, and bear scarlet letters on their identification while at the same time, probably all of their actual rapists do not have to do the same. They have not only been raped, but been given their rapists’ punishments. They have not only been raped, but told that they are like, or perhaps worse than, their actual rapists.
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  • [personal profile] charmian: more notifications problems at LJ?
    Currently there's a notifications problem at LJ, which apparently has something to do with a third party [EDIT: possibly Spamhaus]. People are getting fairly upset about it in the comments of the news post (well, also because of the banner color scheme).

    Also, LJ is currently blacklisted with Spamhaus.
  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: Spamhaus and LJ
    LJ has been listed by Spamhaus, which has likely got a decent amount to do with the notifications some people aren't getting. I propose a plan of action for users to help the Abuse Prevention Team squish as many spammerbots as humanly possible.

  • Follow Friday

  • [personal profile] lireavue has been posting good links and personal accounts of the Wisconsin protests.
  • [personal profile] laughingrat posts about library and social justice issues.
  • [community profile] helpfordelight is an auction comm to assist [personal profile] delight with moving out of an unsafe housing situation and paying for her mother's cancer treatment.
  • [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is ramping up for another round, beginning on April 25th. Planning of activities is currently in progress.
  • [community profile] unclutter is devoted to getting rid of one thing per day and one thing per new thing. (Kind of high traffic, but a really great way to clean sustainably.)
  • [site community profile] dw_meetups is usually pretty quiet, but if you are interested in hanging out with other Dreamwidth users, you should subscribe in case someone plans a meetup in your area (and/or plan a meetup yourself!).

  • Boston meetup

    Boston Meetup: tentatively scheduled for 3/17


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