Monday, November 19th, 2012 20:21
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History prof is totally my favorite today! Our last class is on a Monday (the very last day of classes for the semester, actually), and our paper isn't due until the Friday after class ends. o_O

I am actually leaving Boston that Friday, and going to Maryland for a long weekend. JetBlue was running a 25% sale, and even before that discount, tickets were much cheaper than they had been for Thanksgiving holiday travel. I'll be with Cory and his family from Friday the 14th to Tuesday the 18th... giving me time to recuperate from the hell semester and finish that seminar paper before I leave, and to clean my damn apartment before my parents get here for Christmas.

I meant to have a batch of holiday cards in the mail today but I kinda failed on that. Soon, though! In the meantime, still plenty of time to ask me to send you one.

Now to answer comments and get groceries. Not necessarily in that order, or both this evening.

Wishlist post.

Saturday, November 17th, 2012 14:42
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No obligation to give me stuff! Or even to read this post, which is why I stuck it behind a cut. :)

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If you'd like to share your wishlist with me, you can comment here (where your comment will be public), on my holiday card post (where your comment will be screened), or you can send me an email or private message. [personal profile] marina is creating a public list of wishlists, if you'd like to check it out and/or tell her about yours.
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Holiday cards! Because this is a thing I do. If you would like a card, please leave a comment.

Comments are screened, so that they are a safe place to leave a mailing address. You can also PM me or email sofiaviolet@sofiaviolet.com if you prefer.

In addition to your mailing address, you can also include info on what holiday(s) you celebrate or very definitely don't celebrate (so I can send you a card that will be appreciated, not offensive).

Please also consider this a place to leave a link to your wishlist. :)

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 22:05
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Community archives thing at the Anarchist Bookfair went reasonably well although none of us had the faintest idea what we were doing. We're going to keep doing it though! Improvement through repetition etc.

Bonus of attending Anarchist Bookfair: bumped into my friend Jeremy and got to catch up with him a bit. I hadn't seen him in ages, which I suppose it what happens when I am friends with people who live in Somerville.

I am now the happy owner of several secondhand cashmere sweaters in good condition. I shall be toasty all winter. :)

I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with Cory and his family but, due to the cost of travel for said holiday and the fact that I will continue to be Overwhelmed By School until this damned semester is over, I have decided to zip down there some time between the end of classes and my parents' arrival in Boston for Christmas.
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my wishlist )

I think I have managed to note the wishlists that have come across my reading page, but just in case I missed yours, feel free to link me to it in the comments or send me an email/private message. I'll also be sending holiday cards for another week or so, if you want one.

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Saturday, November 12th, 2011 18:41
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Made a rather small error in reading comprehension a few weeks ago (thought a primary source was from Corporate Body X, whose records have been digitized, but actually it was Corporate Body Y, whose records don't even have complete online finding aids), procrastinated on an assignment, and only discovered my error at the eleventh hour. I would have been massively sunk were it not for my kind-hearted parents, who went to the repository the very same day I called them in full freakout mode, and took photos of some very old documents for me.

Best parents ever, y/y? I am totally buying them a nice dinner when I go home for the holidays.


In other news, I wish to remind folks that I like to send holiday cards around this time of year! (Not that I have mailed any just yet, but I have loads of time.) I'm happy to send cards anywhere USPS will let me, and I am also happy to send you a card even if you're not doing your own "mail stuff to people from the internet" thing.


I have a speaking engagement later this month at my undergraduate institution - in my old dorm, no less. I'm not really nervous about it yet, but I'm sure I will be. I will probably do some practicing in the mirror, since I haven't done the full speech since I was trained over the summer.
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Holiday cards! Because this is a thing I do. If you would like a card, please leave a comment.

Comments are screened, so that they are a safe place to leave a mailing address. You can also PM me or email sofiaviolet@sofiaviolet.com if you prefer.

In addition to your mailing address, you can also include info on what holiday(s) you celebrate or very definitely don't celebrate (so I can send you a card that will be appreciated, not offensive).

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Thursday, October 27th, 2011 20:54
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I have been so busy having a face-to-face life that I haven't had any time to post. :( I miss you guys!

Shadowrun continues to be really enjoyable, although I have a bad feeling Sayuri's going to be the first PC to die. I got shot in the back the session before last (failed a lot of Perception rolls), and then this Monday I was down to two overflow boxes of damage and my medkit auto-activated to save me. Then again I suppose it's only fair, since I'm the one who kills most of the NPCs that need killing. (Our group consists of Cid's middle-aged family-man hacker, Dave's hermetic mage, and Nathaniel's shaman. My character is the one with the most combat skills.)

winter holiday meanderings )

And I already have Cory's gift. Dice, as always - really awesome metal dice that will be the envy of his D&D groups (three of them now!). One of our Silly Relationship Things is that, whatever else we may exchange on major gift occasions, there must also be dice (for him) and something with Hello Kitty on it (for me). But he has recently upset the balance by sending me dice because I started playing Shadowrun (he's got this belief that everyone should have their own dice and not share them, which is not at all how my group functions but whatever). So, for my amusement and to right the balance of the universe, I must of course give him a Hello Kitty object. Suggestions welcome!
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Step One

Make a post to your journal containing your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything that you truly want. Include some kind of contact information and some version of these guidelines.

Step Two

Look around your circle/network/[community profile] holiday_wishes/random journals/Latest Things for other people's wishlists. If you see a wish you want to and are able to grant, do it.
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I think I have been doing pretty well with spotting other people's wishlists, but if you think I might have missed yours, link me!
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So there was that thing where the Danger Days special editions were flawed and therefore delayed, so MCR gave people who'd ordered them coupon codes for $15? I used mine to buy two sets of Zone Badges. One of those sets is mine, all mine! But as for the others... uh, who wants one? :D

Since I am talking about sending people things, I should probably mention $winterholiday cards again. Locked post with screened comments.

This made my day: Derangement and Description: Hello Archives
Over the next few months, he just would not stop talking about more Hello Kitty crap we could get for my office. Archivists, I know projection when I see it. And so some of us came in over the weekend to give Rob the workspace of his dreams.
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So I mentioned a little while back that I am visiting Cory's parents after Christmas.

I am totally sending them a card, whenever he gets around to giving me an address. I am also going to send a card to his brother Chris and Chris's girlfriend Kajsa (who was one of Ellie's friends in high school, actually).

But I also want to get them gifts! Because I do that! !!!! And this is where I turn to you, oh lazyweb...

Kajsa crochets; I can get her some yarn, y? Or am I projecting my own desire to be gifted with craft supplies? Other people who crochet: what is a reasonable quantity of yarn?

As for the other three, I am completely lost and I doubt Cory will be any kind of help. What kinds of things are reasonable, non-weird (well, non-excessively-weird) gifts for the parents and siblings of one's partner?

I get that this is probably a weird and excessive thing to be doing, but. *hands* I had a Thing about the holiday season as a kid - I tried to get stuff for all my cousins, even the ones I wouldn't be seeing (not make my mom get stuff and put my name in the From: field. Pick it out myself, even if she did give me the money to pay for it). It faded for a while, and then a few years ago, the holiday wishlist meme and the people offering to send out cards brought it out again.
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* All $winterholiday cards have been mailed! As well as the international packages. Domestic packages will go out Saturday, after I finish making their contents.

* Items have been made for [personal profile] harborshore and [personal profile] fleurdeliser's jewelry prompts (and you can still leave me a prompt if you want), but I didn't take pictures last night, because dinnertime. When I get home, before dashing out for my last Slutcracker (probably NSFW) street team thing. *nods*

* Speaking of The Slutcracker, I am seeing it tomorrow night. Tonight, after flyering, I will be going to Naked Comedy (probably NFSW) with [personal profile] solarcat and Ellie.

* Dumb thing I did last night: whacked my hand hard enough to scrape a chunk of flesh off my knuckle.

* Dumb thing I did next: put a bandaid over it so tightly that my fingertip was ever so slightly purple.

* Dumb thing I did, part three: failed to realize my fingertip was suffering from circulation issues until five minutes ago.
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Best of 2009

December 2nd: Eating out.

There are a lot of things that signal "o hai, New Orleans" when I first arrive. The air in the jetway gives me a nice big humid hug. The music selections in the airport. The scenery on the drive home.

And since there's a Taqueria Corona near Elmwood, we always stop there for noms.

Or else Fourburgers, where they always spell Ellie's name wrong (Eli? Ali?) and I always get too many fries and [personal profile] oration is loud and we all scandalize the other diners by talking about kinky shit.


Busybusy. Flyering tonight with [personal profile] solarcat, Friday with Ellie. Accompanying [livejournal.com profile] swallow_soma to Marblehead on Saturday.

On the $winterholiday front, I hope to get the first batch of cards and stuff out tomorrow. I am still waiting on a few cards (supporting multiple artisans, yay!) and I think I might need even more than that.

Speaking of. I should go and actually deal with those, shouldn't I?
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Follow Friday: all-communities edition )

As always, please share your Follow Friday posts at [community profile] followfriday.


Today is Dad's birthday. (I am not actually sure if he still reads this. Mom does. I already said 'happy birthday' on the phone, but it doesn't hurt to mention it again.)

I've bugged my honors advisor again, about the junior/senior project this time. It's not a requirement for the honors program (one can earn a course distinction and/or project distinction, and I'm on track for the former), so unless the history department will let me count it as my capstone, I don't think I'll do it. The effort:tangible-benefit ratio just isn't good enough.

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Why yes, yes that is two days off and no class earlier than half past one in the afternoon. *smugface*
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Who wants a $winterholiday card?

I am screening comments to this post so people can post their addresses; I will unscreen comments that are not addresses.

Alternately, you may use either DW private message or LJ private message, or email sofiaviolet@sofiaviolet.com.

Please indicate which kind of card you would like (general winter theme, certain religious holiday, secular/commercial christmas, etc.).

$winterholiday wishlist meme )

the random handmade meme )
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whoops, half an entry from last week that never got posted )

And now what I actually came here to write about:


* So my mom is going to look at all my shiny stuff when she gets up here, and then I will make her some jewelry and that will be $winterholiday. But that doesn't help with my dad or my sister.


* Speaking of $winterholiday... many, many months ago, I made a post offering handmade goodies to the first five commenters. I fail at life and timeliness, and still owe [livejournal.com profile] insunshine and [livejournal.com profile] sinuous_curve their goodies. As soon as I post this, I will wander into the dining room and get started on their stuff. I will also take requests from up to three more people.


Yeah, uh. That's all I got. I go make things now. BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 22:30
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In recent years, my family has developed a new way to buy Christmas presents.

Mom hands out the credit card number, and the kids order what they want. Within reason, of course. Because everyone in this family sucks at telling anybody else what's on their list.

I don't open the boxes unless it's clothes (which I need to try on to make sure they fit before it's too late to return them), or I ordered something I truly needed along with whatever else.

lol spoilers )

I'm supposed to give an 8-minute presentation to my history class tomorrow. When I twittered about it, I had a 20-minute presentation. I managed to cut it down to 10 so far, though. /o?

Finally, this is important: a student handed in a plagiarized assignment, concealed by feeding it through a website which somehow rewrote it so it looked like original work. I am one of the people tasked with trying to figure out what site this kid used. So what sites might a high school student be using to auto-reword a paper? I thank you, and my mother thanks you.

Edit: oh Toros
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Might as well tally up the loot.

in handy dandy list format )

I now have $125 that I am supposed to spend on something besides the electricity or gas (the latter of which we STILL haven't received a bill for - don't these morons want to get paid?) or my credit card balance. Suggestions?
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Dyed my hair - I had done it not that long ago but I somehow fucked up. I had a whole patch above/to the right of my left ear that just didn't get affected and was many many shades lighter. So now my hair is uniformly the darkest one can go besides black.

I'm still kind of sick. The only thing wrong with me is a sore throat and cough that feed each other. Reading stories of hacks and pranks out loud to my family probably didn't help.

I had to burn all those cds I made for my mom before I left Boston, because I apparently moved my laptop around too much while they were burning. They all skip all the fucking time. On the other hand, the albums that were supposed to be gapless actually are this time around.

It's now technically Christmas. My family will do the gift thing at some point within the next 23 hours. Mom is going to go to church - she kind of has to, I think, seeing as she teaches at a Catholic school. And I need some sleep. We're a lot more laid back about this than we were when I was a kid. No waking up at stupidly early hours. I don't even think anybody wrapped presents. We all know what we're getting because we were there when the gifter bought it, or in my case at least, bought it ourselves with the parental credit card.

So I already know what I'm getting and could do a gifty inventory now, but I'll wait until it properly passes into my possession.

Night night all. I'll see you around lunchtime, I suspect.

♥ you all.

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