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It is really cold in Boston today. And the entire MBTA died. (Well, the bus system seemed to be in good working order. It got me to campus, at any rate.)

I've mostly been going to class, decluttering, and being ill. Sinus infection. Which would have been fine if I had been sick and then got over it, but noooo. At least at this point I can breathe through my nose again.

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And finally, the subject line... when Ellie and I were getting groceries on Saturday, I decided I would bring my lunch two days this week (Monday, when I have a break between classes, and Wednesday, when I have a break between work and class), and I decided I would bring ham and cheese sandwiches and salad. So we got bread and ham and I insisted (correctly) that we still had an unopened, unexpired package of Swiss cheese at home.

We were so desperately hungry when we got home that we tore into the lunch supplies. But there was still ham and cheese enough to make one more sandwich, which I could then eat on Monday, after which I would take myself to the store and replenish the supplies.

But she ate my sandwich! :( I slept really late yesterday, and when I woke up, she had forgotten that the whole reason we had the ham and bread in the first place was so I could have lunches, and she had eaten my sandwich.

So I'm so hungry my stomach is trying to digest itself and there's still ten minutes before the fast food joints in the student center open for lunch.
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Subject refers to icon.

Day of Epic Personal Responsibility! Got shit done at work. More importantly, wrote emails I'd been putting off to history advisor and my closest contact in the honors department. Haven't sent them yet; I am going to read over them one more time after dinner.

Tomorrow's Epic Personal Responsibility! Print off paperwork and spend part of lunch break chasing down people in order to declare my minor in women's studies. Because I took all the courses, dammit. (This may be a multi-day project...)

Other things I need to do: senior clearance, apply to graduate, register for classes (while I'm in North Dakota, hence the urgency of the emails: if something goes wrong, I don't want to be trying to fix it over email with no advance warning to whoever has to deal with it/me).

Senior pictures are next week, apparently. I feel kind of meh about it, but then I am pretty meh about most things like that. I mean, I tried to skip my high school graduation (and while I don't have any strong feelings now that it's over, I still think it was a waste of an afternoon). It's kind of telling that the main thing encouraging me to bother with it is the fact that my hair will be super-purple (since this weekend is my last chance to do that before I need to have very bright hair for Halloween). I might even be willing to order prints, for the sheer awesome of being able to give them to my stodgier relatives.

  • Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today
    Today I don’t have to think about still not being equal.
    Today I don’t have to think about what it takes to keep going.
    Today I don’t have to think about how much I still have to hide.
    Today I don’t have to think about how much prejudice keeps hold.
    Today I don’t have to think about how I’m meant to be grateful that people tolerate my kind.

    Today I don’t have to think about all the things I don’t have to think about.
    But today I will.
  • The Slutcracker
    Boston/Camberville-area people! We should make plans for this. I quite enjoyed it last year.

  • NaNoCraftMo
    I don't think I'll be officially participating, but I could certainly do with some effort in the craft arena. (I'm still undecided about NaNoWriMo, too.)

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 23:10
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Went to a wedding on Saturday (it was lovely), then to the afterparty (where I spent a long time explaining my research to my brand new friend Jeremy). Groceries Sunday; Ellie wanted to try a new grocery store that's closer than our usual, but it's a bit more expensive, missing various items we use regularly, and really annoying to shop at. Monday evening, after Ellie got back from buying several hundred pounds of lumber in New Hampshire, we went to the mall. Ellie got a coat and a shirt, but not the pants she was actually looking for. I got a dress for my Halloween costume and pants for future MCR concerts - both on clearance, woooo! (And in online shopping news, I bought a Turkish spindle and a colorful batt called Show Pony.)

In schmoopy relationship news, Cory and I are apparently taking a short trip to Minneapolis (I predict some squabbling over road trip music; we have very different philosophies about music in general). Also, you can see my increased comfort in this relationship by the contents of my suitcase: last time, I packed dresses and shoes and makeup. This time I am packing, uh idk, some clothes? and also some fiber. And a surprise! (because I feel like that would be a nice thing to do), so help me think up TSA-approved surprises? Also also: he knows this journal exists and he knows exactly where it is and I make mostly public posts - and yet he refuses to read it. IDGI.


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I've had a headache for most of the weekend, spent waaaaaaay too long trying to sleep the headache off, and then it took Ellie and I all afternoon to get groceries (we hit Allandale Farms, Whole Foods, BJ's, and Stop-n-Shop. Plus Home Depot so she could price some set-building stuff).
  • All in a Name: New Software Benefits Transgender Students
    The new software, created as an adjunct to the Banner student information system, allows students to fill out a form specifying their preferred name and pronoun. The information appears on all paperwork seen by faculty, so petitioning professors individually, a process that gave students no choice but to out themselves, is a thing of the past.
  • via [personal profile] naraht: The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes
    My anecdotal evidence generally seems to support the idea that group sizes will usually plateau at a number lower than 150 participants. This comes from 20 years of doing facilitation both on and offline, running several software companies, and running various forums at America Online. In particular, many online communities provide good evidence for Dunbar's Number actually being an upper limit (either due to reduced efficiency or due to increased dispersion).
  • [site community profile] dw_news: Weekly Update: 30 Sept
    * Development
    * Code Push
    * More DW Creativity
    * RIP, Vox
    * DW Advocacy
    * Icon Renames
  • Dreamwidth Wiki: Advocacy

  • [staff profile] denise: DW artisans

  • via [personal profile] wordweaverlynn: Kink Aware Professionals


Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 21:02
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  • [personal profile] mizubyte: Master List: Bandom Timeline

  • via multiple people: Avatar Remix - A.V.A.T.A.R. (Anglos Valiantly Aiding Tragic Awe-inspiring Races)

  • [staff profile] denise: (no subject)
    Meanwhile, I'm on the lookout for Dreamwidth users who have Etsy shops -- it doesn't matter what you sell, as long as it's handcrafted of some sort. I'd like to put together a showcase of DW users' creativity -- it's really easy for us to show off writers (of both fiction and nonfiction) on DW, since the tools we have for sharing and promoting writing are fairly well developed, but [staff profile] mark and I always wanted DW to be a place to showcase all kinds of creativity, from writing to craft to photography to just plain chronicling your life, and I'd really like to start doing some work to promote the non-written forms of creative work our users get up to.
  • Related to the above: [community profile] etsy! My comm, which I have thrown into the ring in support of Denise's endeavor. Join, tell me what kinds of things you would want out of such a community, make posts... I will gladly take on co-mods if people want to get involved on that level.
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I bought more fiber! Only a few batts, though, and none of them were very expensive. Still need to learn ALL the steps for knitting projects, not just the part in the middle.

And I was chattering about Dreamwidth to Cory, and he started asking questions, and now I think I may have recruited his entire D&D group. Or at least him, for the purpose of a D&D blog. I foresee some unofficial Support work in my future...

Follow Friday

  • [community profile] britcoms
    Anything and everything relating to British comedies is welcome there (reviews, news, favourite clips, fanfiction, discussions about actors' other projects, and anything else I've forgotton to mention). The only no-no is filesharing of full-length, commercially available episodes; otherwise, join in and have fun!
  • [community profile] aslinterpreters

  • [community profile] fleecefiberyarn


  • Disabled Feminists: Normalising Accessibility
    Having accessibility notes does not create universal access. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction, of getting people to think beyond ‘special treatment‘ by positioning accessibility as something broadly relevant to most people, and something of equal importance as ‘who, what, where, when, why, and how.’ Which, for many of us, it is.
  • [personal profile] melannen: (no subject) [poll]
    When I am talking about the novels, animated series, comics, web extras, role-playing games, audio dramas, and so on that are authorized by a particular fandom's owners but are not part of main canon, I call them:
  • [personal profile] emceeaich: Stay Alive
    Many of our friends, family, and loved-ones who don't are constantly told, implicitly and explicitly, that they have no value, and ending one's life can be alluring. Fighting injustice is part of preventing suicide.
  • [personal profile] foxfirefey in [community profile] lj_refugees: PayPal conduit offer
    Somebody's comment on the last post made me feel like I should make an offer to be a PayPal conduit for people who can't pay Dreamwidth in other ways. I'll do this for at least two weeks from the date of this post.
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... was on Saturday. Posting this on Tuesday. I have done worse.

Ellie and I left the house late and picked up [ profile] shadesong late as a result, but traffic was very light and we still made it to Wyrding Studios a bit early.

The morning activity was spinning, first from combed top and then from a batt. I seem to spin faster from combed top (easier to manage the fiber) but more consistently from batts (I find drafting easier). Although, as you can probably tell, I'm not very good at it yet. But between how satisfying it was and how many of Kythryne's art batts I've purchased already, I will continue spinning and, I hope, improving.

After lunch, we went up to the studio and picked out things for either a pendant or a pair of earrings. I made these earrings. We also got to pick out things for a take-home project, although I wound up with some spare time and made this before and after the fused glass portion of the day.

Fused glass! No photos of that yet. But now I have learned how to cut glass, and that dichroic glass looks different before and after it's fused. I did wind up with a small scrap of silver dichroic glass that had gone through the kiln all by its lonesome, so I made this pendant for fun.

The last portion of the day was a demonstration of making jewelry from found objects. I brought a set of dice, a silk flower that fell off Cameryn's set for Phone Whore, a shower curtain clip, and some blobs of solder. The blobs turned out to be too fragile for wire-wrapping, but Kythryne got everything else in there. And the d20 pops out the back of the pendant.

Here's all the photos from the art retreat. And there is another one in October, for those of you who can make it to Concord, NH.

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