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No pictures today; my outfit was kind of boring. Pinstripe pants and a Threadless shirt. (I will try to get up a picture of my jacket, though, because it's fucking cool. Black, with larger versions of these clasps.)

The good news is that the next few days may be warm enough for me to wear some of the cute stuff I picked out. And I have actual reasons for leaving the house, which forces me to put clothes on. \o/

Plans! I am having a busy weekend, it looks like. Friday night is Slutbutter, because Cameryn Moore (most of my weekend is because Cameryn Moore). Saturday, I want to go to Sowa Open Market, and then Ellie and I are heading out to Wilmington again for roller derby. Sunday is the Flea at MIT again (note to self: visit ATM beforehand), and then Phone Whore, and then Fuckbucket.

My Monday is currently 100% empty, and I am going to nap hard, motherfuckers. I will have earned it.

Daily Song (right-click): Cobra Starship - Move Like You Gonna Die

1. [community profile] history: Another book, and a consideration of a historiographical problem

2. [personal profile] jjhunter: dreamsheep poem

3. [personal profile] trascendenza: On Cantonese tones.

And since it's now technically Friday... [community profile] boston (which I co-mod, as of recently). And [community profile] unfunnybusiness_dw exists. I love reading [community profile] steampunk_nusantara.

I'm actually pondering pruning my dreamroll... so I suppose this would be a good time to declare amnesty: if you're tired of my face or my links or my frequency of posting or my whatever, you can unsubscribe!

cheer up, self

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 21:23
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Daily Song makeups (right-click):
Veruca Salt - Seether (May 8th)
The Pipettes - One Night Stand (May 9th)
Goldfrapp - Slippage (May 10th)

Daily Song (right-click): The Dollyrots - Because I'm Awesome

[personal profile] synecdochic: the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word

There are a lot of things I am good at, and a lot of things I do that are awesome. I feel no particular need to list them, and at least a few come up in general blah-blah-this-is-my-life (I am good at my job, for example, and the stuff I do generally isn't done by people with my level of education - there's a reason I call myself an apprentice archivist). I write well. I'm making an effort to contribute to my online community (having - I think - accustomed myself to frequent and at least moderately meaty posts, and having always been pretty zealous about replying to comments, I'm now pushing myself to comment more on other people's stuff).

As far as I can tell, the main limit right now on my level of kickass-doing-of-things is... depression and the learned procrastination, apathy, and lack of action that go along with a lifetime case of dysthymia.

blah blah depression not-so-yay )

Basically, nobody worry! I'm just feeling less happy/content than I think I should be - for no apparent reason, which means it is cyclical brain chemical shenanigans.

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Friday, May 7th, 2010 23:29
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Ellie and I are going to Northampton tomorrow! I should go to sleep as soon as I post this.

Daily Song (right-click): Morningwood - New York Girls

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010 23:00
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Today's Daily Song is not a single song! I have zipped eight songs from the supplementary playlist for And In Darkness, Light, the name I use for stories about Marcus (currently in progress: a trilogy plus some other stuff).

And In Darkness, Light (Supplementary Soundtrack) 47.2mb

tracklisting )

how the music for AIDL works )

If I post about the actual content of AIDL, in terms of themes and plot and everything, that'll probably go in [community profile] auriel, but I'll link to it the next time I update my journal.

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010 01:06
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Today's post is slightly late. I went to work and was super-productive! And then I did stuff other than read my dreamroll when I got home, and then Ellie and I went to get groceries. And then we didn't finish dinner until half past ten. /o\

Daily Song (right-click): Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me

I wore a skirt today!* I also made a very poor decision with regards to shoes. I've worn this pair before, but I guess never without socks or tights or something. I could feel that they were rubbing on my heels, but I didn't pay much attention until I was already at work and had a bunch of boxes out, since it didn't hurt that much. And then I happened to actually look at my feet, and there was kind of a lot of blood going on. I had to use four bandaids from the archives supply (normally reserved for treating paper cuts, methinks), and shall be wearing sandals for several days, until the wounds heal.

*Skirts are a big deal for me, since they take more effort than pants. I find them harder to coordinate with tops, and I tend to get nasty razor burn when I shave my legs, and I have to figure out shoes (since socks look dumb, and I don't own many pairs of stockings/pantyhose, and *points up* going without is not always feasible), and they're harder to wear in cold weather. So my skirt collection is sadly underutilized.

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 23:20
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Daily Song (right-click): Escape the Fate - Cellar Door
This may have to go on certain of my writing playlists. (Not playlists I listen to while I write, mind you. More like fanmixes I make for myself.)

Academichic: Dress Your Best Week
I'd like to participate in that, but IDK whether I'll have the spoons.* I could try picking out my clothes ahead of time and writing the entry in advance, I guess. I've been meaning to assemble fabulous outfits more often (inspired partly by one of my coworkers and partly by the underutilized parts of my closet), but, ugh, effort. This kind of thing is usually the first to get pushed aside.

When it comes to picking out clothes in advance, there's also the problem of Boston's highly fickle weather. I can't just glance at a forecast and create five outfits for a work-and/or-class-week! I have to have backup outfits: what if it rains, what it it's suddenly and briefly hot or cold, etc?

* I'm still trying to figure out the extent to which I'm comfortable with conceptualizing my depression as a disability. I often feel like I am too functional to really count. :\

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 17:41
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Yesterday's concert was great (even though I had the nagging remains of a headache), and Thursday played some of my favorite songs, including the one I uploaded yesterday.

My train back from Worcester got in a little past two in the morning, and Ellie still came and picked me up.

I slept really really really late, and then Ellie and I went to Fourburgers (as Cambridge seems to be the only nearby place not getting its water from the "no srsly boil this" backup reservoirs). We attempted to figure out what Ellie should do for a cheap vacation, since she has this week off before summer term. Finally decided that maybe a day trip to Northampton was in order.

Then we tried to go to a grocery store in Cambridge but got lost, considered going to the one in Dedham we usually go to and rejected that idea except in case of emergency, tried to get on Memorial Drive but wound up on Storrow instead, decided to try the grocery at Jackson Square, and then actually went to one near Fenway because we wound up driving right past it.

So we have a case of bottled water now, and Ellie wants to go out to some lumber yard out in the middle of nowhere tomorrow, so she can get more if we need it.

Daily Song (right-click): My Chemical Romance - The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
Since that's what Ellie asked to listen to in the car today. (She only seems to request MCR when we're going to be driving for a while, so I just start with Bullets and keep going until we get home. This is as far as we got today.)

If you want to vote for ideas I've already had or make topic suggestions, I'm going to begin work on those entries ASAP, probably later this evening.

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Saturday, May 1st, 2010 14:30
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Daily Song (right-click): Thursday - Resuscitation of a Dead Man
Since I'm heading off to Worcester to see them tonight, and all.

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Friday, April 30th, 2010 22:38
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Still sick, I guess. I came home from work and took a three-hour nap. Or it's like the summer after my freshman year, when I rolled off the airplane in New Orleans, ate dinner with my parents, and slept for eighteen hours.

Today is Dreamwidth's first birthday! A year ago, the service entered open beta; I was lucky enough to have received an invite code during closed beta. Denise and Mark have of course made posts for this momentous occasion.

Daily Song (right-click): Sleater-Kinney - Youth Decay
Always one of my first ideas when Ellie and I are going to be in the car for a while (my ipod freaks out periodically when its volume is up all the way, like when it's plugged into her stereo, so it's best just to pick an artist with enough songs to last the whole trip and then not touch the thing).

Follow Friday: [community profile] followfriday | Latest Things
I love [community profile] accessibility_fail and [community profile] beginningcocks (NSFW) and [community profile] dreamsheep and [community profile] fucking_meds and [community profile] shareandsharealike and [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw and [community profile] tickybox and [community profile] transfic.
I would love to see [community profile] bdsm and [community profile] boston and [community profile] camberville and [community profile] davis_square and [community profile] factfinding and [community profile] history and [community profile] leftoverresearchquarterly and [community profile] polyamory and [community profile] simmonscollege and [community profile] style_salon become more active.
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Thursday, April 29th, 2010 21:52
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I took some nyquil a few hours ago because I think I have a cold. It has helped with the epic sneezefest, but now I feel really fuzzy. Apparently, it takes a full dose of nyquil to make me feel like I do at three in the morning (see icon); if I take just one gelcap, I can pretty much function normally.

Daily Song (right-click): The Distillers - Drain the Blood
I have been listening to this a lot lately.

Here are the links I've collected so far. )

Now I sleep.

just like my metal

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 22:19
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Let me talk about clothes for a minute! )

Daily Song (right-click): Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up
Okay, at this point, it's looking like Daily Song will be a tour of my 25 most-played songs. So here's number three. I listened to this whole album a lot during my first year of college. (Relevant icon is relevant.)

And here are the links I had kicking around my Dreamwidth section of TooManyTabs (actual, organized link roundup soon, I hope):

[personal profile] charmian: recent LJ controversies, Three Weeks for DW and Active comms? And, is growth a problem? (maybe not)

[personal profile] holyschist: A totally non-scientific poll about blogging focus and Dreamwidth

[personal profile] heartequals: "How does one go about changing their internet name? People's internet names are so fascinating to me."

Ellie is watching Top Gear and laughing so hard it sounds like she's weeping in agony over her linear systems final.

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 23:01
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Daily Song (right-click): Jack Off Jill - When I Am Queen
One of the first songs I put on the Gwyneira playlist (Gwyneira being one of my characters - she lives in the foreground of my brainchatter and likes to accompany me when I go shopping. She also has the dubious distinction of having been resurrected from suicide by the professor in charge of her floor at Argent University. Number of people who know she was actually dead: 3. Number of people who were in the room when she came back: 3. Number of people who live with her who know this stuff: 0.)

Link roundup will be delayed. I am writing the essay for my honors seminar, the one on mental illness in popular culture, and it is prodding at the epic 'meh, fuck it, idunwanna' that characterizes my depression. Meaning the essay is going so slowly omfg. (Current plan: write essay until I can no longer think. Set alarm and go to sleep. Finish essay tomorrow. Go to campus, print essay and hand off to professor. Come home and email essay to classmates, as they requested in class.)

I can also post the paper, or excerpts, if any of you would like to read about the differences in portrayal of mental illness between The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath's journals, and a biography called Rough Magic.
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In my enthusiasm for this whole enterprise, I'll be continuing the daily link roundups. I never thought I'd be that kind of blogger, but I seem to have developed the habit, even before I was doing a specific kind of link-gathering. But while link-collecting is a useful service, I also want to be making other posts, especially in the context of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw.

One thing I'd like to do is provide a new song every day!

Daily Song (right-click): Hole - Celebrity Skin
Within the first week this song was on my ipod, it went straight to the top of the most-played list. It remains in the number one spot, with almost three times as many plays as the next song down.

[personal profile] blnchflr has asked me to write about unreliable narrators, although this will take a few days. (I shake my fist at the end of the semester.) I am still accepting prompts, questions, et cetera, via comment/pm/email/carrier pigeon.

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