What I'm watching in October

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 22:45
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Avengers Social Club
Bad Thief, Good Thief 
Because This is My First Life 
Empress Chunchu
The Package 
While You Were Sleeping 


Nirvana in Fire 


Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth 
Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World (2017)
Mahou Tsukai no Yome 

US/British/Canadian TV:

Brooklyn 99 
Ghost Wars
The Gifted
The Good Place 
Madam Secretary
The Mayor
Midsomer Murders 
The Shannara Chronicles
Tangled: The Series 

68F - 45F : Sunny

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 22:42
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I woke up inexplicably at 8 this morning. Actually, it's not so inexplicable; it's a hypomanic episode. But that's neither here nor there at the moment. I got online for 2 hours and then went to read at the elementary school. While I was waiting for Jafar (I got there at 10:17 for a 10:40 reading time because I thought it was 10:30, and also, didn't have to wake up and drag ass for a few minutes while I woke up) the leader of the thing mentioned she had 3 kids whose mentors had just never shown up. The kids were told they were in the program and then their mentors never showed up. I asked if any of them had lunch shortly after Jafar, and was told that one of them had lunch exactly two minutes after Jafar. So I volunteered to read to this other kid, too. I read from the book of poems that Jafar picked, and he asked why they were funny since the title of the book labels them the funniest poems. I wonder if he understands anything I say to him, because these were some funny poems. I wound up explaining the punch line to him a couple times, but then it seemed like if you have to explain a joke it isn't very funny or whatever, so I tried to just talk about the poem a little. He seemed to understand, but still wasn't getting the humor. I dunno.

After Jafar went back to his class, I was paired with a young man named Jayden. Jayden is in 5th grade and enjoys video games and reading. Unlike Jafar he was able to tell me several books he enjoyed reading, and immediately picked out a chapter book that looked good to him (something like Darth Paper and the adventures of Origami Yoda). He said he's a big Star Wars fan and can't wait for the next movie to come out in December. I like this kid :) We read for a little less time than I read to Jafar, because Jafar brings his own lunch, and Jayden had to go through the lunch line and buy lunch. But that's okay, we still were able to read a good bit.

I came home and tried to nap, but Tara started texting me asking me if there were a good time she could come over to measure our windows tonight. I texted Kevin to find out for sure that he'd be home, and then told her she could come by after 6:30, but she'd have to talk to Kevin as I wouldn't be there. At that point I wasn't sleeping, so I got up and had 2 hours to do productive things. I cleaned up the rest of the stuff Tara put on my desk, so now it only looks as bad as it did when we started. Then I refreshed LJ and proceeded to 1. take a picture of my cat 2. make plans to make plans 3. take a can of dog food away from my dog and 4. absolutely not read lj.

The alarm went off and I packed my laptop up and went to my therapist appointment. We talked about Tara, our new furniture, and my making plans to make plans, and suddenly she looks at me with a look of horror and goes, "you're bipolar, aren't you?" And I'm like "yes" and she starts reading a list of questions off her computer and comes back with "I think it's safe to say this is a hypomanic episode." Then she asks me what my list of triggers that I know mean I need to go to the hospital are, and says she'll contact my psychiatrist for me. Yep. I told her I wasn't too worried about needing the hospital because I haven't since I started the geodon, but she made me list out symptoms that I would accept as signs to do so anyway. But it basically boiled down to "if my husband tells me to," and I'm not telling him he has that power. lol.

I went from there to the write-in with Klepto, where we had planned to make plans. We made those plans, which basically are for two write ins, one on the streetcar trolley getting off 4 times and going to different coffee shops, and basically crawling around the city for several hours to different places. The other is doing the same thing on one of the train lines going from Doraville to the Airport and back north again. Then we planned a write-in for the 1st, since no one else had, and we both wanted to try to get off to a strong start. We also started to plan a TGIO party for December. We thought about making it a write in (it's spending some time at a coffee shop that has cats from the local no-kill shelter that you can play with, and adopt if you want to, but we decided people might be too distracted by the cats to write, so we decided to do it as a TGIO instead of a write-in). That pretty much took all our time, and 10 minutes before the store closed, I was like "well, let's not make them kick us out," and we packed up and left.

I also found out Klepto doesn't have family for Thanksgiving. Her dad's family doesn't speak to her because other than her father (who died) himself, they are all racist, and her mother is Chinese. Her mother works at the airport, so she doesn't have the day off since planes still fly on Thanksgiving. So I texted my mother to ask if we could invite her to our Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, my mother is in France, and it was 2:15 in the morning when I texted her, so I don't expect to hear back for a while. Especially since she's on a cruise ship and will probably have her phone on airplane mode until the next port. I imagine my mother will say yes, since she seemed a little put out that Audrey's girlfriend's mother wouldn't invite Kelly to their Thanksgiving last year and left my sister alone on the holiday.

I came home and started talking to Kevin for a while, but he got distracted watching some giant robots fight each other on the internet, or something. so I came back out here and studied for my bat mitzvah, and now, I dunno what I'm going to do. I hope to sleep at some point, because Tara is coming tomorrow. Not super early like Monday, but still at like noon, which is before I naturally wake up. And she'll be cleaning my bedroom, so I can't even nap while she's here.

Some notes on my fandom stats.

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 17:51
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I sometimes get questions or criticism regarding my fandom stats.  (I welcome both.)  Sometimes critics have missed something that I clearly stated in the post, but often, criticism indicates that I could be doing a better job explaining something.  So this is an attempt to explain what fandom data can and can’t show, where I’m personally coming from, and what I’m intending my analyses to do.

This is a v1 attempt – please give feedback about where I can further clarify! I’ll be continuing to revise and update based on responses, so please click through to the original post.  

The most common critiques I get fall into a few broad categories:

  1. Incorrect or misleading. Some of my methods/stats/visualizations are wrong, misleading, or don’t match up with someone’s personal experience.  (See “My goals,” “The limitations of my ability to issue corrections,” and “How you can help with limitations in existing analyses”)
  2. Wrong focus. I don’t do enough stats about some important topics – e.g., race. (See “The limitations of my methods” and “How you can help with limitations in existing analyses”)
  3. Not representative. I’m overgeneralizing about fandom and misrepresenting fans by only looking at certain fanworks or by failing to give important context.  (See “The limitations of focusing primarily on AO3”)
  4. Overly authoritative. I’m speaking as an authority on fandom and acting as if my stats are The Truth. (See “My goals” and “What fandom stats can and can’t tell us”)
  5. Agenda-driven. I’m using stats to try to justify fandom practices that some people disagree with, such as creating fanworks primarily about men or white characters – or else I’m using stats to harangue fans into behaving differently, e.g. leaving more comments on fic. (See “The Toast agenda”)

I’ll try to explain where I’m coming from and address some of the most common criticisms here, but if you have more questions or concerns, please pass them along.

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with heart

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 20:13
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Kate Elliott, Buried Heart (2017)
(and "Bright Thrones," the novella between #2 and #3)

I can say even less about Heart than about Blade, its predecessor. This is one of the rare times when I like the middle book best of a trilogy. I think that the YA-ness of this trilogy has limited (by complexity and book-space) the treatment of relevant social issues raised by the story; it is good that they are raised, but several choices in #3 make sense to me only because the book is YA and needs a relatively small number of characters. Things have fitting ends within that constraint, but I'm not quite satisfied. Still a good read.

The remission is over

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 22:11
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We had a PET scan report today, and it wasn't good. Rob's remission lasted five months, about as long as the one he had two years ago did.

Read more at CaringBridge here.

good things of late

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 20:00
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Stunning views of Mt. Hood on the drive home on a couple of clear days lately.

Autumn leaves!!! The red-violets, the scarlets, the golden yellows, the lemon-lime yellow-greens, the rich bronzes, the purples and olive-greens! The chiaroscuro of wind movement, the ombre effect of different amounts of light on different heights, the subtle changes day to day!

Talked to my sibling B last weekend. They are doing well, being absurdly domestic with their adorkable partner, and in touch with our parents.

Noticed feeling unusually upbeat in car on the way home, compared to usual after-work blahs.


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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 00:19
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I finished An Unsuitable Heir, which is the last of a trilogy by KJ Charles. m/m, historic romance, also murder mystery with a missing heir. I liked it a lot.

spoilers for An Unsuitable Heir )


Tuesday: I managed to get out to the post office and send out three things.
A small pen-knife a friend found in her pocket before a flight, which I took and promised to mail to her.
A bread-maker baking tin, which I ordered and sent onwards, as the people selling it were not shipping to Israel. My parents' bread-maker that they bought in Israel but somehow getting a replacement part for it to Israel was impossible.
A drawing of a bunny I made as part of Inktober. A friend saw it on twitter and asked if I was selling prints. I said I could do a deal on the original. By which I meant: I have too low energy to organise a print. So I have sent that out.


On Saturday I went with the beloved and with Derek to an evening of comedy and song : Midnight Apothecary Goes Down the Shaft hosted by Tricity Vogue on ukulele (with guest, Matthew Floyd Jones, at the grand piano). It was at the Brunel Museum.
It was described very glamorous on the website: - so much so , it was almost intimidating - but as it was, only the beloved and Derek were even wearing waistcoats. (🎵I was all dressed in black , we were all dressed up in black.🎵)

There was tasty food- greek-style wraps with beef or with feta. There were many and various cocktails, and even a couple of mocktails, (and also glasses and water freely available to drink, which I like)

At a roof-top garden there was a bonfire and pointy sticks and a steady supply of marshmallows to roast, And lit torches all around. I was glad it was a clear night and not raining. At one point someone came up and asked for a light for a cigarette, then used a torch to light it.

There were bars providing drinks both at the rooftop garden, and at the bottom of the shaft, where the performance was, (the stage and the grand piano and the speakers and the projector, which was useful for lyrics for the singalong.

Tricity Vogue was charming and funny and full of innuendo, I enjoyed it very much.
I like this photo because the silhouette on the wall matches levels of double-entendre that were bandied about.

Also I got to be introduced and say hello, because Derek knows Ms. Vogue. Then I got shy and ran away.

Memo to self: the Brunel Museum is quite easy to get to. (Jubilee line to Canada Water, Overground to Rotherhite)


When the beloved and I got home, Shadow, next-door's cat, was waiting on our doormat. We opened the door and he came in for a visit. He's a beautiful cat, but mostly he's inquisitive and friendly and charming and he climbed on me and tried to get up my nose, and he climbed on the beloved, and he was so affectionate and we have fallen in love with this cat.

At one point he fell asleep snuggled on the sofa between me and the beloved, and I tried to get a photo of it, but between us both wearing black and Shadow being a black cat, the charm of the moment did not come through.

When the next-door neighbours came home from their night out, Shadow ran to the door, and I let him out and knocked on their door, and he went back home.

signal boost: anyone in California?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 19:04
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A friend of a friend is looking for an apartment to share and/or a place to crash while apartment-hunting.

If this is not you, but you think you might know someone who knows someone, please boost the signal! You might save someone's life.


I mentioned a friend looking for roommates in California earlier this month. She's still looking, and it's getting bad -- the end of this month means basically be homeless in LA or come back to Florida, and both of those are gonna be really hard on her mental health. So I'm putting out the word again and hoping some kind of miracle comes through.

If anybody is looking for a roommate in the downtown LA/Hollywood/Wilshire area -- or knows somebody looking for, or knows someone who might be looking for, or knows someone who might know someone, or any kind of lead at all -- please, please hit me up and I can get people in touch with her. Or honestly, at this point, if anyone knows somebody in other areas of California willing to house a couch surfer for a month to give her a little more time to look, I can send that to her and maybe she can work things out. She's not good with dogs or cats but other pets are not a problem, and ideally looking to pay around $600/month.
EDIT: After some discussion, if there's anyone in the area of San Diego -- or possibly anything else within about that far from LA (so 2-3 hours, so not all the way up the state but a much larger range than before) -- that might be able to put somebody up for a couple of weeks to a month, that would be really appreciated as well, as it would give her more time to try and look.

Help seriously, greatly appreciated. I'm really worried about how this is going to end up.

Ask [personal profile] balsamandash for more details.


Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 18:59
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there has to be a finite number of kids at our school

but sometimes it seems like eleventy zillion

Win some ...

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 20:47
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 Handsome men in ugly outfits. 

Paging @copperbadge

“I’m just so proud of everyone, Chris.”



“It’s just…pride isn’t the word I’d use.”

“Yeah, it’s true I’m…I’m also very jealous.”

“….it’s good to admit these things, Robert.”

“Do you think Hiddleston would lend me that jacket? It would go so well with Jeremy’s pants, and he promised me those.”

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans on his Life Choices]

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Like literally the only reason we didn’t go extinct is because we are aggressively social creatures who community organized and helped each other when faced with disasters that drove other species over the brink. 

 (Like we’re so aggressively social that we looked at APEX PREDATORS and went ‘they look soft! Friend????’)

(The answer was yes because wolves are also aggressively social and they adopted the strange tall not-wolves just as eagerly.)

humans @ wolves: holy shit these things are so cute i wonder if they’ll let us pet them?

wolves @ humans: holy shit these things are so cute i wonder if they’ll pet us?

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So, the first thing to understand here is vocabulary.

  • HSA - Health Savings Account
  • HMO - Health Maintenance Organization
  • Premium - The monthly amount you pay to the health insurance company to have coverage
  • Deductible - The cumulative amount you pay out of pocket before your health insurance starts contributing. Having a lower deductible usually means having a higher monthly premium.

A HMO is a type of insurance plan. Some others are PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) and EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organization). HMOs are focused on preventative care, tend to have lower deductibles, and tend to have higher premiums.

A HSA is a tax-advantaged medical savings account - you put money into this savings account and then you can use that money for qualified medical expenses. It is not an insurance plan. An HSA is used in conjunction with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and you must have a HDHP to be eligible for an HSA.

A HDHP is a type of catastrophic coverage. These plans have lower premiums than a normal health insurance policy but extremely high deductibles. Someone who is in good health and isn’t accident-prone (someone who isn’t anticipating using their health insurance much) might favor this kind of policy because they haven’t historically needed to use it much, or they may qualify for a hardship exemption due to their income. Basically, this is a worst-case-scenario policy.

This is a good time to get into something about health insurance I’m going to be saying a lot soon; you need to choose the coverage that’s best for you. If I had to choose between an HMO and an HDHP, I would absolutely choose the HMO (and if I had to choose between an HMO and a PPO, I choose the PPO) but that’s not what’s feasible or makes sense for other people. I can’t really tell you which one’s better because I’m not you. 

Some things to take into consideration are: How much do you plan on using your insurance? Do you have regular doctors appointments or medications? What kind of copay or coinsurance can you comfortably afford, and how much can you comfortably afford to pay monthly? If you’re purchasing your plan through healthcare.gov, how much of a premium tax credit are you eligible for and how much of that do you want to use?

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