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My sister is moving out by September 1, so there's a bedroom in my apartment in Jamaica Plain becoming available. Depending on Ellie's situation, your move-in date may be a bit flexible if you like. Due to my asthma/allergies, I require a non-smoking roommate.
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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 20:01
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Have talked to professor and workplace, and filled out Louisiana Historical Association annual meeting reg form - will mail tomorrow. Wheeeee! Now to stalk JetBlue's site for the best possible deal.

(And then this weekend is the Flea - totally different kind of gathering, lol. *has awesome roomies, needs to figure out when to get to the train station*)

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Saturday, May 14th, 2011 20:48
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Garage sales didn't happen because I was up too late last night to get out of bed this morning. Cleaned my room some (needs to be DONE by the time my parents come to visit, since I currently have the futon boxed in and they need to sleep on it).

I also went to Goodwill and Boomerangs to get myself out of the house. I got:
  • Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor, which I will probably give to Dad
  • a summer weight black skirt of sufficient length
  • a strawberry-print shirt
  • a very gay umbrella ($6 is about what I'm willing to pay for a folding umbrella, because of how quickly I ruin them, and we can use this as a parasol at Pride!)
  • a magnet-backed weekly schedule whiteboard
  • All Out Of Munchies notepad (because Ellie and I grocery-shop like stoners even though we're not)
  • a chips-and-dip plate
  • a purple and grey plaid skirt

  • 21 Days of Dreamwidth

    20. Yes, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?

    I was pretty into yaoi for a while - there was a big comm on LJ where I could get scans. But then that comm tightened its age restrictions/enforcement quite a bit and I went back to getting my unrealistic guy-on-guy porn fix exclusively from fic.


  • [personal profile] rivkat: Media piracy in emerging economies
    An extremely interesting study of piracy, defined as large-scale unauthorized reproduction both for profit and via free downloads, around the world. The authors conclude that piracy is largely a problem of a globalized Euro-American entertainment/industrial complex that has successfully generated demand for its products but unsuccessfully served that demand at prices people in other countries can pay, largely from refusal to price copies so they’d take roughly the same amount of purchasing power in poor nations. One example: converting prices as a percentage of per capita income, a Dark Knight DVD sold in India would cost $663 in the US; A Beautiful Mind would cost $421.
  • Plans

    MIT Flea, Mob meeting/demo, JP picnic munch.

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    Friday, May 13th, 2011 20:29
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    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    17. How many people on your reading list do you know IRL?

    By my count, 51. 25% - not bad.

    18. What don't you talk about here, either because it's too personal or because you don't have the energy?

    Not much is too personal - I've used my journaling environment as a support group for dealing with depression and sexual assault. Energy is a much bigger constraint on my posting (thanks, depression!), although most of the things I deliberately leave out are omitted because I know I'm writing for an audience that demands a smidgen of entertainment value.

    19. Any questions from the audience?

    Ask and I will answer.

    being nice to one another


    my thread


  • Obsidian Wings: The Women Men Don't See
    Why is it that of all possible human topics, the one that conservative religious people of different faiths agree on is strict gender roles?
  • Plans

    I might hit a couple of garage sales tomorrow morning, if I can haul myself out of bed. Sunday is the Mob meeting/demo and the JP picnic munch.
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    Capture the flag didn't happen; no one from the Camberville side showed up, so the four JP residents (well, three plus Daly, who is probably on our side anyway, regardless of where he actually lives) got ice cream and hung out at Cid's house instead.

    I got recruited into a BattleTech game. Daly taught me how to play on Saturday and my first session with the group was Monday. (Daly severely underestimated our ability to defend a base. And we discovered a loophole for artillery - if every spotter is -1 to hit a target and we have ten mechs peering over the wall... "hey Cid, the pilot's got brown eyes, are you aiming for the left one or the right one?") I fielded three mechs (all of mine, none from the communal pool) and actually managed to keep track of all of them! Although I think I'm going to have to get my own miniatures, because keeping track of which vaguely similar grey plastic mechs are mine (and which one goes with which sheet) is going to drive me nuts. And because I am me, they will be painted to suit my tastes and will therefore not look anything like they're supposed to.

    Biggest news, though: I got into Simmons, after an eon of waiting for a decision. No info on financial aid yet, but I have wonderful parents who will put me through grad school regardless.

    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    I missed a few. )


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    Saturday, April 30th, 2011 11:48
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    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    5. How about when you're not on the computer?

    Work. Concerts. Etc. My offline social life is mainly arranged over the internet, although I do have random encounters with some of my friends on the Orange Line (the benefits of going to the same school and living in the same area).

    6. What do you wish people who read your journal knew about you?

    ... you people probably know more about me that anyone except maybe my sister and my boyfriend.


    kink, ad-supported devices, mental illness and medication, filk, reproductive rights )


    Capture the flag, followed by ice cream. Everybody cheer for JP! We are going to destroy Camberville.

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    Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 21:34
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    Hearing on sexual assault on college campuses at City Hall today. There was a rally beforehand that I missed because I couldn't find it (stupid circus taking over City Hall Plaza *pout*).

    21 Days of Dreamwidth

    day 2 )


    Write a little more of my music paper tonight (it's about half done) or write the last short paper for my other class. Work tomorrow morning, then finish the music paper (and write the other one, if I don't get to it tonight).
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  • [personal profile] charmian: more notifications problems at LJ?
    Currently there's a notifications problem at LJ, which apparently has something to do with a third party [EDIT: possibly Spamhaus]. People are getting fairly upset about it in the comments of the news post (well, also because of the banner color scheme).

    Also, LJ is currently blacklisted with Spamhaus.
  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: Spamhaus and LJ
    LJ has been listed by Spamhaus, which has likely got a decent amount to do with the notifications some people aren't getting. I propose a plan of action for users to help the Abuse Prevention Team squish as many spammerbots as humanly possible.

  • Follow Friday

  • [personal profile] lireavue has been posting good links and personal accounts of the Wisconsin protests.
  • [personal profile] laughingrat posts about library and social justice issues.
  • [community profile] helpfordelight is an auction comm to assist [personal profile] delight with moving out of an unsafe housing situation and paying for her mother's cancer treatment.
  • [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is ramping up for another round, beginning on April 25th. Planning of activities is currently in progress.
  • [community profile] unclutter is devoted to getting rid of one thing per day and one thing per new thing. (Kind of high traffic, but a really great way to clean sustainably.)
  • [site community profile] dw_meetups is usually pretty quiet, but if you are interested in hanging out with other Dreamwidth users, you should subscribe in case someone plans a meetup in your area (and/or plan a meetup yourself!).

  • Boston meetup

    Boston Meetup: tentatively scheduled for 3/17


    Poll #6257 Ask me a question!
    Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 2

    My question is:

    I have another question!

    And another!

    When I answer your question(s), may I reveal who asked it?

    Yes, you can say that $username asked "blah blah blah?"
    2 (100.0%)

    No, please answer my question without attributing it to me.
    0 (0.0%)

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    Subject refers to icon.

    Day of Epic Personal Responsibility! Got shit done at work. More importantly, wrote emails I'd been putting off to history advisor and my closest contact in the honors department. Haven't sent them yet; I am going to read over them one more time after dinner.

    Tomorrow's Epic Personal Responsibility! Print off paperwork and spend part of lunch break chasing down people in order to declare my minor in women's studies. Because I took all the courses, dammit. (This may be a multi-day project...)

    Other things I need to do: senior clearance, apply to graduate, register for classes (while I'm in North Dakota, hence the urgency of the emails: if something goes wrong, I don't want to be trying to fix it over email with no advance warning to whoever has to deal with it/me).

    Senior pictures are next week, apparently. I feel kind of meh about it, but then I am pretty meh about most things like that. I mean, I tried to skip my high school graduation (and while I don't have any strong feelings now that it's over, I still think it was a waste of an afternoon). It's kind of telling that the main thing encouraging me to bother with it is the fact that my hair will be super-purple (since this weekend is my last chance to do that before I need to have very bright hair for Halloween). I might even be willing to order prints, for the sheer awesome of being able to give them to my stodgier relatives.

    • Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today
      Today I don’t have to think about still not being equal.
      Today I don’t have to think about what it takes to keep going.
      Today I don’t have to think about how much I still have to hide.
      Today I don’t have to think about how much prejudice keeps hold.
      Today I don’t have to think about how I’m meant to be grateful that people tolerate my kind.

      Today I don’t have to think about all the things I don’t have to think about.
      But today I will.
    • The Slutcracker
      Boston/Camberville-area people! We should make plans for this. I quite enjoyed it last year.

    • NaNoCraftMo
      I don't think I'll be officially participating, but I could certainly do with some effort in the craft arena. (I'm still undecided about NaNoWriMo, too.)

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    Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 23:10
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    Went to a wedding on Saturday (it was lovely), then to the afterparty (where I spent a long time explaining my research to my brand new friend Jeremy). Groceries Sunday; Ellie wanted to try a new grocery store that's closer than our usual, but it's a bit more expensive, missing various items we use regularly, and really annoying to shop at. Monday evening, after Ellie got back from buying several hundred pounds of lumber in New Hampshire, we went to the mall. Ellie got a coat and a shirt, but not the pants she was actually looking for. I got a dress for my Halloween costume and pants for future MCR concerts - both on clearance, woooo! (And in online shopping news, I bought a Turkish spindle and a colorful batt called Show Pony.)

    In schmoopy relationship news, Cory and I are apparently taking a short trip to Minneapolis (I predict some squabbling over road trip music; we have very different philosophies about music in general). Also, you can see my increased comfort in this relationship by the contents of my suitcase: last time, I packed dresses and shoes and makeup. This time I am packing, uh idk, some clothes? and also some fiber. And a surprise! (because I feel like that would be a nice thing to do), so help me think up TSA-approved surprises? Also also: he knows this journal exists and he knows exactly where it is and I make mostly public posts - and yet he refuses to read it. IDGI.


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    Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 22:35
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    Work, mostly. [personal profile] solarcat and I are going to Garment District and maybe some other places this weekend, for Killjoys costuming purposes. (I also need to figure out a Ramona Flowers costume, since Cory has decided that's what we're doing for Halloween, since I'll be in Grand Forks and all.)

    Ellie and I spent some time last night talking about our plans for revamping the apartment. The main thrust is to make our space better for our creative pursuits. So much of it depends on her having the time and spoons to build new furniture, so no idea when any of it will get done. I can post an outline of our plans, with crappy diagrams, if anyone is interested.


    (Tangent: I once got to attend one of Jerry's workshops. He and my dad go pretty far back; we would usually pay him a visit when we took our road trips to New Mexico. Jerry knew I was working on a novel, he was running a writing workshop and it was going to be pretty fiction-oriented, and he hadn't seen Dad in a while. So Dad and I took a week off work/school and went. It was awesome.)

    (And another tangent: Wow has my life been full of fantastic opportunities and experiences that resulted directly from grown-ups taking a chance on me. Including my current job.)


    I am considering StrowlerCon, but would need roommates. I also need to run it past Ellie and see if she wants in.

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    Ellie and I were going to have a roast for dinner last night, but it had gone off. We wound up getting Indian food at Ghazal instead, along with Courtney. And as we were settling the bill, other people we knew walked by. So we wound up following Cid, Jason, Daly, and Scarlet to JP Licks for ice cream (and then everybody got to say hi to Brashani and Christian too, when they stopped by), and then went back to Cid and Jason's apartment - in theory to play Clue, but we actually wound up watching Crank 2 and yelling at the shenanigans.

    Then Ellie wanted to get some stuff from Woodcraft today, so I went with her because I wanted to get out of the house. I wound up getting some turning blanks: black and white ebony, rosewood, lignum vitae, and olivewood. (Not a new hobby! I make little wire trees in addition to jewelry, and thought it would be awesome to attach the wire trees to small pieces of actual wood.) I'm going to have to cut some of the blanks into smaller pieces, and probably surface them a little.


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    ... was on Saturday. Posting this on Tuesday. I have done worse.

    Ellie and I left the house late and picked up [ profile] shadesong late as a result, but traffic was very light and we still made it to Wyrding Studios a bit early.

    The morning activity was spinning, first from combed top and then from a batt. I seem to spin faster from combed top (easier to manage the fiber) but more consistently from batts (I find drafting easier). Although, as you can probably tell, I'm not very good at it yet. But between how satisfying it was and how many of Kythryne's art batts I've purchased already, I will continue spinning and, I hope, improving.

    After lunch, we went up to the studio and picked out things for either a pendant or a pair of earrings. I made these earrings. We also got to pick out things for a take-home project, although I wound up with some spare time and made this before and after the fused glass portion of the day.

    Fused glass! No photos of that yet. But now I have learned how to cut glass, and that dichroic glass looks different before and after it's fused. I did wind up with a small scrap of silver dichroic glass that had gone through the kiln all by its lonesome, so I made this pendant for fun.

    The last portion of the day was a demonstration of making jewelry from found objects. I brought a set of dice, a silk flower that fell off Cameryn's set for Phone Whore, a shower curtain clip, and some blobs of solder. The blobs turned out to be too fragile for wire-wrapping, but Kythryne got everything else in there. And the d20 pops out the back of the pendant.

    Here's all the photos from the art retreat. And there is another one in October, for those of you who can make it to Concord, NH.

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    Not dead! Back in Boston since Saturday, and already caught up on things!


    Just finished eating half the curry I made tonight; the other half is in the fridge. I am going to bring it to work tomorrow. Leftovers for lunch - it's almost like I'm a real grown-up!

    Ellie and I went to the mall yesterday. We were supposed to get clothes for her. Instead, we got clothes for me. /o\ On the other hand, Hello Kitty rain boots in grown-up sizes, fuck yes.

    I continue to experiment with purple hair. Attempt 3 (dark purple over failed single-process bleach-and-purple) is the best yet but still not quite right.

    Grand Forks

    Spent nearly every waking moment with C., got to see my family, consumed much media. Was not really online. )

    Relationship Stuff

    :D! )

    We're planning more visits, and I convinced C. to install Skype. But I think my journal will stop being All About My Boyfriend now; he'll show up from time to time along with other important people in my life.


    From Ask Me Anything:

    Looking back, are you comfortable with the way you reacted when your sister came out to you?

    Not really. :( I could have done more. I am especially disappointed with how little help I was to her in 2006/2007, her last year of high school, while she was trying to figure things out. True, I didn't have nearly as much knowledge of gender and trans* issues then, but I probably still could have been more supportive than I actually was.

    But as far as her actual coming-out? I think I did okay then, although I didn't adjust to name-and-pronouns as fast as I would have liked, even if there is a specific reason for it (trying not to out her to Mom and Dad before she had the chance to tell them herself).


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    Figure out Netflix. Buy more $5 vermouth for cooking.

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    Monday, August 16th, 2010 17:15
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    While I am still theoretically AFK, C. is playing video games so I'm online. Heh.

    We've watched The Guild, Dr. Horrible (again), and Stranger Than Fiction. Yesterday, we saw Scott Pilgrim (and I suspect we might wind up seeing it again). Plus, you know, hanging out and stuff. :)

    Scott Pilgrim

    So apparently I'm Ramona Flowers. (Not a review, may contain very basic spoilers.) )


    4 links )


    C. and I are getting dinner with some more of his friends tonight. I still need to call my relatives and make plans with them.

    Brief update.

    Sunday, August 15th, 2010 18:05
    sofiaviolet: girl in purple dress carrying suitcase and walking down railroad tracks (travel)

    I am in Grand Forks, getting spectacularly laid. \o/ More details in a post to the sex filter.

    Actually getting to spend time with C. is awesome. This was such a good idea. We just fit together. I cannot stop smiling.

    ETA: Scott Pilgrim fanworks. I need them. Point me to any and all fic, vids, art, kink memes, and whatever else you know of.

    sofiaviolet: black and white EGL dress from Mary Magdalene (egl)


    I'll be out of town August 14-21. While I'll have internet access, I have no idea how much I'll be online. But rest assured I'll catch up even if I can't keep up.


    Bosses and one reference desk person are away for the Society of American Archivists conference. Work is freakishly quiet.

    Busy couple of days. Tuesday morning, I hauled a box of fun surprises to the post office (since the TSA probably frowns on taking rope in your carry-on), went to work, and then went to Diesel to meet up with [ profile] shadesong and receive my BARCC auction winnings: a lovely flogger. After that, I ran into Andra and spent forever telling her about C. (she kept asking questions, and I am still flush with omgyay).

    Yesterday I got some purple dye, and this morning before work, I put it in my hair to see what it would do. Not a lot, as it turns out: my hair is too dark. Now it's even darker, with something of a blue cast to it. While kinda disappointing, it's not actually surprising, and it's definitely not a bad result.

    Leaving for Grand Forks at stupid o'clock Saturday morning. Clothes are basically picked out, and toiletries are selected and quart-size bagged.


    Still open for questions.

    I know so little about you, I'm afraid my question is quite pedestrian! What would your dream job be?

    Pretty close to what I'm doing right now. I want to be an archivist full-time, as my real grownup job. But I'm not thrilled with the idea of meetings and managing other people, which my bosses at work have to do. I just want to work with the collections.


    I want to write about "lazy femme," which is what I call my gender presentation. In short: I like things like skirts and makeup, but I don't generally bother with these more effortful bits of gendered plumage.

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    More packing, go to bed, sleep, get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, finish packing, go to bed, get up, get on airplane, arrive in Grand Forks, get laid.

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    Thursday, August 5th, 2010 21:48
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    Ask Me Anything is still open for questions.


    Tuesday, I came home early because my uterus attacked. After some tylenol, I was fine for a night out with friends: TOMB! Me, Ellie, Mark, Spider, Jordan, James, Gillis, Liam, and Tommy Toxic, with Cid as our guide. Lots of fun. :)

    We tried to get dinner afterwards, but apparently everything near Fenway Park that serves booze becomes 21+ during Red Sox games or something? IDEK. We went to Vic's instead, which I personally consider a much better choice.


    • Feministe: Where There's Smoke
      Privilege is like smoke. When we’re living with it, you don’t notice it. It’s in the air. It’s all around us, invisible, ubiquitous. We don’t notice the privilege we share with others; we only notice what surprises our senses and our brains – the way I could smell pot smoke on someone, even when I was living with my cigarette-smoking parents.
    • Geek Feminism: Nominate guests posts for Geek Feminism
      We’re primarily interested in cross-posts from smaller blogs, in order to introduce our readers to sites they don’t know of yet, and to introduce writers to a larger readership. But if the author of a piece on a widely read website wants it to appear here, we’ll certainly consider it.
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    I have come up with this little posting template (okay, I looked at [ profile] shadesong's journal and mostly borrowed her format) to help myself post more regularly. We'll see how it works...


    Tired; I stayed up too late chatting with C. And then after work today, I went to the Dating While Feminist event for three hours, which was very social and, as a result, kind of exhausting.

    Oh, and the hem fell out of the bottom of my right trouser leg this morning; I fixed it with safety pins. Anyone in Boston know a good tailor? Convenient to Orange Line a plus, convenient to Northeastern a doubleplus. Some of my pants need fixing; pretty much all of them need shortening. *is too short for regular women's inseams but too tall for petites*

    Yay for contacts! Although the left one is not feeling very happy. I am kind of wondering if I have it in backwards - but I can still see just fine! IDK whether having the lens inside out would actually affect vision correction, or just comfort.

    Furthermore, my contacts claim they can be worn continuously for a week or daily for two weeks (taking them out to sleep); I think I'm going to have to go for the continuous end of things, because augh plucking lenses out of my eyes! Much much harder than sticking them in.

    Dreamwidth )


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    Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 15:00
    sofiaviolet: *sigh* (sigh)
    • I am behind. I am really behind on my dreamroll, and my link-posting, and also my sleep. I know this and I definitely plan to catch up, although that might not happen until the weekend, because...
    • I have an internet date with C. tonight. Since we can't actually hang out in person, we are going to hang out using the magic of the interwebs and watch Dr. Horrible.
    • Trying to figure out when I can visit him; definitely not the week of SAA, since both my higher-ups here in the archives will be doing the professional conference thing. Maybe soon after that?
    • I also have to find time tomorrow or Saturday to get myself to Watertown and drop off my Blogathon auction pieces with [ profile] shadesong. But first I have to take pictures and finish writing up the descriptions.
    • And on Saturday, I'm seeing one of the Shaken Up Shakespeare plays that have been so wildly popular. With [personal profile] stultiloquentia, who I missed at Con.txt, and also [personal profile] kyriacarlisle, I believe. And at least one other person whom I have not yet connected to a journal.
    • I have been reworking my tags and dealing with imported content. My goals are to make my old entries accessible to either the general public or my access list (except for the ones that make me cringe, which can damn well stay private), and to make my tags make sense. (I would be focused on forcing the "evil ex boyfriend" tag out of the tags module in my layout, but as most if not all of those entries are private, no one but me can see it.)
    • Art Retreat at Wyrding Studios. !!!!!! Yes plz. Ellie will drive me up because then she's already in New Hampshire and can go to their lumber yards.

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