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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 16:54
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I stayed home from work today with what is either a very intractable case of allergies or a hopefully-brief cold. Snotting all over the records is a bad idea (and handling the dusty old paper when I'm already running like a faucet at the nose just makes it worse). I'm beginning to think I may just be allergic to Tuesdays - I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago and had to leave early to avoid damage to the materials in my care. Benadryl manages to stop the sneezing for a couple of hours at a time, but not the continual drip of mucus or the general feeling of itchiness/irritation around my nose, throat, and sinuses.

On the bright side I've done a bunch of housework today - mainly laundry (general clothes, sheets, jeans, towels, and three batches of hand-wash lingerie and delicate miscellaneous - plus I'm going to power through all my dry-clean-only stuff once the towels are done), but also a small amount of picking-up/putting-away/throwing-out and some prep for a meal I plan to cook later.

But I broke my glittery plastic flip-flops. Alas, and I never even wore them outside, just up and down the basement stairs. At least they only cost me 25 cents at a yard sale.

I'm going to be in New Orleans from August 9 through August 19 for the Society of American Archivists annual meeting. I even finally got around to ordering business cards! I'm not looking forward to the weather - I'm sure it will be at Peak Ugh - but it'll be lovely to visit all my favorite restaurants etc.

Also, depending on when Ellie is moving out, I may wind up exempt from helping her move to Everett* via ZipVan due to professional conference. Unintended consequence, but I can't say I mind. She does, fortunately, have plenty of moving karma to cash in among friends in the Boston area, so my absence will be much less of a pain than it otherwise might've been.

*She has located an actual apartment and paid the deposit yay! Lease may or may not be signed yet but definitely will be before her next trip to China, moving to happen when she returns.


Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 20:48
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Got so little sleep last night, and such poor quality of what little I did get, that I have been a zombie all day. I came home after work and went straight to bed, and left the door open.

Not just unlocked. Not even "oops, forgot my keys in the lock." Literally left the front door to my apartment wide open in the middle of the afternoon while I took a 2 hour nap. (Which didn't help, btw. I tossed and turned and was the peculiar kind of tired where you feel like you're on drugs, and got no actual rest.)

Then there's the approx. eighty times I almost wandered into traffic on my daily business of going to/from work and Whole Foods, and managing to forget the green bell pepper (which is maybe the single most frequently purchased item when I go grocery shopping).

Basically Ellie needs to install my window air conditioner tonight so I can sleep well enough to function. Otherwise I'm going to fall on the Orange Line tracks within a week, and dammit I don't want to be the person who fucks up everyone else's commute.

Unrelatedly, everything hurts. Shoulders rubbed by backpack/tote bag straps while wearing sleeveless tops, shoulders also bruised by weight of stuff (weirdly, not a problem most of the time). Feet killing me, legs overexerted, whacked my knee on the ladder coming down from my loft bed the other morning.
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Ellie is in Providence for the weekend, so I have the apartment to myself. I am working on unfucking my house. The big problem areas are the kitchen, which is really both our faults, but whatever, I cleared off the counters and wiped them down anyway, and will keep working at it; and the "craft zone" in the dining room, which has sprawled over, like, a third of the room and is entirely my fault with a few of Ellie's possessions swallowed up by the mess. But I am also working on my bedroom, because my personal space should be pleasant dammit, and the living room, where my exponentially growing collection of comics is threatening to avalanche all over everything.

The unfucking project has been going on for about a week (Ellie and I started compulsively cleaning while we were snowed in, and I have been keeping up with it reasonably well). I am also working to feed myself more regularly/healthily, since Ellie and I have a not-terribly-overlapping venn diagram of meals we can make and will eat. I got groceries from one grocery store yesterday, and know what I want from the other grocery store.

So my at-home project is to continue improving the general cleanliness of the apartment. My get-out-of-the-house project for the weekend is to acquire some essential things: I need some organizational supplies, and I still haven't snagged replacement buttons for the coat with a missing button and the coat with ugly buttons. Windsor Button is going out of business, alas, but at least it's forcing me to get this done. While I'm out, I will probably continue my quest for beautiful snuggly sweaters at excellent prices, because I get cold easily and fancy sweaters are waaaaaay more professional-looking than hoodies.

The meta-goal, to be honest, is to get myself out of the house tomorrow and Monday, when I don't have anything which I am required to show up for.

I have a dentist appointment Tuesday (the saga of my missing tooth draws toward its close, many years on), and I'm beginning to think I should get my vision checked. May need new glasses.
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It's cool, though. I did manage to dig the suitcase out and I have a list of everything I should need.

Note to throat: you're on notice. This better just be post-nasal drip irritation.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 07:37
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Note to annual sinus infection: you happen in January. You're a month early.


Monday, October 31st, 2011 18:50
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Dreamwidth's new update page has entered beta testing - turn it on at the beta features page! There's an entry at [site community profile] dw_beta for reporting bugs.

I have been sitting on my ass the past couple of days, because I am so uncoordinated that I wrenched my knee getting into a taxi. /o\ (My foot got stuck, and then I tried to turn the rest of me 90 degrees clockwise. It hurt.) Ellie had to go to CVS and buy me a knee brace. On the bright side, I succeeded in getting to class this morning, although I was slightly late since I waited for a bus at Ruggles instead of walking.

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 22:34
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Weird week, school-wise. No class Monday due to shitty imperialist holiday, no class tomorrow due to surprise!out-of-town professor, and class Friday starts two hours late, runs half an hour later than usual, and is followed by an optional film screening (the screening is optional because it'll end at 8pm; the film is required and on reserve).

I really need a massage. My upper right back/shoulder blade area isn't supposed to crunch like it did earlier today, and I've had this one knot just below that mess for so long it feels permanent. *sigh* I really should have booked a massage ages ago but it's really hard to convince myself it's not some absurd luxury. I can afford this.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 19:56
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[personal profile] pinesandmaples: Resist temptation
Hurricane Katrina is not an opening line. It is never an appropriate way to start a conversation with a New Orleanean.

To update, belatedly, about Irene: I am really kind of shocked we didn't lose power. Very uneventful hurricane here in JP.

Conclusion: Doctor Who is not my new fandom. It is my new entertainment candy. (Conclusion drawn after noticing my total lack of interest in reading other people's reaction posts.)

That said, I think this leaves me adrift, fannishly. Actually I think at this point fandom is my fandom.

I've been kind of hiding out for a few weeks. Minor depressive downswing, I guess - I'm not sure I would even have noticed it (or, you know, experienced it) except that I've been so bad about taking my meds lately. Only really seems to have affected my social - I haven't been updating as much, have skipped loads of munches, etc. And it doesn't help that my semi-guaranteed social time (Battletech) hasn't happened for a few weeks because our GM burnt out.

Pleased to report that the Mirena seems to have finally stopped the bleeding portion of my period. I am still experiencing the early-warning cramps (which I only developed this past year-ish) but as those seem to be decreasing in severity I can hope they'll cease, too.

This leaves me with an unopened DivaCup, size 1 (won in the Muskrat Jamboree raffle back in April). Anybody want it?


Sunday, July 17th, 2011 20:31
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I came down with a cold on Thursday, and the worst of it has cleared out - just in time for the uterine gremlins to awaken. On the bright side, my period should be over before my sex life picks up again. (The cramps seem to be less severe in terms of actual muscle pain, but they're sharper and more symmetrical and more clearly focused on my uterus.)

A few weeks ago, we installed some new shelves in my room (there will be so. many. holes to patch when we move out, but it is worth it in the meantime), and as a result, I rearranged all the books - well, all my books and the shared-custody books; I do not mess with the order of the engineering/woodworking/etc things because they are definitely Not Mine. And I discovered that I had space for MOAR BOOKS!!!!11!1! even with some of the shelf space being reserved for display of tchotchkes. This is very exciting and I am using it as an excuse to buy things off my wishlist. (But I have to save space for books that are still in New Orleans. I only plan to retrieve a fraction of them, the rest being novels I don't want to read again and things left over from my Stereotypical Teenage Wiccan Phase, but a fraction of 400 is still a significant number.)

Two links that both come with trigger warnings (and lengthy blockquotes):
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... oops? Kind of fell off the face of the earth there. I've been fine, just busy.


For how many days after having an IUD inserted can one expect to have cramps? (IUD went in Tuesday evening. By Friday, I was down from NSAIDs-like-clockwork to NSAIDs-as-needed, but I'm still having to take something at least once a day. Seems to still be in place and I have had no bleeding/spotting whatsoever, so I am not worried, just annoyed.)


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None for tonight; weekly Battletech got canceled due to GM illness. Tomorrow I have a few errands to run after work. I also have room-cleaning and furniture-moving to do before my mom arrives on Saturday.
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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth happening now. Expect everybody to be posting all the time. (Seriously, the amount of stuff on my reading page today was terrifying. If you want the actual firehose, the threeweeks feed on Latest Things aggregates posts tagged with several variations on the fest name.)


Got to see the US Archivist speak today but was barred from the reception afterwards due to being a student (supposedly because of the presence of alcohol, which is doubly hilarious to me because I am over 21 and still do not ever booze it up). Although his speech was good (and confirmed that government archives are not my first choice but would not be too soul-sucking), and I got to archives-squee at the guy I sat next to.

21 Days of Dreamwidth

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Questions meme

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Last blog entry for class, last paper for the same class, only paper for the other class, book reviews, responses for the New Orleans FONSFAQ (also still taking prompts), possibly some responses for other FONSFAQs, possibly a notable woman for She's Kind of a Big Deal, the thing I am making for MCR (yes, I am making them a thing).
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  • 3D printed "thorn dice"
    Shapeways user Ceramicwombat created these great "thorn dice" and they're available in a number of polymers and metals, fresh and piping hot from the 3D printer.
    ... now to come up with some kind of gift-giving occasion so I can order a set for my boyfriend.

  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: Lucky Girl: growing up queer in a mostly-safe world
    From that last entry, you'd think that growing up queer in suburban Alaska was pretty rough. I didn't think I had it particularly hard at the time. It was not like I had it half as bad as it could have been. I felt lucky to have it as good as I did.
  • [personal profile] oursin: Robert Frost's neighbour had a rather good point* (even if Frost didn't think so)
    I find the thought of limits as enabling rather than confining really rather exciting, because it does tend to mesh with my experiences across quite diverse fields of endeavour.

    That if there is no particular reason to go in a particular direction or get stuck into a particular task or if you're facing an enormous supermarket full of choices, it can really be somewhat paralysing.
  • Avant Game: Super Better - or how to turn recovery into a multi-player experience
    SuperBetter is a superhero-themed game that turns getting better in multi-player adventure. It’s designed to help anyone recovering from an injury, or coping with a chronic condition, get better, sooner – with more fun, and with less pain and misery, along the way.
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    Monday, March 28th, 2011 21:19
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    Good news: the massive loss of appetite that resulted from my late February illness, secondary bacterial lung ick, and antibiotics? Gone.

    This message brought to you by lunch last week (I have gone up a size in french fries, from small to medium) and dinner Thursday night (ate an entire entree, poori, and a pakora - no leftovers).

    On Saturday, I went to a combined mac & cheese party and clothing swap/Big Moves costume spring cleaning. Several of the things I took home with me were Big Moves San Francisco or Big Burlesque costumes that came into Cameryn's possession when Heather MacAllister passed away. Now that Big Moves Boston is on probably-permanent hiatus (Cameryn's one-woman shows having taken over her life, and no one else having stepped up to run things), Cameryn wanted to get things out of her house while keeping them connected to their history.

    And speaking of Cameryn, she is looking to sublet her apartment while she's on tour this year. Apartment near Stony Brook, with one roommate. There is a cat (supremely fluffy) who will, I believe, be staying with other people.

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    Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 09:21
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    Made it to New Orleans without dying!

    Congested and coughing on Saturday, which made landing all kind of ouchy and screwed up my left ear for several hours thereafter. On Sunday, we walked 2 miles to the parades (slowly enough that we completely missed Carrollton, oh well). I only had to take one break! We tried to walk home by way of CVS (to get me cough syrup caplets), but Dad had to go on without us and come back with the car.

    The only remaining problem is that my lungs are pissed off at me, resulting in a lingering cough and unpleasant feeling throughout their upper portion.
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    Hello internets, I have the flu! (This despite having a flu shot; I can only shudder at the thought of how ill I'd be otherwise.) I sneezed more than usual at work on Wednesday and had begun developing aches by the time I got home from class. On Thursday I reached 101ºF (and I don't really do the whole fever thing, so whenever I cross into triple digits it's a huge deal and I feel a thousand times sicker), and developed a cough. As a result, I missed class and Mahler's 9th Symphony. Today, I'm still coughing and sneezing (and suffering the ill effects of not eating anything yesterday), so I'm going to miss work. Bleh.
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    I have to say, the biggest hazard of my job may be literal death by a thousand paper cuts.

    I'm at the point now where I don't stop working unless the cut is threatening to bleed on the materials (preservation and sanitation issues!). And I should really stop putting bandaids on even the bleeders, due to the positioning.

    Basically, because I spend so much of my time plunging my hands into boxes of upright folders and papers, I get a lot of paper cuts near the bottom of my fingernails (I also get them on my knuckles with some regularity, and I have one that is very nearly under my fingernail right now, rendering my left pinky useless for typing due to ouch). Bandaids get in the way pretty badly. And I'm apparently incapable of applying them competently: I just took off the bandaid from earlier today, and there's a band of white, wrinkled skin because I wrapped my finger too tight.

    And the sad thing is, that's not even the worst thing I've done when bandaging my fingertips. I once left an overly tight bandaid on over night, and the next morning my fingertip was slightly maroon on the end. :(
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    It is really cold in Boston today. And the entire MBTA died. (Well, the bus system seemed to be in good working order. It got me to campus, at any rate.)

    I've mostly been going to class, decluttering, and being ill. Sinus infection. Which would have been fine if I had been sick and then got over it, but noooo. At least at this point I can breathe through my nose again.

    Here are some links that are kind of old, since I fell off the face of the earth between compiling them and updating my freaking journal )

    And finally, the subject line... when Ellie and I were getting groceries on Saturday, I decided I would bring my lunch two days this week (Monday, when I have a break between classes, and Wednesday, when I have a break between work and class), and I decided I would bring ham and cheese sandwiches and salad. So we got bread and ham and I insisted (correctly) that we still had an unopened, unexpired package of Swiss cheese at home.

    We were so desperately hungry when we got home that we tore into the lunch supplies. But there was still ham and cheese enough to make one more sandwich, which I could then eat on Monday, after which I would take myself to the store and replenish the supplies.

    But she ate my sandwich! :( I slept really late yesterday, and when I woke up, she had forgotten that the whole reason we had the ham and bread in the first place was so I could have lunches, and she had eaten my sandwich.

    So I'm so hungry my stomach is trying to digest itself and there's still ten minutes before the fast food joints in the student center open for lunch.

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    Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 19:21
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  • The Hathor Legacy: It’s just a show. Really?
    The truth is, pop culture is not just fun and games, and that’s why “It’s not just a show” is bullshit. Culture – and current culture has always been pop culture, and always will be – is the medium through which the privileged people educate all the other sorts of people on how they are supposed to behave so as to inconvenience the privileged the least they can with their undesirable yet necessary presence. I really am supposed to not only like flowers, but to accept them in lieu of kept promises and fidelity – not because it’s on TV but because that would be ever so convenient for uncaring and cheating men. What the person who criticizes me for diverging from TV portrayals of my gender is really saying is: “Don’t you know this is your responsibility? Even if you don’t like flowers, you still need to like the damn flowers because men need their women to be plug ‘n’ play, easily replaced! Men have nations to conquer and important things to do. They can’t be bogged down with trying to remember what each new current girlfriend likes, which is why it’s so crucial you all like exactly the same shit! Jeez, you selfish bitch!”
  • 16 Impacts of Sexual Assault
    As a victim of sexual assault I have had my life turned upside down, my beliefs and hopes decimated and my sense of self devastated. In trying to make sense of what happened to me, I have struggled overwhelmingly with a sense of isolation, fragmentation and dislocation. Despite reporting the assault to the police, despite excellent counselling and support services and despite an extraordinarily patient and supportive family, I have often felt unable to articulate, or be heard on, the devastation and upheaval that sexual assault continues to create for me everyday.
  • Dopp Juice: A Genderplayful Marketplace – Do you want it?
    I want to build an online marketplace for gender-variant clothing solutions.

    Not a store where I sell to you, but a service like Etsy and Ebay where we sell to each other, in a focused, supportive community. And while we’re at it, we also trade all sorts of tips and inspirations on how best to look the way we want, gender-be-damned.
  • [personal profile] synecdochic: Tip for chronic-pain issues
    If you have chronic pain of the muscle/stiffness sort, or suffer from muscle cramps in the middle of the night that wake you, start sleeping with an unwrapped bar of soap in bed with you.
  • [personal profile] laughingrat: (no subject)
    One wonders where Marc Lepine got the idea, in 1989, that he was entitled to go to engineering school regardless of his lack of qualifications, but that women who were qualified to go were not similarly entitled. One wonders where he got his tremendous sense of privilege, his tremendous sense of outrage, and the idea that if he, a man, was sufficiently angry at women, the acceptable answer was to terrorize and murder them.
  • [personal profile] copperbadge: (no subject)
    To sum up: when people ask you for money, be critical. Know who's getting your money, know what they believe, and if you can't get hard facts, be suspicious. Most charities are listed on charitynavigator.org and have a website; they will have mission statements and should have financial information.
  • sofiaviolet: purple textures and dots (retrospective)
    I've had a headache for most of the weekend, spent waaaaaaay too long trying to sleep the headache off, and then it took Ellie and I all afternoon to get groceries (we hit Allandale Farms, Whole Foods, BJ's, and Stop-n-Shop. Plus Home Depot so she could price some set-building stuff).
    • All in a Name: New Software Benefits Transgender Students
      The new software, created as an adjunct to the Banner student information system, allows students to fill out a form specifying their preferred name and pronoun. The information appears on all paperwork seen by faculty, so petitioning professors individually, a process that gave students no choice but to out themselves, is a thing of the past.
    • via [personal profile] naraht: The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes
      My anecdotal evidence generally seems to support the idea that group sizes will usually plateau at a number lower than 150 participants. This comes from 20 years of doing facilitation both on and offline, running several software companies, and running various forums at America Online. In particular, many online communities provide good evidence for Dunbar's Number actually being an upper limit (either due to reduced efficiency or due to increased dispersion).
    • [site community profile] dw_news: Weekly Update: 30 Sept
      * Development
      * Code Push
      * More DW Creativity
      * RIP, Vox
      * DW Advocacy
      * Icon Renames
    • Dreamwidth Wiki: Advocacy

    • [staff profile] denise: DW artisans

    • via [personal profile] wordweaverlynn: Kink Aware Professionals

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    Sunday, August 8th, 2010 00:53
    sofiaviolet: I am cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. (responsible grown-up person)


    Ask Me Anything still open for questions.


    Ellie has painted the front room! It's light blue now, instead of salmon. I approve.

    Also, I'm sneezing myself to death. IDK why. *drowning in own snot*

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