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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 16:54
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I stayed home from work today with what is either a very intractable case of allergies or a hopefully-brief cold. Snotting all over the records is a bad idea (and handling the dusty old paper when I'm already running like a faucet at the nose just makes it worse). I'm beginning to think I may just be allergic to Tuesdays - I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago and had to leave early to avoid damage to the materials in my care. Benadryl manages to stop the sneezing for a couple of hours at a time, but not the continual drip of mucus or the general feeling of itchiness/irritation around my nose, throat, and sinuses.

On the bright side I've done a bunch of housework today - mainly laundry (general clothes, sheets, jeans, towels, and three batches of hand-wash lingerie and delicate miscellaneous - plus I'm going to power through all my dry-clean-only stuff once the towels are done), but also a small amount of picking-up/putting-away/throwing-out and some prep for a meal I plan to cook later.

But I broke my glittery plastic flip-flops. Alas, and I never even wore them outside, just up and down the basement stairs. At least they only cost me 25 cents at a yard sale.

I'm going to be in New Orleans from August 9 through August 19 for the Society of American Archivists annual meeting. I even finally got around to ordering business cards! I'm not looking forward to the weather - I'm sure it will be at Peak Ugh - but it'll be lovely to visit all my favorite restaurants etc.

Also, depending on when Ellie is moving out, I may wind up exempt from helping her move to Everett* via ZipVan due to professional conference. Unintended consequence, but I can't say I mind. She does, fortunately, have plenty of moving karma to cash in among friends in the Boston area, so my absence will be much less of a pain than it otherwise might've been.

*She has located an actual apartment and paid the deposit yay! Lease may or may not be signed yet but definitely will be before her next trip to China, moving to happen when she returns.

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Friday, August 26th, 2011 13:25
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I don't actually have the faintest idea how serious Hurricane Irene is going to be, but I haven't been able to work up all that much concern about it. I feel pretty confident Ellie and I won't starve or be flooded out or blown away. I am expecting the power to go out for at least an hour or two; we've had more power outages per year in JP than anywhere else.

On the other hand, we are taking semi-serious hurricane protections at work. A portion of the library basement has flooded before, as a result of prolonged rain of moderate heaviness (and a clogged storm drain somewhere nearby - mostly the storm drain). So we're doing what we can to stop it happening again.

Classes at Simmons start on the 1st but mine are actually spread out over more than a week. I suppose it's nice to ease into the new academic year?

I wouldn't say Doctor Who is my new fandom, exactly, because I'm not feeling an overwhelming desire to read fic. But I am enjoying it and I do plan to keep watching. Not only have I got the new episode marked on my mental calendar, I'm using Ellie's Netflix account to catch up on Nine and Ten, and I'm ahem-ing as much Old Who as I can get my hands on.

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Monday, August 15th, 2011 17:13
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Ellie and I braved Ikea on Saturday to get the last few things (we hope) that Dad needs to finish the kitchen. We were expecting everything to suck thanks to the tax holiday, but no! Finding a parking space took a while, but the showroom areas were navigable, the line for purchasing kitchens was short, and there was no line at the main checkout. Of course, then we waited an hour for them to pull our stuff and remember to bring it to us. :\

Anyway, having been to Ikea so recently, I lol'ed at the following: Derangement and Description: IKEAD

Now waiting none too patiently for Ellie to get home from work, in the hope there'll be groceries. (And if there are not groceries, there may be a screaming fit.)
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My parents have been here for the past two weeks, and then my internet connection spent a couple of days being pissy, and then I had other shit to do. But I'm back!


It was a good visit! We did many fun things, such as go to museums (Museum of Science with Ellie's kinda-sorta-girlfriend-I-think,* two three year olds, and the dad of the of the other three year old! MFA, wherein I learned exactly how intensely my dad does museums), elbow our way through the North End (I have been to concerts that were less crowded than those sidewalks, sheesh, also who the fuck drives in the North End are you fucking kidding me), etc.

* Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with that relationship thing, so I do not have a single-word term for it. It is very functional and they seem happy! It's also kind of hilarious (but possibly only to me, because of the sheer amount of TMI I have on Ellie's life and personal identity).

Thanks to a trip to Ikea and two carloads off to Goodwill, my room is in pretty good order! This is kind of miraculous. I still have too much stuff, but A) some kind of shift has occurred that unblocked my ability to get rid of things I don't need and B) I have improved my storage capabilities.

An important note: if you are planning to rearrange some furniture, and are drawing something out on paper, make sure your measurements are correct. We were off by two feet.

Grad School

I am not sure why advising needed to be an all-day process, but it was. There was assorted fuckery related to my being listed with the wrong concentration and assigned to the wrong advisor, but I did have the proper advising experience I was supposed to. Then there was the unrelated fuckery of not enough seats in classes, the end results of which are that I'm taking core library classes in a slightly different but still completely reasonable order than I'd originally thought, and I am still waiting to hear which history class I've been placed in (they needed volunteers to take Methods some time other than first semester, and one of the alternatives was a women's and gender history course, so I volunteered, but we're being manually registered and I haven't received an email about it yet).

There were two really bright spots in my day: I think I met a friend of a former schoolmate (one year ahead of me, so we weren't really friends), and one of the professors pinged my "you are from the internet" radar. Also there was ice cream and I got to go to work for a little while afterwards.


Boss is departing; she'll still be available to advise us but today was her last real workday. This makes me the second most senior employee in the archives. I am deeply unsettled by that.

I am processing a new collection... three new collections... six collections? There are three organizations who donated their records, so there will be three collections. There are six accessions right now, because sometimes they gave us stuff in multiple batches. Some stuff will need to be moved between accessions because it belongs to one of the other organizations. Sorting that out will be the easy part.

The third organization was created by the merger of the other two, which helps to explain the cross-pollination of materials and also makes it a little harder to deal with it. Furthermore, each of those orgs is the result of mergers and renamings of even older organizations, such that the final conglomerate can say it dates back to the 1800s. (The bulk of the collections is more modern, but there are items from the predecessor orgs and these are the oldest papers I have processed.) I am going to need a nice detailed organizational chart to make sure everything is housed where is belongs, is referenced where relevant, and is laid out sensibly and accurately in the finding aid. Fortunately for me, someone wrote a history of one of the orgs and all those materials are in the collection; a thank-you card to that person may be in order when I'm finally done.


(That's supposed to represent those oval bumper stickers that usually have two-letter country abbreviations. Someone makes such a sticker for Jamaica Plain. I keep threatening to buy one for Ellie, to upgrade her Subaru wagon [Level One JP Vehicle] that now has a carseat for a small child [Level 2 JP Vehicle; can also qualify with one of those fences to keep your dog in the back] to a Level 3 JP Vehicle.)

Boomerangs has been holding a massive sale to empty the store ahead of planned renovations. I've paid them a visit every day since Tuesday; retail therapy works for me and thrift stores reduce the financial burden and potential for guilt. (I mostly look for things with violets on them. It's kind of a theme.) I also finally made it to one of our local botanicas, which I have been meaning to do for over three years (ever since we were apartment-hunting and I saw it out of the realtor's car window); unfortunately I think I kind of interrupted the owner's lunch. The botanica has a shop cat, whom I briefly petted when I walked in; I spent the rest of my time there being insistently headbutted in the ankles. Secretly I was delighted, because I almost always love cats more than they love me.

I also keep returning to City Feed for lunch. It is very pleasant to eat a ham and cheese sandwich and watch people walking by.
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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth happening now. Expect everybody to be posting all the time. (Seriously, the amount of stuff on my reading page today was terrifying. If you want the actual firehose, the threeweeks feed on Latest Things aggregates posts tagged with several variations on the fest name.)


Got to see the US Archivist speak today but was barred from the reception afterwards due to being a student (supposedly because of the presence of alcohol, which is doubly hilarious to me because I am over 21 and still do not ever booze it up). Although his speech was good (and confirmed that government archives are not my first choice but would not be too soul-sucking), and I got to archives-squee at the guy I sat next to.

21 Days of Dreamwidth

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Questions meme

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Last blog entry for class, last paper for the same class, only paper for the other class, book reviews, responses for the New Orleans FONSFAQ (also still taking prompts), possibly some responses for other FONSFAQs, possibly a notable woman for She's Kind of a Big Deal, the thing I am making for MCR (yes, I am making them a thing).


Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 16:16
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Wound up at the Lucy Parsons Center earlier today (because they're having a sale in advance of their move to Jamaica Plain*) and walked out with a copy of Streets of Hope: The Fall and Rise of an Urban Neighborhood, which is about the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. Which is awesome because I'm about to start processing a collection that's pretty much all about the DSNI.

(In case you hadn't noticed, I am sometimes overinvested in my job.)

* Pretty sure I bought the "history of queer rock bands" mentioned in that article, too. HomoCore: The Loud and Raucous Rise of Queer Rock, which was prominently displayed in the front room.
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I am so close to the bottom of the Very Last Box left over from the move. (We moved into this apartment in August of 2008, for the record.)

I have a giant heap of clothes to try on but I think a lot of them will get weeded out (stuff I don't even like any more, or stuff that doesn't fit), and there's still a couple of layers of folded clothes lining the bottom of the box, but.

Now I need to go to bed, because I have to open at work tomorrow. (I have found a Thing that motivates me to be early to work. If I'm the first person there, I get to unlock the door and shut off the alarm. It makes me feel very special.)

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 09:26
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Much of this essay annoys me, but I want to reproduce this quote:
But, in the digital world, you get to decide exactly who to be, where to go, and how to behave. This can be problematic if you try to create an entirely new persona (it’s a dishonest and unsustainable representation of yourself), but when wielded skillfully, it can propel the real you to new heights. Rather than create a whole new you, create the best you. Choose the traits you like about yourself, and exemplify them online. Let the less attractive qualities fall by the wayside. Place yourself in a digital environment that will allow you to flourish.

When I focus on creating an improved digital version of me, I find those qualities actually start to carry over into my physical self.
This is actually something I did in my offline life, parallel to beginning and sustaining my online life. I've referred to the name 'Sofia Blackthorne' (which I use in any context where my legal name is not required and where explaining myself won't be absurd) as an aspirational identity, by which I mean: I had an idea of who my ideal Me was, and I continued to develop that ideal self, and I named it so I'd have easier access to it all.

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Now to get ready for my interview. It's going to be great but I am still super-nervous, of course.
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I have to say, the biggest hazard of my job may be literal death by a thousand paper cuts.

I'm at the point now where I don't stop working unless the cut is threatening to bleed on the materials (preservation and sanitation issues!). And I should really stop putting bandaids on even the bleeders, due to the positioning.

Basically, because I spend so much of my time plunging my hands into boxes of upright folders and papers, I get a lot of paper cuts near the bottom of my fingernails (I also get them on my knuckles with some regularity, and I have one that is very nearly under my fingernail right now, rendering my left pinky useless for typing due to ouch). Bandaids get in the way pretty badly. And I'm apparently incapable of applying them competently: I just took off the bandaid from earlier today, and there's a band of white, wrinkled skin because I wrapped my finger too tight.

And the sad thing is, that's not even the worst thing I've done when bandaging my fingertips. I once left an overly tight bandaid on over night, and the next morning my fingertip was slightly maroon on the end. :(


Monday, January 10th, 2011 21:48
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  • The Hathor Legacy: If audiences don’t want women as leads, why did Aliens succeed?
    Let’s compare and contrast a few female leads and see if we get a pattern. As I said above, we don’t have enough to consider this statistical, but we’re just looking for a starting point. Besides Aliens, I can think of one other female-led action movie that was successful enough to at least spawn a franchise: Underworld (Kate Beckinsale). And two female-led movies regarded as financial disappointments would be Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) and Catwoman (Halle Berry) – neither of which even made back their budgets on the gross revenues.
  • Tiger Beatdown: Why I Didn’t Delete Tiger Beatdown
    But here’s the thing. Here’s why I’m not deleting Tiger Beatdown: They only do it if you’re good. Seriously. They only do it if your work reaches people, and convinces people, and if they literally cannot frame an opposing argument that they think might have any chance of winning. They can’t beat you in an argument; that’s why they abuse you, that’s why they try to make you feel as worthless and self-loathing and incapable of self-defense as any other abused person, that’s why they abuse you till you can’t work or even think about anything but being abused, that’s why they try to make you believe that it won’t stop till you stop publishing or die. That’s why they make you want to stop publishing. Or make you want to die. Because after all of it, after all the “bitch” and “cunt” and “die” and “dyke” and “ugly” and “smoker” (???) and “I’monna rape ye, woman,” there is actually one threat scarier than ALL of that: The threat that you’re right, and you’re going to win. And that’s the threat that you pose.
  • The Pursuit of Harpyness: Signs and Wonders
    Unfortunately, after six months of Skype and e-mails, and spending quite a bit of money to visit him, I began to get the feeling that while things had improved somewhat over the past three years, they hadn’t improved enough. He says he wants to move back to New York soon…but, well, he told me the same thing three years ago. His shit is slightly more together, life-wise, but it turns out he’s not a whole hell of a lot more emotionally available. I kept extending myself, but he was doing a pretty crap job of meeting me halfway. He tends to be a brooder, and while dealing with his issues, likes to retreat into complete radio silence. Being met with a week or two of zero communication feels horrible when you’re in a long-distance relationship—especially when you notice that he updates his FB page, thus eliminating the possible explanation that he has died or is trapped under something heavy and can’t get to his computer.
  • Derangement and Description: This comic is brought to you by the letters E, A, and D

  • [personal profile] tim: Cause and Effect: Jared Loughner, Chinese Mothers, and Plausible Deniability
    The conspiracy of silence in which Chua participates, and which psychologist Alice Miller (for example, in her book For Your Own Good) has written about, involves perpetuating this myth: What adults do to you is for your own good. Be grateful for it, and suck it up, cupcake. It's a politically useful myth. Kids who internalize it turn into obedient workers (bosses naturally replace parents) and into supporters of authoritarian politicians. They also tend to turn into bullying parents themselves. And the cycle goes on. But people like Chua aren't helping break it. Read Chua's essay while asking: "What is it doing for her to treat her children in all of the ways she describes?" This is a question she never seems to ask herself. But it's a question that would decenter her perspective and show that claiming that coercion is "for your own good" is the act of psychological coercion that enables all others.
  • [personal profile] flourish: Mental illness & Jared Loughner
    Here is a summation of this: Schizophrenia may have been one of the factors leading to Jared Loughner's actions - I don't know - but it is not enough to say "well, he had schizophrenia," and shrug it off, as though there are no other factors. That's like saying of a rapist, "well, he's a man," and considering that the end of the discussion - no, actually, it's even worse. 99% of rapists are male. In comparison, only about 10% of people who commit homicide have schizophrenic disorders, or possibly less. And yet, if I were to make a statement like "Oh, well, he's a man - probably completely pumped with testosterone - that's all we need to know to explain why he's a rapist," people would (rightly) have my head on a pike. If I make a statement like "Well, she's schizophrenic - probably having delusions at the time - that's all we need to know to explain why she's a murderer," nobody gives a damn.
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    Thursday, December 16th, 2010 07:40
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    So that's three times now I've received spam with variations on "Big penis like a girl!" as the subject. Okay then.

  • Geek Feminism: “Why don’t you just hit him?”
    Warning: this post and links from it discuss both harassment and violence, imagined and real.

    Am I against hitting a harasser in all situations? No. Am I advocating against it in all situations? No.

    However, here’s a lengthy and incomplete list of reasons why victims may not be able or may choose not to hit a harasser and why it is definitely not a general solution for the problem of harassment. I even have a special buzzer on hand that will sound when the reasons are related to gender discrimination. Listen for it, it goes like this: BZZZT! Got it? BZZZT!
  • The Pervocracy: Beyond body acceptance.
    It's good to like your body, but you know, your body isn't the biggest deal about you. (Or rather, your beauty isn't the biggest deal, since few people insulting your body can be dissuaded by hearing how many pounds you can lift or how quickly you recover from injuries.) It's a heartbreaking waste to take a human being, a person rich in history and abilities and relationships and ideas, and judge them on how nice a decoration they make. Maybe that's inevitable when it comes to strangers, but you damn well know better when it comes to yourself. When you're judging your appearance, you're only judging one tiny part of your self.
  • [personal profile] glass_icarus: announcing: Potluck!
    Potluck is intended to be a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food. There are no real limits on theme; however, the focus of the carnival is on thoughts and experiences around food through various topics that you might see around the social justice blogosphere, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights and of course cultural and racial issues. We welcome you to share your recipes as well as your thoughts and experiences, but we ask that you do not submit posts with recipes only.
  • Anna J. Cook: Queen Everett
    Then I came to a small yellowed clipping that featured a photograph of the five young women nominated in 1971 ... and the young man, Everett Nau, who had been crowned the Winter Carnival Queen of 1970. The brief caption to the photograph read (in part)
    NAU GOOD LUCK GIRLS ... Everett Nau, last year's Winter Carnival Queen, bestows his best wishes upon this year's recently selected finalists (all girls if you'll notice). ... In this year's campaign, the judges ruled it mandatory that the contestants be of the female gender.
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    Transcriptions Thursday night to see Cameryn do a staged reading of some new material.

    Friday was Slutcracker with Ellie. We left the house late, and then there was epic traffic, and then there was nowhere to park in Davis Square. I whined a lot about how it would've been faster to take the T. Not true, actually (epic train failure), and I calmed down quite a bit once we found a parking place and squeezed in some dinner before the show, even if it was just Chipotle.

    Last night we went to the TNG munch at Diesel. Did not run out of social, hooray! And now I have some new friends on Fetlife. But we didn't get home until after 11, which was bad.

    Joan gave a short lesson on processing in the context of our institution and what we collect, and our increasing tendency to scan everything. Then there was pizza and chatter and office party.
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    I am eating brownie batter as I type this. Brownie batter that went 45+ minutes in the oven and still isn't actual brownies. IDEK.

    Whatever. Still delicious.

    Work is work. Document scanning is much nicer now that I am used to it and have a system to maximize my efficiency. (I am much faster than the scanner or Acrobat. It was getting on my nerves.)

    I've also been flyering to earn my ticket to The Slutcracker. Not that I have any idea when I'm going, or who with. If any locals want to go on a particular night and want to meet up, let me know.
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    So there was that thing where the Danger Days special editions were flawed and therefore delayed, so MCR gave people who'd ordered them coupon codes for $15? I used mine to buy two sets of Zone Badges. One of those sets is mine, all mine! But as for the others... uh, who wants one? :D

    Since I am talking about sending people things, I should probably mention $winterholiday cards again. Locked post with screened comments.

    This made my day: Derangement and Description: Hello Archives
    Over the next few months, he just would not stop talking about more Hello Kitty crap we could get for my office. Archivists, I know projection when I see it. And so some of us came in over the weekend to give Rob the workspace of his dreams.
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    First things first: wow was that presale a total clusterfuck. I was kind of shaking after.

    On the bright side, I did get tickets for 3 of the 5 shows I wanted: Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. (The D.C. presale sold out before I even made it over to that tab following the Ticketmaster/Live Nation failures. Better luck Saturday, especially since I've been appointed head of a ticket-buying cabal. And I was iffy on NJ but it looks like enough people are going that I can find a ride.)

    Now I shall sum up my vacation! Only about two weeks late, ooops. Halloween was Rocky Horror, and then I spent Monday and Tuesday morning catching up on the internet while Cory was at work. Starting on Wednesday, I called Ellen to pick me up for hanging out, thrift shopping, visiting Adam Kemp's studio/gallery, etc. We had dinner with Ellen and Greg on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to a lecture given by one of Greg's colleagues, then to a gallery opening where we met up with Ellen's friends Brian and Jerry, and then pizza.

    On the subject of Grand Forks: I'm considering an extended visit this summer. )

    work stuff )
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    I have finagled my inbox all the way down to four things in Priority Inbox (one of which is my flight info and one of which relates to the practice GRE I'm taking tomorrow), and eleven things in the regular inbox, none of which requires an actual reply (they're all emails containing coupon codes I stand a decent chance of using - I keep them in my inbox so they don't get lost, and so they can be easily deleted once they expire).

    Anyway, yeah. Practice GRE tomorrow (free, and it's been a while since I've taken a test like that). I should just register for the next convenient real GRE,* since it's not like I am going to study. And I went to an hour-long thingy about grad school, in which I had a lot of things I sort of knew confirmed, and had to suffer through a lot of stupid questions. Not sure it was entirely worth not getting paid for that hour, but eh.

    In other "did $thing like a motherfucking adult" news, I have successfully paid the internet bill (which we just didn't receive last month, wtf. Verizon has the absolute worst billing system in the world, I swear), and requested an absentee ballot (since, oops, out of town for the election).

    * Or maybe not, since it looks like I don't actually need it. IDK if I should take it anyway, though. So, uh, I turn to my dreamroll! For your information, I am seriously considering the Archives/History dual degree program at Simmons** but also seriously considering just the M.S. and going back for a history degree later. So y'all should give me advice on that, too.

    ** xkcd really nailed it.


    • Disabled Feminists: Let’s Bust Some Myths: Depressed People Are Always Sad or They’re Faking!
      Mix up a few details, and Blanchard’s story is a pretty common one. Whenever I talk to people who are currently living with long- or short-term depression, or have lived with it in the past, they tell me the same story: Friends thought they were faking because they managed to get out and have a good time. They laughed at a joke once and everyone decided they were “over” their “funk”. They didn’t act like stereotypes of depressed people, so they must not actually be depressed.
    • [community profile] britpop

    • Browse Dreamwidth styles by color group and color characteristics.

    • And there was going to be a link to a really cute picture I found while doing my actual job today, but it's on the test server, which A) I don't remember its IP address and therefore can't get to it from here and B) I probably shouldn't be linking the test server around anyway. But old photos of serious-looking small children, woo.

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    Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 23:10
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    Went to a wedding on Saturday (it was lovely), then to the afterparty (where I spent a long time explaining my research to my brand new friend Jeremy). Groceries Sunday; Ellie wanted to try a new grocery store that's closer than our usual, but it's a bit more expensive, missing various items we use regularly, and really annoying to shop at. Monday evening, after Ellie got back from buying several hundred pounds of lumber in New Hampshire, we went to the mall. Ellie got a coat and a shirt, but not the pants she was actually looking for. I got a dress for my Halloween costume and pants for future MCR concerts - both on clearance, woooo! (And in online shopping news, I bought a Turkish spindle and a colorful batt called Show Pony.)

    In schmoopy relationship news, Cory and I are apparently taking a short trip to Minneapolis (I predict some squabbling over road trip music; we have very different philosophies about music in general). Also, you can see my increased comfort in this relationship by the contents of my suitcase: last time, I packed dresses and shoes and makeup. This time I am packing, uh idk, some clothes? and also some fiber. And a surprise! (because I feel like that would be a nice thing to do), so help me think up TSA-approved surprises? Also also: he knows this journal exists and he knows exactly where it is and I make mostly public posts - and yet he refuses to read it. IDGI.


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    I can haz purple hair! No pictures yet because I am lazy, but it does not suck. (The purple streak does fade rather quickly to nearly black as you move away from my scalp, but given how many times it had been dyed before these shenanigans, I can't say I'm surprised.)

    Have been approved to take another week off work, sometime between mid October and Thanksgiving (has to be before Thanksgiving because $winterholiday retail season is likely to constrain the amount of time C. has for me). Now to find a suitably cheap plane ticket. On the one hand, yay I get to see my boyfriend again! On the other... and then I won't see him until some time in 2011.


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    Friday, September 3rd, 2010 22:52
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    I've been following the latest LJwtf and going to work, pretty much. Managed to wear a skirt today, and I think every single person I work with complimented it.

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    Get rained on and blown about. Hope the power stays on long enough to to chat with C. for a good long while. Drive up to NH with Ellie and [livejournal.com profile] shadesong for the art retreat, and catch the bus back. Drag Ellie to see Scott Pilgrim, get groceries, and pick up the hair stuff I forgot last week. Make attempt number 4 at purple hair: bleach a thick streak and purple it, then update the rest to black.

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