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Friday, April 8th, 2011 20:50
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Oof. Spend 30-ish hours finishing a paper and being at work, and you wind up with 50 open tabs after you skip 120 entries back. (Back when I was primarily reading on LJ, I would have had to skip farther back but I wouldn't have needed to open as many tabs.)


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  • [personal profile] melannen: Love & Marriage
    One thing I love in a good SF story is ways of doing love, marriage, and romance that don't buy in to our society's idea of love+romance+sex+monogamy all on one single person as the only way to do it.
  • [staff profile] denise: (no subject)
    I've seen people wondering why imports are taking so @)#$(*& long. This might help shed some light:
  • [personal profile] synecdochic: LiveJournal's DDoS and Russian Politics
    So, people who grumble about "the Russians" taking over LJ should remember that in Russia, LiveJournal isn't just the top blogging platform, it's the blogging platform. It is Russia's free press. It is the tool being used to fight corruption and advance the cause of democracy. And, more practically to LJ users, the Russian-speaking sector of LJ is the reason LJ is still there at all.
  • [personal profile] helens78: Vote Ticky!
    I am in favor of tickys because tickys are a form of communication. They can help engender community and relationships in a way that can enhance comments rather than replacing them or taking away from them. When someone isn't commenting, it's impossible to know if it's because they're lost for words, aren't on a platform suitable for lengthy comments (how many users read the site from smartphones now?), don't have a lot of spoons, have to conserve typing time... or aren't reading and don't care. Seeing people's names crop up repeatedly in tickys helps us discover who out there is giving us their time and attention, and can be a greatly-appreciated form of support, even or especially in times when hearing many individual comments -- and feeling obliged to respond to each of them -- can feel overwhelming.
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  • neatening up

    Sunday, March 20th, 2011 20:48
    sofiaviolet: MS Paint person sadfacing while holding broom, with text: "clean *all* the things?" (clean all the things?)
    Spent a decent chunk of time this weekend cleaning my room and getting rid of (or at least prepping to get rid of) stuff. Of course, I also went to Good Vibes after work on Friday and bought new toys, and South Bay yesterday... Heh. Yes.

    My biggest mess is probably my clothes. For one thing, I don't put out-of-season clothes into storage; it's all in my closet all the time. I've also been the same size since at least my junior year of high school, which was six years ago. My wardrobe looks like identical triplets with very different tastes. Et cetera.

    The cleaning is partly to have a clean room yay, partly so there is floor to unfold the futon onto whenever I next have houseguests of any sort, and partly so there is space for furniture rearranging.

    I think that, on Tuesday (my one totally empty weekday), I will go around to various thrift stores and look for kickass vintage suitcases, since I've decided that's how I want to store all my *ahem* toys when I'm not actually using them. (If I strike out, I will buy one from teh internets, but I would like to avoid shipping charges.)

  • Bleeding Cool: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Being Adapted To Crime-Of-The-Week Mystery TV Series
    Prime Focus Productions, the people behind the upcoming Good Omens TV series and the three existing Discworld miniseries, have commenced development on a new, ongoing show. This one will revolved around the City Watch police force of Terry Pratchett‘s vibrant fantasy city, Ankh-Morpork. It’s an amazing location, as vividly described in the fantasist-satirist’s series of 38-going-on-39 Discworld novels.
  • [personal profile] trouble: Disability History Wiki to share with your friends!
    This multimedia website profiles the experiences of some of the key leaders in the developmental disabilities movement from 1845 through the present through historical trends and public and professional perceptions. This includes the evolving context of acceptance of and services available to persons with disabilities, the features of effective leadership, and the different styles of leadership required for sustainable change.
  • [livejournal.com profile] wiresandlights: comm for the union-related link roundups that [personal profile] lireavue and [personal profile] kittydesade have previously been posting to their personal journals

  • sofiaviolet: Hello Kitty wearing a pink bow (Hello Kitty)


  • [personal profile] charmian: more notifications problems at LJ?
    Currently there's a notifications problem at LJ, which apparently has something to do with a third party [EDIT: possibly Spamhaus]. People are getting fairly upset about it in the comments of the news post (well, also because of the banner color scheme).

    Also, LJ is currently blacklisted with Spamhaus.
  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: Spamhaus and LJ
    LJ has been listed by Spamhaus, which has likely got a decent amount to do with the notifications some people aren't getting. I propose a plan of action for users to help the Abuse Prevention Team squish as many spammerbots as humanly possible.

  • Follow Friday

  • [personal profile] lireavue has been posting good links and personal accounts of the Wisconsin protests.
  • [personal profile] laughingrat posts about library and social justice issues.
  • [community profile] helpfordelight is an auction comm to assist [personal profile] delight with moving out of an unsafe housing situation and paying for her mother's cancer treatment.
  • [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is ramping up for another round, beginning on April 25th. Planning of activities is currently in progress.
  • [community profile] unclutter is devoted to getting rid of one thing per day and one thing per new thing. (Kind of high traffic, but a really great way to clean sustainably.)
  • [site community profile] dw_meetups is usually pretty quiet, but if you are interested in hanging out with other Dreamwidth users, you should subscribe in case someone plans a meetup in your area (and/or plan a meetup yourself!).

  • Boston meetup

    Boston Meetup: tentatively scheduled for 3/17


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    sofiaviolet: Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence (lyn-z)
    Music seminar went to the MFA yesterday; they have a lovely instrument collection. By special arrangement, we were able to hear several pieces by Couperin, Bach, and Mozart played on keyboard instruments: a very complicated harpsichord with two keyboards and three sets of strings, a clavichord, and a piano from 1796. So cool omg.

    three links )
    sofiaviolet: a classic tale of love, part-time jobs and public transport (this is in fact my life)
    It is really cold in Boston today. And the entire MBTA died. (Well, the bus system seemed to be in good working order. It got me to campus, at any rate.)

    I've mostly been going to class, decluttering, and being ill. Sinus infection. Which would have been fine if I had been sick and then got over it, but noooo. At least at this point I can breathe through my nose again.

    Here are some links that are kind of old, since I fell off the face of the earth between compiling them and updating my freaking journal )

    And finally, the subject line... when Ellie and I were getting groceries on Saturday, I decided I would bring my lunch two days this week (Monday, when I have a break between classes, and Wednesday, when I have a break between work and class), and I decided I would bring ham and cheese sandwiches and salad. So we got bread and ham and I insisted (correctly) that we still had an unopened, unexpired package of Swiss cheese at home.

    We were so desperately hungry when we got home that we tore into the lunch supplies. But there was still ham and cheese enough to make one more sandwich, which I could then eat on Monday, after which I would take myself to the store and replenish the supplies.

    But she ate my sandwich! :( I slept really late yesterday, and when I woke up, she had forgotten that the whole reason we had the ham and bread in the first place was so I could have lunches, and she had eaten my sandwich.

    So I'm so hungry my stomach is trying to digest itself and there's still ten minutes before the fast food joints in the student center open for lunch.


    Saturday, January 15th, 2011 12:03
    sofiaviolet: pocket watches (pocket watches)
  • [personal profile] ursamajor: United Airlines, I don't even *know*.
    10. In Hyoun's words, because I was over at the Customer Service desk asking what the next steps were:
    When I asked the desk agent what his name was and whether I could confirm that he had no information about holding the flight open for us and 4 other customers headed to Knoxville, he refused to identify himself and said "you don't need to know that". He then proceeded to shove me backwards and yelled "Fuck you" at me. (Check the camera pointed at Gate A6 at Dulles around 10 PM on 1/7 to watch this exchange.)
  • [personal profile] tiferet: My thoughts on Sarah Palin's responsibility for the Giffords shooting.
    I am not a politician. It is not actually MY JOB to get people to do things for me. If I know better than to ask for things on the internet that I don't actually want, if I know that I'm responsible for what happens when I ask for things on the internet, I don't think I am wrong to look at someone like Sarah Palin, who can get thousands of dollars from people she will never meet and was a vice-presidential candidate, and say, "Yes, you too are responsible for what happens when you ask for stuff on the internet."
  • [personal profile] tim: But I Really Didn't Mean It
    Get it? When you say, "You shouldn't be angry with me about that, because I didn't mean any harm," you are demanding that someone else do your emotional labor because you're too privileged to have to do so. And that is generally worse than the original thing you said, because while the original thing may have been unthinking, the response is a not-so-thinly veiled attempt to leverage one's superior political position. That, my friends, is busted. And is it what you really intend to say?
  • [personal profile] ajnabieh: Linkspam, Tunisia Edition

  • [personal profile] littlebutfierce: hourou musuko
    Last night we watched the first ep of Hourou Musuko, & people, it is wonderful. It's about trans kids in junior high, & I have been reliably informed that the manga isn't faily at all (isn't it nice to be able to watch things w/o holding your breath waiting for it?).
  • links

    Monday, January 10th, 2011 21:48
    sofiaviolet: a pair of sexy red heels on a hardwood floor (red shoes)
  • The Hathor Legacy: If audiences don’t want women as leads, why did Aliens succeed?
    Let’s compare and contrast a few female leads and see if we get a pattern. As I said above, we don’t have enough to consider this statistical, but we’re just looking for a starting point. Besides Aliens, I can think of one other female-led action movie that was successful enough to at least spawn a franchise: Underworld (Kate Beckinsale). And two female-led movies regarded as financial disappointments would be Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) and Catwoman (Halle Berry) – neither of which even made back their budgets on the gross revenues.
  • Tiger Beatdown: Why I Didn’t Delete Tiger Beatdown
    But here’s the thing. Here’s why I’m not deleting Tiger Beatdown: They only do it if you’re good. Seriously. They only do it if your work reaches people, and convinces people, and if they literally cannot frame an opposing argument that they think might have any chance of winning. They can’t beat you in an argument; that’s why they abuse you, that’s why they try to make you feel as worthless and self-loathing and incapable of self-defense as any other abused person, that’s why they abuse you till you can’t work or even think about anything but being abused, that’s why they try to make you believe that it won’t stop till you stop publishing or die. That’s why they make you want to stop publishing. Or make you want to die. Because after all of it, after all the “bitch” and “cunt” and “die” and “dyke” and “ugly” and “smoker” (???) and “I’monna rape ye, woman,” there is actually one threat scarier than ALL of that: The threat that you’re right, and you’re going to win. And that’s the threat that you pose.
  • The Pursuit of Harpyness: Signs and Wonders
    Unfortunately, after six months of Skype and e-mails, and spending quite a bit of money to visit him, I began to get the feeling that while things had improved somewhat over the past three years, they hadn’t improved enough. He says he wants to move back to New York soon…but, well, he told me the same thing three years ago. His shit is slightly more together, life-wise, but it turns out he’s not a whole hell of a lot more emotionally available. I kept extending myself, but he was doing a pretty crap job of meeting me halfway. He tends to be a brooder, and while dealing with his issues, likes to retreat into complete radio silence. Being met with a week or two of zero communication feels horrible when you’re in a long-distance relationship—especially when you notice that he updates his FB page, thus eliminating the possible explanation that he has died or is trapped under something heavy and can’t get to his computer.
  • Derangement and Description: This comic is brought to you by the letters E, A, and D

  • [personal profile] tim: Cause and Effect: Jared Loughner, Chinese Mothers, and Plausible Deniability
    The conspiracy of silence in which Chua participates, and which psychologist Alice Miller (for example, in her book For Your Own Good) has written about, involves perpetuating this myth: What adults do to you is for your own good. Be grateful for it, and suck it up, cupcake. It's a politically useful myth. Kids who internalize it turn into obedient workers (bosses naturally replace parents) and into supporters of authoritarian politicians. They also tend to turn into bullying parents themselves. And the cycle goes on. But people like Chua aren't helping break it. Read Chua's essay while asking: "What is it doing for her to treat her children in all of the ways she describes?" This is a question she never seems to ask herself. But it's a question that would decenter her perspective and show that claiming that coercion is "for your own good" is the act of psychological coercion that enables all others.
  • [personal profile] flourish: Mental illness & Jared Loughner
    Here is a summation of this: Schizophrenia may have been one of the factors leading to Jared Loughner's actions - I don't know - but it is not enough to say "well, he had schizophrenia," and shrug it off, as though there are no other factors. That's like saying of a rapist, "well, he's a man," and considering that the end of the discussion - no, actually, it's even worse. 99% of rapists are male. In comparison, only about 10% of people who commit homicide have schizophrenic disorders, or possibly less. And yet, if I were to make a statement like "Oh, well, he's a man - probably completely pumped with testosterone - that's all we need to know to explain why he's a rapist," people would (rightly) have my head on a pike. If I make a statement like "Well, she's schizophrenic - probably having delusions at the time - that's all we need to know to explain why she's a murderer," nobody gives a damn.
  • sofiaviolet: I am cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. (responsible grown-up person)


    I have finagled my inbox all the way down to four things in Priority Inbox (one of which is my flight info and one of which relates to the practice GRE I'm taking tomorrow), and eleven things in the regular inbox, none of which requires an actual reply (they're all emails containing coupon codes I stand a decent chance of using - I keep them in my inbox so they don't get lost, and so they can be easily deleted once they expire).

    Anyway, yeah. Practice GRE tomorrow (free, and it's been a while since I've taken a test like that). I should just register for the next convenient real GRE,* since it's not like I am going to study. And I went to an hour-long thingy about grad school, in which I had a lot of things I sort of knew confirmed, and had to suffer through a lot of stupid questions. Not sure it was entirely worth not getting paid for that hour, but eh.

    In other "did $thing like a motherfucking adult" news, I have successfully paid the internet bill (which we just didn't receive last month, wtf. Verizon has the absolute worst billing system in the world, I swear), and requested an absentee ballot (since, oops, out of town for the election).

    * Or maybe not, since it looks like I don't actually need it. IDK if I should take it anyway, though. So, uh, I turn to my dreamroll! For your information, I am seriously considering the Archives/History dual degree program at Simmons** but also seriously considering just the M.S. and going back for a history degree later. So y'all should give me advice on that, too.

    ** xkcd really nailed it.


    • Disabled Feminists: Let’s Bust Some Myths: Depressed People Are Always Sad or They’re Faking!
      Mix up a few details, and Blanchard’s story is a pretty common one. Whenever I talk to people who are currently living with long- or short-term depression, or have lived with it in the past, they tell me the same story: Friends thought they were faking because they managed to get out and have a good time. They laughed at a joke once and everyone decided they were “over” their “funk”. They didn’t act like stereotypes of depressed people, so they must not actually be depressed.
    • [community profile] britpop

    • Browse Dreamwidth styles by color group and color characteristics.

    • And there was going to be a link to a really cute picture I found while doing my actual job today, but it's on the test server, which A) I don't remember its IP address and therefore can't get to it from here and B) I probably shouldn't be linking the test server around anyway. But old photos of serious-looking small children, woo.

    (no subject)

    Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 23:20
    sofiaviolet: a pair of sexy red heels on a hardwood floor (red shoes)
    Daily Song (right-click): Escape the Fate - Cellar Door
    This may have to go on certain of my writing playlists. (Not playlists I listen to while I write, mind you. More like fanmixes I make for myself.)

    Academichic: Dress Your Best Week
    I'd like to participate in that, but IDK whether I'll have the spoons.* I could try picking out my clothes ahead of time and writing the entry in advance, I guess. I've been meaning to assemble fabulous outfits more often (inspired partly by one of my coworkers and partly by the underutilized parts of my closet), but, ugh, effort. This kind of thing is usually the first to get pushed aside.

    When it comes to picking out clothes in advance, there's also the problem of Boston's highly fickle weather. I can't just glance at a forecast and create five outfits for a work-and/or-class-week! I have to have backup outfits: what if it rains, what it it's suddenly and briefly hot or cold, etc?

    * I'm still trying to figure out the extent to which I'm comfortable with conceptualizing my depression as a disability. I often feel like I am too functional to really count. :\

    dreamwidth linkery )

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    Monday, June 15th, 2009 19:33
    sofiaviolet: drawing of three violets and three leaves (Default)
    [personal profile] azurelunatic has a good summary of the coverage of the situation in Iran, if you want to get informed and/or involved.

    [personal profile] sinsense: Thing-Thing, written for Bandom Big Bang.

    You guys, why wasn't my high school experience like that, except with lesbians? (And maybe a little less awkwardness.)

    [livejournal.com profile] snakevsladder: play and record, held down together, also written for BBB.

    My high school experience was never about getting drunk at parties or waiting for the bus, but that stuff all feels familiar and comforting and it makes a good backdrop for the Pete/Mikey and everything.

    My boss and I were bitching about coding today and now she knows I have an account here. Hopefully she doesn't find it, doesn't care, or is, IDK, secretly in bandom or something. All my posts about work are locked anyway.

    I am still all sunburned from Pride. Sunblock fail, whoopsies. I would be so much less annoyed if I could just peel and go back to being all pale, but I'm going to be kind of tan for a while.

    Oh dear.

    Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 20:42
    sofiaviolet: drawing of three violets and three leaves (Default)
    I bought 30 blank CDs to give my mom some new music, and I have used. Them. All. And I still have stuff I need to burn. *facepalm*

    I'm doing well with my writing, at least. And we've been having some good family times, even though Dad has had a fair bit of work. I have a new pair of glasses, and I got new lenses in my old frames.

    I think we're going to Rock n Bowl tonight. :D

    Links built up over the past few days...

    From my friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances:

    [personal profile] fleurdeliser knows we need to keep fighting. The post is also available on LJ.
    [livejournal.com profile] thelemic has a few things to say about who he is.
    Is your child someone you raise, or something you own?
    Gender and graduation.

    From the wider web:

    A living testament to Dr. Tiller's legacy and the people who continue to provide abortion services.
    Domestic terrorism - hate speech and hate crimes.
    Pink sheep of the family. I'd like to thank my parents for accepting me and my sister - especially Ellie.
    One of the many reasons I'm grateful for my excellent experiences in my major-specific writing courses - I had to do this type of research for one such course, and chose to for the other.
    On rape, fear, and "helpful advice."

    Fic recs:

    [personal profile] shoemaster: Rising With the Heat, Frank/Gerard superhero porn. Also available on LJ.
    [personal profile] tuesdaysgone: Purgatorio, Frank/Gerard, written for Bandom Big Bang. "While on leave from the police force, Detective Frank Iero occupies himself with three things: drinking, brawling, and being alone. But when a series of brutal murders calls him back to active duty, he must find a killer while confronting people from his past, including estranged best friend turned businessman Mikey Way, and deal with his unwilling attraction to Mikey's enigmatic older brother Gerard."
    [livejournal.com profile] jjtaylor: Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency, written for Bandom Big Bang. "Pete, in Decaydance Mansion, with a yarrow stake. Frank and Gerard, in the greenhouse, with a plant of questionable origin. Bob, everywhere you look, with a gang of assassins for justice. Vampires, valets, pamphlets, haunted furniture, dub-thrall, disembodied voices, zombie couriers, and sinister rituals."

    Also, [syndicated profile] bandombigbang_feed to keep up with BBB posting if you're reading primarily on Dreamwidth.

    Also also, does anyone have a good Trans 101 to recommend? Like, really entry-level stuff, defining terms, etc.

    (no subject)

    Friday, June 5th, 2009 17:03
    sofiaviolet: "I shall not live in vain." -Emily Dickinson (Emily Dickinson)
    Today I sprayed myself in the face trying to peel boiled crawfish. /o\ They were tasty, though.

    I also bought some beads and some blank CDs. BRB, burninatin' musics for Mom.

    On the whole, it's been a good few days of shopping. I got a couple of cheap blazers and some tops to wear to work, and some other clothes. Ellie got a pair of Docs, since her other pair is in pretty bad condition.

    Your daily linkspam:

    [livejournal.com profile] takebackscifi is getting off the ground. Addressing portrayals of rape in science fiction and fantasy.

    [livejournal.com profile] wook77 has contact info for advertisers on KRXQ, whose "shock jocks" advocated violence against gender-variant kids. Let's send some emails, folks! Several advertisers have already pulled out due to public outcry.

    Six bills in New York related to sex workers and victims of trafficking.
    sofiaviolet: "not one of all the purple host" -Emily Dickinson (purple host)
    That's apparently what I do when I take my meds regularly.

    First project may never be posted, although I am writing it out as an LJ post. I feel like I don't have anything fresh to say about big picture issues relating to Racefail 09 (I have been following it via [livejournal.com profile] metafandom), so I'm trying to analyze things I can do. And since I have seen a number of entries about what people can do in their real lives, I decided to focus on how I am going to try and fail less at tackling issues of race in my writing.

    But as that is long, self-indulgent, and still unfinished, I may never actually post it - so don't hold your breath or anything. But do go and read some other people's posts.

    Second project is a personal undertaking, though it was sparked by the fact that I'm currently sitting in the NUBiLaGA resource room. I thought I'd make up a little list of all the LGBTQ&c collections we have in the archives, and distribute it to NUBiLaGA members for their edification. I figure it's a little better than just pointing them straight at the archives website, and all the links will go directly to the appropriate finding aids.


    Sorry about not posting a picture of my awesome outfit from yesterday. I came home and took a nap instead. Maybe you will get pictures of the articles of clothing, without me in them.
    sofiaviolet: drawing of three violets and three leaves (Default)

    8233 / 50000 words. 16% done!

    So fucking tired. Cannot stay up any later, not even to refresh election results.

    Yes, I voted.
    sofiaviolet: drawing of three violets and three leaves (Default)

    Yeah, didn’t get much writing done on Friday. Or today, for that matter, although there are still some hours left during which I might accomplish something. Although chances are it’ll be something to do with mysql. (I’m hoping to keep the amount of Dad-pestering to a minimum. Yes, he knows a lot about sql. No, he does not have endless time to teach me.)

    There’s a post about race bouncing around inside my head. I ought to get it out. The people I see every day, who I’ll sit next to on the T if given half a chance, the subconscious assumptions I make.

    synecdochic wants your thoughts on a hypothetical new journaling service and elsejournal could be interesting. In the meantime, all content will originate here and get crossposted to LJ and IJ.

    Originally published at The Love Letter Sessions. You can comment here or there.

    sofiaviolet: 7-day candles (candles)

    It’s Blog For Choice day. It sneaks up on me every year; I don’t know about it until someone else on my friendslist posts about it. I would love to have something intelligent to say, but I feel like I have nothing new to add.

    I will, however, link you to jezrana’s post. Her experience is very different from mine (my Catholic school was firmly in the “Jesus loves you, let’s watch some animated Bible stories” camp, and I transferred for seventh grade anyway), but I agree with her that in an ideal world, abortion would be (mostly, at least) unnecessary - birth control would be fully accessible and everyone would understand it, and rape wouldn’t exist.But we don’t live in the best of all possible worlds, not by a long shot. So.

    And looneyluna says: “Reproductive rights are about you.”

    This whole post is great, but my favorite part is number 9. I haven’t debated abortion since the issue of penalties for women who have abortions came to my attention, but I’m just waiting for the chance. (Although, seriously, I try to stay out of shit like that. I get angry enough that I start to black out; if I ever get past that - well, I’ve never thrown a punch in my life, but no time like the present…)


    I’m considering getting involved with the Papercut Zine Library, seeing as they’re looking for volunteers.


    I love my Language and Gender class, I really do. I am probably one of the people with the best background in the gender issues we’re discussing this week (establishing some sort of common knowledge about that stuff before we actually delve into linguistics); all of the readings were nothing new to me.

    Also, I got full marks on a paper by referencing: certain of my internet friends, gender-neutral pronouns, riot grrl, bandom, the recent debate about the term “female space,” Coffeetablegate, and the surrounding discussion of our tendency to forgive our boys for a heck of a lot that we would hold anyone else accountable for. In more or less that order.

    In short, I am ridiculous.

    Originally published at The Love Letter Sessions. You can comment here or there.

    sofiaviolet: pocket watches (steampunk)
    How Much Jail Time?

    When I think about abortion, I think of its social causes and effects, about why individual women have or don't have abortions, about what I would do if I became pregnant or if abortion were to be criminalized. I've never actually given much thought to the legal ramifications of criminalizing abortion (jail time? fines? for doctors? for women?).

    Neither, apparently, have the people on the anti-abortion side of things.

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