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Saturday, January 26th, 2013 07:23
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So now I have a character living in my head who likes to write his twisted, give-you-nightmares novels with a glass of liquor beside him and the equivalent of a Lisa Frank notebook in front of him. (His best friend/roommate/other half buys all his notebooks. The first ultra-girly notebook was an accident, but now it's Jack's real preference to have ballerina bunnies and shit wrapped around his words.)
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Lissa Valery (older than she looks, sacred knight of her adopted hometown)
"It is true, I was born in the hills far to the west of this city. But I was a sickly child, afflicted with the curse that sometimes befalls my people. I had been born away from my true home and would wander the earth until I found it, or wither to nothingness. This city of Auriel is my homeland. I am not a citizen born, nor even yet sworn, but I am Paladin and this place is written on my bones."

Ruth Behrman (teenage assassin, very angry that her parents are dead)
When his blood stopped flowing, Ruth wiped the knife off in his matted blond hair and tucked in back into the sheath strapped to her thigh. Then she took out a sack of salt and a bottle of kerosene from her bag, and set about reducing the last of her vendetta to ash.

Julia Sgraffa (apparently unkillable, but otherwise pretty ordinary)
"I. Uh. I definitely went splat. It was awful. I don't think human beings are supposed to feel that level of organs going squish, I think we're supposed to die before it registers."
"And yet, you're looking remarkably well. Completely uninjured."
"Yeah. I know. I got up, lost my lunch because, seriously, awful - and anyway, the short version is that I apparently don't stay splatted any more. I hereby volunteer as self-replenishing cannon fodder, if required."

(Lissa is the divinely appointed protector of the city! Ruth's parents belonged to the order of assassins who do the dirty work that people like Lissa aren't supposed to do! Julia was just Lissa's best friend and guide to Life In Auriel, and now she's all special! Together, they fight crime!)

(I have another thing in progress, too, but no one has final names yet and everything is just porn so far.)

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 23:01
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Daily Song (right-click): Jack Off Jill - When I Am Queen
One of the first songs I put on the Gwyneira playlist (Gwyneira being one of my characters - she lives in the foreground of my brainchatter and likes to accompany me when I go shopping. She also has the dubious distinction of having been resurrected from suicide by the professor in charge of her floor at Argent University. Number of people who know she was actually dead: 3. Number of people who were in the room when she came back: 3. Number of people who live with her who know this stuff: 0.)

Link roundup will be delayed. I am writing the essay for my honors seminar, the one on mental illness in popular culture, and it is prodding at the epic 'meh, fuck it, idunwanna' that characterizes my depression. Meaning the essay is going so slowly omfg. (Current plan: write essay until I can no longer think. Set alarm and go to sleep. Finish essay tomorrow. Go to campus, print essay and hand off to professor. Come home and email essay to classmates, as they requested in class.)

I can also post the paper, or excerpts, if any of you would like to read about the differences in portrayal of mental illness between The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath's journals, and a biography called Rough Magic.
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I have a small patch of dead pixels in the lower lefthand corner of my screen. :( Fortunately, it's in the middle of the Dock, near the Safari icon, so it's not like it really affects my computer usage.

But still. :(

Went shopping yesterday, because it was in the 40s and I was tired of being inside. I now own purple jeans, you guys. IDEK. Also, hot pink and black striped tights which claim to contain cashmere. Also also I almost bought these shoes in black, but I couldn't make up my mind, and I have another pair coming in the mail anyway. Maybe I will go back and get those shoes if the ones I ordered don't fit.

I also bought a pink umbrella with white polka dots (H&M always has cute ones, and they get squished to death in my bag on a fairly regular basis). And Georgina Westbrook has moved on from demanding that I buy her jewelry. Now I also have to buy her nice underwear. She was annoyed that there wasn't a matching bra. Fictional characters. /o\

Accidentally stayed on the train when they expressed it from Jackson Square to Forest Hills. Oops. I do that occasionally. Followed a girl out the Washington St. exit and walked home from there - it's not that far.

Stopped by the bakery. I asked for 6 French rolls. They had 5. At 9:30.

Bakery. >:[

Wonderful lecture today on ancient Egyptian religion - so of course I had a worldbuilding brainwave. This is going to be fun, for several disparate values of "fun."

Hm. Think I might take a nap.
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Just FYI. I'm much better at naming streets and characters (although omfg, my mad character-naming skillz seem to have deserted me!!! I used to write new characters just because I came up with cool names! Now I cannot even give preexisting characters cool names. D:)

I have 9725 words written. \o/
Since February 3rd, with three days whose combined word count was zero. \o/\o/\o/

My mom thinks I don't update my lj enough. /o\

the story that's eating my brain: cut because most of you don't care )

And now I sleep. Mmm sleep.

ETA: Fuck sleep, I'll sleep when I'm dead. Mom, click this link omfg. I weep bitter tears of this probably not working out for me, but maybe it will for you??

Ahaha, maybe our shared musical tastes have rubbed off on your students and you will run into a couple of them. You would get so many cool points for that.


Sunday, February 10th, 2008 23:32
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I am now almost 6000 words into this story. It's still flowing relatively easily, it's still all in the right order, and there's still quite a bit more to come.

I would do a victory dance, but I'm too tired. Night all.
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I ♥ my linguistics class because my professor lets me blab about my internet-acquired lexical items in our weekly papers. Also, the discussions are pretty intelligent and I haven't wanted to bitchslap anyone yet!


I wrote four pages today! Less than I'd hoped, but it's something. It's going to need a serious rewrite because my characterization is wonky (by which I mean inconsistent, and I'm not sure which way to go), but I can keep the plot going, so I'm absolutely not going to stop and edit. Editing before I finish is my tragic flaw. Or something.

Miscellaneous: West Village H is apparently part of the Reddington Institute of Art. WTF, brain?

stories I eventually want to get around to writing, recorded here for posterity )
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17. I don't care how much of a literary trope it is, killing Molly Westbrook is not an appropriate way to torment her brother.

18. Naming a subway station Sunday Hill probably means there's a hill in the area. Incorporating topography into the Big Damn Map = *headdesk*

19. I will decide whether a character is a sociopath before I start writing about him.
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So the writing continues at a furious pace. I wrote 3000 words on my computer today, plus fuck knows how many in my journal (about four 8 1/2 x 11 pages, in teeny tiny print).

Expect small storybits to be posted soonish.

things that will have a negative impact on storybit posting
* 10-15 page paper this weekend
* Italian final
* final project and mini-papers for "food class"
* potentially my creative writing portfolio, I don't know how much revision my professor's going to demand
* take-home final for gender&society

things that will actually have a positive impact on storybit posting
* all of the above actually isn't that much and most of it will be done within the next week
* working exam week (there's a rush at the beginning of each shift with people coming in to take their exams, and then it's dead for the next four hours)

Also, when I attempted NaNo in 2004, I created a number of characters who were later abandoned. One of them was a drummer named Patrick. I don't remember a thing about him; I just made him up so another character would have someone to crush on. I'm going to bring him back, both because it amuses me and because I do actually need at least one more character who can play.
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No progress on Warped Omens since yesterday - I'm not turning that in for class so it's on the back burner until Tuesday. Sorry, guys.


“You’re older than Piper. Still younger than I’d hoped, though.”

Al: less freaked out about being five years older than Sam than he ought to be (also, world's cuddliest gangster)
Sam: amused and flattered (also, thinks Al looks cute in his friends' bands' merch)

Word count: 2961
Pages: 11/~15
Plot: Next up: Nicolas throws a party, Sam's parents are Not Pleased, and some kind of resolution.
Chances I'll beat the supposed minimum of 15 pages: 92.6%


Also, I now have a MacBook winging its way to me. ^-^ Mom may want my iBook, or I might wind up selling it, she hasn't made up her mind yet.


Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] dexwebster!
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Short story is due Tuesday. I meant to turn in Blood Is Sweeter, but the story I have wound up writing is set a few years earlier than Blood Is Sweeter (and a few years after other stuff I'm working on), and could possibly be soundtracked exclusively by Cobra Starship (in fact, I may title it The City Is At War).

Word count: 2236
Page count: 8/~15
Plot: Sam and Al have met and are flirting. Soon to come: a lunch not-really-a-date, a party that makes the papers, a parental freakout, a lunch really-is-a-date, angst and makeouts.


In other writing news, here's the tentative dramatis personae for the story tentatively titled Warped Omens.

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