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Lots of snow, but we didn't lose power. Ellie and I have spent most of the weekend cleaning the house. This included trying out our new Laundry Pod (which we got at a pretty steep discount from for Christmas), for washing nice wool sweaters and delicates. It is pretty much a giant salad spinner with a drain hose, but it seems remarkably effective as long as you don't over-fill it with clothes. My bras and tights rejoice at the gentler handling.

I bought a lot of groceries a week ago and have been succeeding reasonably well at feeding myself. The only failures have been one under-flavored curry and a poor understanding of how fast the baby bok choy would go bad, meaning I didn't get to use it (and want to replace it before making my first attempt at at-home shabu shabu).

I have taken over the email newsletter for the local historical society.

Planning to do Mardi Gras nails for Tuesday. I have a decent collection of nail polish but I don't wear it very much. I am unskilled at painting my nails and, because I work with my hands a lot of the time, it chips quickly.

Signed up for SuperBetter. I think gamification will help me form better habits.

Hater-Free Wednesdays is a new tumblr aggregating reviews and stories about comic shops to help people find local shops that will not shit all over their gender/race/etc.

I bought a ticket for Fall Out Boy's Boston show in May! Very pleased to have them back. I'm not exactly in bandom any more - I am hardwired mono-fannish, and got into the Avengers thanks to the movie (and then I slid sideways into ALL THE MARVEL COMICS EVER, sort of, so that's a huge canon and fandom) - but I miss going to concerts.

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Yesterday on the train I read Scientific American's special report on parallel universes. Briefly: they ain't science fiction. They're theoretical, of course, but at least some of the theories are at this point pretty darned solid and make sense of increasingly huge heaps of data.


Why should fandom care? Well, mostly because science is cool. But also? It means our stories are real. Quite literally. Every course of events and configuration of particles, every decision and every outcome you can possibly imagine is, in an infinite universe, occurring right now. Kurt and Blaine? Somewhere, incomprehensibly far off, they're as solid as you and I, and muddling through snowstorms and love. Somewhere slightly off to the left, they've already been married for eighty years. We'll never meet them, and nor will our descendants, because, among other problems, the multiverse is expanding faster than it's possible to travel though it. But they're out there.

They're making up stories about you.
I knew there was a reason I made an entire religion in Auriel whose cosmology says that everything is stories and god is a writer. (Well, a reason besides ego. Heh.)


Monday, March 28th, 2011 23:22
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  • The Pervocracy: No and no and no and yes.
    I do this for regular sex, too. If I can say that no, we're not raw-dogging it; no, you're not sneaking it up my ass; no, you really have to stop when I say stop; then I can say "yes" to the sex itself. Limits may feel all limity, but within those limits, some fucking hot sex can happen. Without limits, you're not allowed in my house, much less my vagina.
  • IKEA Hackers: Makeup vanity for small spaces
    My bedroom isn't very large so I needed a small makeup vanity. I'm the type that likes to see all my makeup because if I don't see it, I won't use it.
  • [personal profile] commodorified: Found Goodness
    The Prophet, peace and blessing upon him, said:

    "Help your brother, whether he be an oppressor or one of the oppressed."

    Some said "O Messenger of God, we help him if he is oppressed; but how can we help him if he is an oppressor?"

    The Prophet said, "By stopping him."
  • [personal profile] sassbandit: Bandom-related articles about audio engineering and production
    So I was digging around in the archives of Mix Magazine which is a trade magazine for audio engineers, and thought some of the following articles might be of interest to bandom folks:
  • [personal profile] melannen: AWESOME!!!
    ...So the other day I did that Dinosaur Comics fanart where they have feathers?

    And Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics, found out about it somehow, and he went back in the archives and has posted an alternate, scientifically accurate version of the comic starting at the beginning.
  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: WICKED PRETTY THINGS: My $0.37
    Editing my stories as I did was an act of self-erasure: sometimes necessary to survive, but not okay, never okay, merely the lesser of two evils. Pretending that the world only contains straight people is not okay. Teaching your children that the world only contains straight people is not okay. It is a denial of that-which-is, a denial of c'thia. Treating any mention of same-sex romance as inherently more sexually explicit than an equivalent action of an opposite-sex couple is not okay. Trying to pretend that the only possible ethical instance of human sexual behavior is for reproduction is not okay. Teaching your children that is not okay either.
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    Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 09:26
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    Much of this essay annoys me, but I want to reproduce this quote:
    But, in the digital world, you get to decide exactly who to be, where to go, and how to behave. This can be problematic if you try to create an entirely new persona (it’s a dishonest and unsustainable representation of yourself), but when wielded skillfully, it can propel the real you to new heights. Rather than create a whole new you, create the best you. Choose the traits you like about yourself, and exemplify them online. Let the less attractive qualities fall by the wayside. Place yourself in a digital environment that will allow you to flourish.

    When I focus on creating an improved digital version of me, I find those qualities actually start to carry over into my physical self.
    This is actually something I did in my offline life, parallel to beginning and sustaining my online life. I've referred to the name 'Sofia Blackthorne' (which I use in any context where my legal name is not required and where explaining myself won't be absurd) as an aspirational identity, by which I mean: I had an idea of who my ideal Me was, and I continued to develop that ideal self, and I named it so I'd have easier access to it all.

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    Now to get ready for my interview. It's going to be great but I am still super-nervous, of course.

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    Friday, May 7th, 2010 23:29
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    Ellie and I are going to Northampton tomorrow! I should go to sleep as soon as I post this.

    Daily Song (right-click): Morningwood - New York Girls

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    Bandom edition. [Keep in mind that this meme is intended to highlight nifty content on Dreamwidth, so the list below is limited to people posting at least their fic/art/recs on dw.]

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    fic rec!

    Saturday, September 12th, 2009 12:07
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    Hold on, lemme find a Patrick icon. There we go.

    A bit late, but it's been a superbusy week for me. No time for posting.

    Document by [personal profile] azurejay. FTM!Patrick Stump, you guys. ♥_♥

    Bandom post.

    Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 18:19
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    Fall Out Boy show last night was good. So glad I ran into [ profile] insunshine, [ profile] gigantic and [ profile] 1001cranes.

    Hey Monday were all right. I like Cassadee's voice, but only when she's singing. Metro Station were fun. I thought their setup was kind of weird. All Time Low were all right musically, but all signs point to them being douchebags, so no. Cobra Starship were tons of fun, as always, but Gabe really needs to stop touring for a while and take care of his voice, dammit. Fall Out Boy were pretty good, and they played a nice set. The screens kind of confused me, but I guess it's better than the fucking wall of fire they had last time I saw them (I was surprised that Andy didn't melt on that tour, tbh).

    Just glanced at a picture of this guy I went to school with in New Orleans (ah, facebook, how useful you are), and he looks kind of a lot like Joe. Heh.
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    I'm so looking forward to listening to that CFOB mixtape. If anyone reading this hasn't been able to download it, I can upload it.

    Everyone and their mother has posted about Gerard's update, but here's the text again, mainly for the benefit of my mother.
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    There are still no pictures or video of Frank kissing that guy in Texas, which surprises me. I mean, I trust [ profile] blondiusmaximus and all, but - pics or it didn't happen. Them's the rules of the internet.

    Speaking of Leathermouth. September 7th and 9th. Also known as the night before I probably start my new job, and the night before classes start. Made of win/made of fail? (I am still going. Of course.)
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    Yes, someone texted that to the bigass screens at the arena. Twice.

    freezing my nonexistent nuts off in line, and things that preceded that )

    the show )

    post-show fannish shenaniganating )

    In conclusion: A+ would do again and again. Also, more fan gatherings kthnx.

    ETA: my one not-blurry picture from GCH, my least blurry picture from FOB, and the sign, split into two parts (Patrick Stump stole our gay and LynZ gave it back).
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    I went to the Wendy's on Mass Ave for lunch (I prefer it to the one in Curry because a. you can get a smaller fry with combos which means I actually eat all the food I buy and b. they have a ketchup dispenser instead of handing over like three packets when you ask). So I was sitting there, eating french fries and staring blankly at the icky grey day, when I hear something that sounds kind of familiar. It's Dance, Dance!

    And if that didn't put enough of a smile on my face, then the guy who looked just like Nate from Cobra Starship would have. He walked by right in the middle of the song.

    In reference to my previous post, I just overheard a line of conversation about the Beatles as the apocalyptic horsepersons. Apparently today is the day for a rockalypse. Or something.
    sofiaviolet: the problem with reality is the lack of background music (background music)
    I got a randomized line of text to show up between my journal title and info link! I can provide the code I used, plus the version that does this with images, if anyone wants it.

    It only took me like two hours of fighting tweaking the code for random background images. Plus twenty minutes of typing 34 lyrics to be randomized.


    As far as lyrics suitable for journal subtitles, Fall Out Boy beats My Chemical Romance - but there are still a lot of other bands' stuff to go through.


    Happy birthday to [ profile] memphis86 and [ profile] sinsense!


    I am supposed to be writing another poem for class, right? And instead I sat down and wrote lyrics. A full, complete song. Needs cleaning up like whoa and it'll still be ridiculous, but whatever. And there are other songs rattling around in my head. Other complete songs, way more than two clever lines and a title.

    Apparently this is what I do when I get into a band or bands more intensely than usual. I wrote a lot of shitty lyrics when I was sixteen; over the summer I copied the least shitty parts into my journal so I could raid them for Stuff. And now I'm writing them from the ground up again.

    Probably the wankiest, most self-indulgent, least reasonable kind of writing that happens to me. It's fun though.
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    • Happy birthday to [ profile] sihaya09, [ profile] hansbekhart, and my LJ. Yes, that's right, today is my third LJversary with this account.

    • My left ear is occasionally kind of sore and/or itchy. I think it's just being pissy, and the piercing is actually fine. *crosses fingers, spritzes with saline*

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    And now, sleep.

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