Back in Boston.

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 18:09
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I had a great time in New Orleans. :)

Ellen and Greg arrived shortly after Christmas (they're moving in with my parents for part of the year). Cory was also around for a few days (he is actually planning to use the Hello Kitty dice bag). We went to the French Quarter twice (once with Ellen and Greg and Cory, once without), ate at our favorite restaurants, etc.

I did manage to get lunch with [personal profile] pinesandmaples, [personal profile] rooibos, and their roommate Sid right before leaving for the airport. Ellie and I had a very nice, very empty flight that got in early and good luck with everything once we landed except for the Orange Line, for which we had to wait because we'd just missed a train.

Since getting back last night, I haven't done much of anything, but Ellie has been on a "clean all the things!" binge today, mainly focusing on the kitchen and bathroom. We also got groceries and she's making chicken noodle soup for us and the one or more of her friends who are coming over for dinner.

I seem to have gained some weight, for once. )
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Capture the flag didn't happen; no one from the Camberville side showed up, so the four JP residents (well, three plus Daly, who is probably on our side anyway, regardless of where he actually lives) got ice cream and hung out at Cid's house instead.

I got recruited into a BattleTech game. Daly taught me how to play on Saturday and my first session with the group was Monday. (Daly severely underestimated our ability to defend a base. And we discovered a loophole for artillery - if every spotter is -1 to hit a target and we have ten mechs peering over the wall... "hey Cid, the pilot's got brown eyes, are you aiming for the left one or the right one?") I fielded three mechs (all of mine, none from the communal pool) and actually managed to keep track of all of them! Although I think I'm going to have to get my own miniatures, because keeping track of which vaguely similar grey plastic mechs are mine (and which one goes with which sheet) is going to drive me nuts. And because I am me, they will be painted to suit my tastes and will therefore not look anything like they're supposed to.

Biggest news, though: I got into Simmons, after an eon of waiting for a decision. No info on financial aid yet, but I have wonderful parents who will put me through grad school regardless.

21 Days of Dreamwidth

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Body Beautiful

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 21:53
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How the Fat Acceptance Movement Taught Me to Love My Body, Even Though I'm Probably Not Quite the Target Audience

Various body and weight talk including actual numbers, near-strangers armchair-diagnosing people with eating disorders. Also some mentions of sexual violence. Also, I ramble and digress. )

In conclusion: people who love their bodies, people who are working to love their bodies, and people who are working against the kinds of crap that make people hate their bodies: ♥

I was originally planning to type this up for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, but today seemed like the right day. I do hope to get some other thinky thoughts out there during 3WFDw.

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 18:01
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Installed a pill reminder widget on my computer. It is totally worth the $2 I spent on it. I haven't missed anything since setting up the alerts.


  • [personal profile] cereta: Fat and Angry: Now a trilogy (discusses various fat-shaming techniques used by loved ones, in order to debunk them)
    Fat and Angry Part III: To Those Who Love Us

    I know I am never going to reach the people who are genuinely cruel and are just using concern as an excuse to exercise that cruelty. This is for the friends, family members, and loved ones who genuinely want to be kind, want to help us, want to find the right tactic to make us understand why we must lose weight and how to do so.

    In a word: don’t.
  • [personal profile] firecat: Oversimplification of other people's sexuality is the anti-viagra (a nice comprehensive set of quotes about Ogas and Gaddam's further adventures in Fail)
  • (no subject)

    Thursday, December 16th, 2010 07:40
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    So that's three times now I've received spam with variations on "Big penis like a girl!" as the subject. Okay then.

  • Geek Feminism: “Why don’t you just hit him?”
    Warning: this post and links from it discuss both harassment and violence, imagined and real.

    Am I against hitting a harasser in all situations? No. Am I advocating against it in all situations? No.

    However, here’s a lengthy and incomplete list of reasons why victims may not be able or may choose not to hit a harasser and why it is definitely not a general solution for the problem of harassment. I even have a special buzzer on hand that will sound when the reasons are related to gender discrimination. Listen for it, it goes like this: BZZZT! Got it? BZZZT!
  • The Pervocracy: Beyond body acceptance.
    It's good to like your body, but you know, your body isn't the biggest deal about you. (Or rather, your beauty isn't the biggest deal, since few people insulting your body can be dissuaded by hearing how many pounds you can lift or how quickly you recover from injuries.) It's a heartbreaking waste to take a human being, a person rich in history and abilities and relationships and ideas, and judge them on how nice a decoration they make. Maybe that's inevitable when it comes to strangers, but you damn well know better when it comes to yourself. When you're judging your appearance, you're only judging one tiny part of your self.
  • [personal profile] glass_icarus: announcing: Potluck!
    Potluck is intended to be a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food. There are no real limits on theme; however, the focus of the carnival is on thoughts and experiences around food through various topics that you might see around the social justice blogosphere, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights and of course cultural and racial issues. We welcome you to share your recipes as well as your thoughts and experiences, but we ask that you do not submit posts with recipes only.
  • Anna J. Cook: Queen Everett
    Then I came to a small yellowed clipping that featured a photograph of the five young women nominated in 1971 ... and the young man, Everett Nau, who had been crowned the Winter Carnival Queen of 1970. The brief caption to the photograph read (in part)
    NAU GOOD LUCK GIRLS ... Everett Nau, last year's Winter Carnival Queen, bestows his best wishes upon this year's recently selected finalists (all girls if you'll notice). ... In this year's campaign, the judges ruled it mandatory that the contestants be of the female gender.
  • sofiaviolet: purple textures and dots (retrospective)
    Miltonesque: The Boobs That Didn’t Belong to Anybody
    An illuminating moment for me came at my post-op party. We called it a “boob party” and spent the night celebrating chests. Everyone brought magazine clippings or photos of chests and we pasted them on the wall in the stairwell. We kept a running list of all the euphemisms for chests we could think of on the whiteboard usually reserved for intra-apartment communications like We need milk and Has anyone seen my watch? and HEY GUYS I LET THE CATS PEE ON THE SOFA (just kidding it’s water).

    At this party, every guest was invited to wear whatever made their chest feel good. Some went topless, some chose corsets—we even supplied glitter-encrusted adhesive craft foam for those who wanted to make pasties (the majority of our guests chose this option, which was just another sign that my life is nothing like what my guidance counselors envisioned).
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    But hey, until I get lazy/short on time again, enjoy the linkspam (now with quotes!).

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    Since Saturday morning. (I mean, I do use Dreamwidth as my feed reader, but that's still a lot of posts.)

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    Took my final for Soviet Secret Police today. I think I did well - there was one "identify this document excerpt" that I swear I had never seen before, but it was a small part of the test.

    I foresee using this icon a lot while I'm in New Orleans this summer, and I need to upload one of the "emphasizin ur POC" icons as well.

    I have missed my one-year anniversary on Dreamwidth. But it was because I had papers to write, so I will just commemorate it now.

    links galore )
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    Hello, folks! Internet is fixed. I have no idea how. (Ellie's theory is that someone else in the neighborhood called in a problem early enough to get a Saturday tech, and that this problem is similar to the issue we had at Thanksgiving, where the tech had to do something atop a telephone pole. So a neighbor's fix might have also helped us.)

    Last night, we went to a Shirtless Shindig to celebrate Jamie's top surgery. The guest of honor himself made me pasties out of adhesive-backed glittery craft foam, and requested that he be allowed to style my hair on unspecified future occasions (apparently, he does lovely updos). ♥ my burlesque-affiliated friends. They always create a comfy, accepting atmosphere in small group situations like the Shirtless Shindig.

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    Monday, June 29th, 2009 21:00
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    things I spotted on etsy, version I Can't Wear That To Work! )

    [personal profile] hederahelix: Sizeism in fic and society

    'Cis' is hostile? I remember being quite pleased the first time I became aware of 'cis' and related terms - it filled a lexical hole that I had not realized was there.

    Weird passage of time at work today - doing really tedious stuff apparently makes the day fly by. Probably because I can devote a portion of my brain to pre-writing.

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