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MCR show in Boston was great! I was one person back but used a couple of crowd surges during Thursday's set and the break before MCR to wedge myself into a little opening on the barrier. Ellie came late, so we met up afterward and went to IHOP because we were both starving. (I had to bail on [personal profile] tuesdaysgone and skip the Philly show because I was so exhausted, and because some combination of lights/noise/hunger gave me a terrible headache.)

Boston Slutwalk! I met up with a bunch of people I know mainly via Mob. We marched (super powerful experience! Almost an altered state, with an abnormal boost to my lung capacity akin to what I experience at concerts), there were some amazing speeches (finally got to hear [ profile] shadesong give a survivor speech. I put myself at the front of the crowd pretty much directly in front of her, because she had posted about feeling stressed about this particular speech and I wanted to guarantee a known-friendly face in case that would help), and then it started raining, so I went with two friends to the workshop space, where we took the responsibility of setting up chairs and enjoyed some relaxation time. I stayed for three workshops before I had to bail for food.

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I need to pack tomorrow. On Monday, I fly into Baltimore (arriving around 3:15). Concert Tuesday, then back to Boston on Wednesday.

I am not thinking about August until I get back from D.C. (I cannot; I am too scatterbrained to hold that many plans in my head at once), but I am determined to celebrate our anniversary either by dragging Cory to Boston or schlepping myself to Grand Forks again, which involves lots of scheduling and stalking the internet for best airfare.

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 23:35
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21 Days of Dreamwidth

Since I'll be offline for a few days, I should get ahead. )

Side Effect: May Cause FEELINGS

So I have a question for the people out there who are not congenitally depressed.

Sometimes I experience semi-random happiness, where I'm just having a nice day and everything is kinda shiny and it's good to be alive. Sometimes I get enormously ragey over stuff that doesn't seem to merit serious RAEG.

And both of those ~~feelings~~ are pretty obviously tied to my meds (along with an increase in ability to Get Shit Done and a decrease in memory function). My question is: do I finally, after 20 years of being depressed, have a reasonable range of emotions?


Boston MCR show tomorrow night; I'll be in line during the day. Meeting with [personal profile] tuesdaysgone Friday morning for a ride to PA and another MCR show. Assuming the gods of train schedules smile upon me, I should be back in Boston in time for the SlutWalk. (Fingers crossed I can make all my transit connections.) And then there is the DC concert. Wheeeeeee.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 11:07
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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

I already have a few ideas of things to post. If there are things you would like me to post about, then prompt me. (No guarantees, since I will be offline for 5+ days, but I will try.)

Questions meme!

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Finish up my semester (my last semester of undergrad omfg), MCR concert, Capture the Flag in Franklin Park, play party.


Saturday, April 16th, 2011 21:50
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Anyone need a ticket for My Chemical Romance in PA or NJ?
5/6: Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA $43.75
5/7: Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ $52.65
(That's what I paid; prices negotiable.)

This is partly financial (can't afford ALL the travel), partly logistical (haven't actually figured out how I would get from place to place), partly for my health and sanity (because I do need some sleep every now and then), and partly because I really want to attend the Boston SlutWalk on May 7th.

I am also looking for 1 ticket to the 5/5 show in Boston for my friend Rynnie.
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  • Pack for Muskrat Jamboree
  • Attend MJ
  • Write capstone paper
  • Create 30-45 minute presentation for music seminar
  • Edit capstone paper
  • Write a few more blog entries for The Networked Society
  • Write two short papers for TNS
  • Write paper for music seminar
  • Possibly make Shiny Thing(s) to try and give to MCR after one of their shows
  • Go and see MCR a bunch of times
  • Remember to take my meds consistently (essential if all of the above is to get done, get done well, and get done on time)

  • And here are a few links for today:
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    Monday, March 28th, 2011 23:22
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  • The Pervocracy: No and no and no and yes.
    I do this for regular sex, too. If I can say that no, we're not raw-dogging it; no, you're not sneaking it up my ass; no, you really have to stop when I say stop; then I can say "yes" to the sex itself. Limits may feel all limity, but within those limits, some fucking hot sex can happen. Without limits, you're not allowed in my house, much less my vagina.
  • IKEA Hackers: Makeup vanity for small spaces
    My bedroom isn't very large so I needed a small makeup vanity. I'm the type that likes to see all my makeup because if I don't see it, I won't use it.
  • [personal profile] commodorified: Found Goodness
    The Prophet, peace and blessing upon him, said:

    "Help your brother, whether he be an oppressor or one of the oppressed."

    Some said "O Messenger of God, we help him if he is oppressed; but how can we help him if he is an oppressor?"

    The Prophet said, "By stopping him."
  • [personal profile] sassbandit: Bandom-related articles about audio engineering and production
    So I was digging around in the archives of Mix Magazine which is a trade magazine for audio engineers, and thought some of the following articles might be of interest to bandom folks:
  • [personal profile] melannen: AWESOME!!!
    ...So the other day I did that Dinosaur Comics fanart where they have feathers?

    And Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics, found out about it somehow, and he went back in the archives and has posted an alternate, scientifically accurate version of the comic starting at the beginning.
  • [personal profile] azurelunatic: WICKED PRETTY THINGS: My $0.37
    Editing my stories as I did was an act of self-erasure: sometimes necessary to survive, but not okay, never okay, merely the lesser of two evils. Pretending that the world only contains straight people is not okay. Teaching your children that the world only contains straight people is not okay. It is a denial of that-which-is, a denial of c'thia. Treating any mention of same-sex romance as inherently more sexually explicit than an equivalent action of an opposite-sex couple is not okay. Trying to pretend that the only possible ethical instance of human sexual behavior is for reproduction is not okay. Teaching your children that is not okay either.
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    (Assuming, of course, that I get in. I mean, I am sure that I will! But I will also be worried about it until I actually do.)

    Application to Simmons is basically done. I am letting my statement of purpose rest for a few hours. I'll read it over some time tonight, upload it, and send everything in.

    My parents are going to keep supporting me through grad school, which I am enormously grateful for. Bestest parents ever!

    On the subject of something that is not school-related at ALL: I have a friend who is looking for one ticket to the Boston MCR show. PM me with leads pls???
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    Music seminar went to the MFA yesterday; they have a lovely instrument collection. By special arrangement, we were able to hear several pieces by Couperin, Bach, and Mozart played on keyboard instruments: a very complicated harpsichord with two keyboards and three sets of strings, a clavichord, and a piano from 1796. So cool omg.

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    First things first: wow was that presale a total clusterfuck. I was kind of shaking after.

    On the bright side, I did get tickets for 3 of the 5 shows I wanted: Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. (The D.C. presale sold out before I even made it over to that tab following the Ticketmaster/Live Nation failures. Better luck Saturday, especially since I've been appointed head of a ticket-buying cabal. And I was iffy on NJ but it looks like enough people are going that I can find a ride.)

    Now I shall sum up my vacation! Only about two weeks late, ooops. Halloween was Rocky Horror, and then I spent Monday and Tuesday morning catching up on the internet while Cory was at work. Starting on Wednesday, I called Ellen to pick me up for hanging out, thrift shopping, visiting Adam Kemp's studio/gallery, etc. We had dinner with Ellen and Greg on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to a lecture given by one of Greg's colleagues, then to a gallery opening where we met up with Ellen's friends Brian and Jerry, and then pizza.

    On the subject of Grand Forks: I'm considering an extended visit this summer. )

    work stuff )
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    Aw, you guys! MCR is playing in Boston as a graduation present for me!! Their show is the night before commencement (which I have decided not to bother with).

    I want to go to as many of their shows as possible. Definitely New York (which is on Mom's birthday and makes me so fucking sad they're not going to New Orleans), maybe Philadelphia (can do by bus but would rather have a ride); other possible shows that require I make buddies with a car-owner include Montreal, Sayreville, and D.C. Who out there will be driving to shows, preferably departing from Boston, and has room in their car for one tiny person who will chip in for gas, food, and lodgings?

    I am sad that the Minneapolis show isn't a few days later; with no classes Tuesday and Friday plus Monday the 18th off, I could make it out there and introduce Cory to that side of myself. I am even sadder that Mom doesn't get a show. She might combine the Atlanta show with a visit to Fiona, Dan, and Maddie, but it's in the middle of a school week, and she's not going to drive to Texas.
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    I've created a character for LARPing in the desert participating in the MCR/Killjoys shenanigans. If this is relevant to your interests, check out the Violet Menace on Twitter, tumblr, and Dreamwidth.


    • [personal profile] rydra_wong: So, yeah
      [ profile] brenden's now-deleted sockpuppet trolling of the [ profile] news post included taunting a user about having Asperger's.
    • [personal profile] thedivinegoat: "Can I talk to you" Troll redux
      Just a heads up, the "Can I talk to you" Troll seems to have increased his activity again, only this time is taking advantage of the Facebook Connect.

      I'm still updating the original post with any new pseudonyms that come to light, if you or any of your friends have come across new ones, please let me know.
    • Social/Justice
      Solomon's threat is the threat of fairness; Solomon's justice is that he restores right human relationships. Justice is not measured by a pattern -- of uniformity or otherwise -- *or* by a fair process which must logically produce fair results. Justice occurs only when it supports just human relationships. It doesn't matter how fair the process, if a beggar starves while a rich man feasts *this is not justice*, because justice is about having the right human relationships. "Social justice", in my thinking, is a concept of justice that is still focussed, as of old, not on who has the "stuff", but on the relationships between people that the "stuff" (money, property) is tracking. We need a modifier because "justice" unadorned now refers to the process of law, e.g. in "Department of Justice".
    • [personal profile] copperbadge: THE .DOC FILE OF J ALFRED PRUFROCK
      This morning I was asked to change my password on my work computer, as I must do every four months. And I sat there waiting for it to authorise my new password, and I thought, I have measured out my life in login codes.

      And, as it so often does, then my brain screwed me out of several hours of productivity.
    • [ profile] skalja: An experiment in translation.
      O Hai Just FYI
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    Looooong slog at work today. Ia ia vertical file fhtagn! And I have to do more of it on Monday. (Hell is interfiling.)


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    Thursday, September 16th, 2010 21:07
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    Post office seems to be holding everything Ellie and I receive from outside the United States. "Pissed off" is putting it lightly, especially since I pretty much have to leave work early to make it to our local post office before it closes.

    Work has been kind of meh this week. And Cory hasn't been online much for the past few days. And Ellie is too spoonless to cook. And the temperature dropped kind of suddenly. Many things contributing to my overall bleh right now. I am looking forward to the weekend.

    ETA: Cory is back online. Much cheered by this. :)

    As for MCR: thanks for finally giving us some real news, fuckers. And the album does sound like something I'd like. But I will forever be sad that we won't get Black Dragon Fighting Society.


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