Monday, July 25th, 2011 03:48
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  • Anybody know a good way to get soot and wax off novena candle enclosures after the candle is burned away? I'd like to reuse them (especially the printed ones) but want to clean them up first.

  • Related, a Helpful Hint, if you are the sort of person to do odd things involving candles at weird hours: don't burn loose incense on charcoal several hours before going though airport security. Especially not when you don't quite know what you're doing yet, and run out of both incense and desire for things to be burning, well before the charcoal ceases to burn.

  • You know that stupid black Western-style shirt Gerard wore in the really early days? I think I found one like it on Etsy. Someone prevent me from buying it, since I lack the skills to cut it down to actually fit me?

  • Also, things you should not leave until 3am before your flight:
  • backing up your computer (I have a Mac, I use Time Machine, but I do not live plugged into my external hard drive)
  • copying all 12gb of downloaded vids to your computer from the other external drive
  • re-lacing your 14-eye Doc Martens (yes, I fly in these shoes in order to avoid packing them. No, they are not the least airport-friendly shoes I've gone through security with. That prize goes to my other boots, which have wooden platforms and soles like tire treads, which were the only thing I could feasibly remove from my over-weight suitcase.)

  • Will be leaving shortly, but you'll hardly know I'm gone; I do my internets while Cory plays video games, and he plays a lot of video games. Toodles!

    Humor me.

    Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 23:13
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    Poll #7550 little pink suitcase
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    Wardrobe color scheme for my upcoming vacation?

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    Purple. It's what you do best.
    26 (74.3%)

    Black. Easy.
    2 (5.7%)

    Red and/or pink.
    2 (5.7%)

    5 (14.3%)

    Now pick what will be the bulk of my clothes.

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    Pants, with femme-y tops.
    9 (27.3%)

    Pants, with t-shirts.
    10 (30.3%)

    Skirts, with femme-y tops.
    2 (6.1%)

    Skirts, with t-shirts.
    10 (30.3%)

    2 (6.1%)

    How many pairs of shoes am I allowed to have?

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    One. Better make sure they go with everything.
    3 (8.8%)

    18 (52.9%)

    Three, but only if the ones going in your suitcase don't take up much room.
    13 (38.2%)

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    First things first: wow was that presale a total clusterfuck. I was kind of shaking after.

    On the bright side, I did get tickets for 3 of the 5 shows I wanted: Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. (The D.C. presale sold out before I even made it over to that tab following the Ticketmaster/Live Nation failures. Better luck Saturday, especially since I've been appointed head of a ticket-buying cabal. And I was iffy on NJ but it looks like enough people are going that I can find a ride.)

    Now I shall sum up my vacation! Only about two weeks late, ooops. Halloween was Rocky Horror, and then I spent Monday and Tuesday morning catching up on the internet while Cory was at work. Starting on Wednesday, I called Ellen to pick me up for hanging out, thrift shopping, visiting Adam Kemp's studio/gallery, etc. We had dinner with Ellen and Greg on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to a lecture given by one of Greg's colleagues, then to a gallery opening where we met up with Ellen's friends Brian and Jerry, and then pizza.

    On the subject of Grand Forks: I'm considering an extended visit this summer. )

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    Sunday, October 31st, 2010 19:06
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    So my Saturday totally sucked!

    Remember how I was really worried about making my connection at JFK? It turned out not to be an issue at all, but for all the wrong reasons.

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    But I did finally make it to Grand Forks, four hours after I should have. And then I slept for 16 hours.

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    Friday, October 22nd, 2010 11:49
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    Lazyweb time: is anyone out there familiar with JFK and making connections there? Particularly in the terminal(s) that Delta uses? How fast can I dash through there at 7:30am on a Saturday?

    I know I can make my connection in Minneapolis, having done it before in the same (very short) amount of time (and in heels, no less, which mistake I will not make again). But I'm thinking I should maybe suck it up and pay the baggage fee so I don't have to sprint through two airports, one of which I am not sure I have ever flown through, dragging a bright pink suitcase behind me.
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    Looooong slog at work today. Ia ia vertical file fhtagn! And I have to do more of it on Monday. (Hell is interfiling.)


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    I can haz purple hair! No pictures yet because I am lazy, but it does not suck. (The purple streak does fade rather quickly to nearly black as you move away from my scalp, but given how many times it had been dyed before these shenanigans, I can't say I'm surprised.)

    Have been approved to take another week off work, sometime between mid October and Thanksgiving (has to be before Thanksgiving because $winterholiday retail season is likely to constrain the amount of time C. has for me). Now to find a suitably cheap plane ticket. On the one hand, yay I get to see my boyfriend again! On the other... and then I won't see him until some time in 2011.


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    Not dead! Back in Boston since Saturday, and already caught up on things!


    Just finished eating half the curry I made tonight; the other half is in the fridge. I am going to bring it to work tomorrow. Leftovers for lunch - it's almost like I'm a real grown-up!

    Ellie and I went to the mall yesterday. We were supposed to get clothes for her. Instead, we got clothes for me. /o\ On the other hand, Hello Kitty rain boots in grown-up sizes, fuck yes.

    I continue to experiment with purple hair. Attempt 3 (dark purple over failed single-process bleach-and-purple) is the best yet but still not quite right.

    Grand Forks

    Spent nearly every waking moment with C., got to see my family, consumed much media. Was not really online. )

    Relationship Stuff

    :D! )

    We're planning more visits, and I convinced C. to install Skype. But I think my journal will stop being All About My Boyfriend now; he'll show up from time to time along with other important people in my life.


    From Ask Me Anything:

    Looking back, are you comfortable with the way you reacted when your sister came out to you?

    Not really. :( I could have done more. I am especially disappointed with how little help I was to her in 2006/2007, her last year of high school, while she was trying to figure things out. True, I didn't have nearly as much knowledge of gender and trans* issues then, but I probably still could have been more supportive than I actually was.

    But as far as her actual coming-out? I think I did okay then, although I didn't adjust to name-and-pronouns as fast as I would have liked, even if there is a specific reason for it (trying not to out her to Mom and Dad before she had the chance to tell them herself).


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    Figure out Netflix. Buy more $5 vermouth for cooking.

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    Monday, August 16th, 2010 17:15
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    While I am still theoretically AFK, C. is playing video games so I'm online. Heh.

    We've watched The Guild, Dr. Horrible (again), and Stranger Than Fiction. Yesterday, we saw Scott Pilgrim (and I suspect we might wind up seeing it again). Plus, you know, hanging out and stuff. :)

    Scott Pilgrim

    So apparently I'm Ramona Flowers. (Not a review, may contain very basic spoilers.) )


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    C. and I are getting dinner with some more of his friends tonight. I still need to call my relatives and make plans with them.

    Brief update.

    Sunday, August 15th, 2010 18:05
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    I am in Grand Forks, getting spectacularly laid. \o/ More details in a post to the sex filter.

    Actually getting to spend time with C. is awesome. This was such a good idea. We just fit together. I cannot stop smiling.

    ETA: Scott Pilgrim fanworks. I need them. Point me to any and all fic, vids, art, kink memes, and whatever else you know of.

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    I'll be out of town August 14-21. While I'll have internet access, I have no idea how much I'll be online. But rest assured I'll catch up even if I can't keep up.


    Bosses and one reference desk person are away for the Society of American Archivists conference. Work is freakishly quiet.

    Busy couple of days. Tuesday morning, I hauled a box of fun surprises to the post office (since the TSA probably frowns on taking rope in your carry-on), went to work, and then went to Diesel to meet up with [ profile] shadesong and receive my BARCC auction winnings: a lovely flogger. After that, I ran into Andra and spent forever telling her about C. (she kept asking questions, and I am still flush with omgyay).

    Yesterday I got some purple dye, and this morning before work, I put it in my hair to see what it would do. Not a lot, as it turns out: my hair is too dark. Now it's even darker, with something of a blue cast to it. While kinda disappointing, it's not actually surprising, and it's definitely not a bad result.

    Leaving for Grand Forks at stupid o'clock Saturday morning. Clothes are basically picked out, and toiletries are selected and quart-size bagged.


    Still open for questions.

    I know so little about you, I'm afraid my question is quite pedestrian! What would your dream job be?

    Pretty close to what I'm doing right now. I want to be an archivist full-time, as my real grownup job. But I'm not thrilled with the idea of meetings and managing other people, which my bosses at work have to do. I just want to work with the collections.


    I want to write about "lazy femme," which is what I call my gender presentation. In short: I like things like skirts and makeup, but I don't generally bother with these more effortful bits of gendered plumage.

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    More packing, go to bed, sleep, get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, finish packing, go to bed, get up, get on airplane, arrive in Grand Forks, get laid.

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    Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 23:57
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    OH GOD FINALLY I AM CAUGHT UP. I only had to go to skip=620 to do it.

    Apologies for my epic failure at updating; I don't like to post when I'm behind on my reading. And speaking of my dreamroll... I am having to cut down on my subscriptions because I am overwhelmed. Bleh full-time job. I love my work, but I also love my internets. It is a sad time for me.

    Important things:

    • Every year, [ profile] shadesong does Blogathon for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Her fundraising includes a charity auction; I have three pieces in the mix this year: Chains and Crippling Shoes, We Met in February, and The Awful Feeling of Knowing You Don't Remember No. Plus lots of other really lovely things that you should go and bid on!
    • I am going to Grand Forks! I'll be staying with C. and will also take the opportunity to hang out with Ellen and Greg, since I missed them in New Orleans this year. I am not sure what that will do to my internet time: on the one hand, C. and I will probably be very occupied with each other, but on the other hand, I can easily see us just chilling together with our laptops for a little while every day. At any rate, I will be out of Boston from August 14th to August 21st.
    • Speaking of C., we are now officially in a relationship! We put it on Facebook and everything. Current relationship status is "open" although there's an unspoken expectation that we'll be functionally monogamous at least until we can talk about it in person. There will be a more *ahem* detailed update later - hooray for filters.
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    Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 15:00
    sofiaviolet: *sigh* (sigh)
    • I am behind. I am really behind on my dreamroll, and my link-posting, and also my sleep. I know this and I definitely plan to catch up, although that might not happen until the weekend, because...
    • I have an internet date with C. tonight. Since we can't actually hang out in person, we are going to hang out using the magic of the interwebs and watch Dr. Horrible.
    • Trying to figure out when I can visit him; definitely not the week of SAA, since both my higher-ups here in the archives will be doing the professional conference thing. Maybe soon after that?
    • I also have to find time tomorrow or Saturday to get myself to Watertown and drop off my Blogathon auction pieces with [ profile] shadesong. But first I have to take pictures and finish writing up the descriptions.
    • And on Saturday, I'm seeing one of the Shaken Up Shakespeare plays that have been so wildly popular. With [personal profile] stultiloquentia, who I missed at Con.txt, and also [personal profile] kyriacarlisle, I believe. And at least one other person whom I have not yet connected to a journal.
    • I have been reworking my tags and dealing with imported content. My goals are to make my old entries accessible to either the general public or my access list (except for the ones that make me cringe, which can damn well stay private), and to make my tags make sense. (I would be focused on forcing the "evil ex boyfriend" tag out of the tags module in my layout, but as most if not all of those entries are private, no one but me can see it.)
    • Art Retreat at Wyrding Studios. !!!!!! Yes plz. Ellie will drive me up because then she's already in New Hampshire and can go to their lumber yards.

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