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  • Pack for Muskrat Jamboree
  • Attend MJ
  • Write capstone paper
  • Create 30-45 minute presentation for music seminar
  • Edit capstone paper
  • Write a few more blog entries for The Networked Society
  • Write two short papers for TNS
  • Write paper for music seminar
  • Possibly make Shiny Thing(s) to try and give to MCR after one of their shows
  • Go and see MCR a bunch of times
  • Remember to take my meds consistently (essential if all of the above is to get done, get done well, and get done on time)

  • And here are a few links for today:
  • The Hathor Legacy: Hathor How-To’s: Supporting a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted
    For really real, I stopped being friends with both people I’m describing above. One I’m tentatively back in touch with, the other I’m done with permanently, and have no regrets about their absence in my life. And yes — it’s because they hurt me when I was vulnerable. To be honest, I’m lucky they believed me. One of the funky things about acquaintance rape is that when you as a survivor talk about your experiences, it can make your friends realize that they have befriended and may care deeply for a rapist. They’ll feel like they have to pick sides (and in my own opinion, they should — I don’t chillax with abusers or rapists if I can help it) and if they’re making the “safe” call, it may very well be the survivor who gets cut out. While this was not my experience, the questionings and the implications really scarred me, and deeply effected my own recovery work.

    At the same time, I had friends I grew closer to afterwards — in part because their support and love really helped me, and because their emotional generosity was, in retrospect, humbling. That’s what you’re aspiring towards, right? So let’s talk support.
  • Universal Hub: Central Square to get shop for thrifty buyers reports the AIDS Action Committee is opening one of its Boomerangs used-stuff stores at 563 Mass. Ave., to join the existing outlets in Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury.
  • [personal profile] laughingrat: Well, fuck that, then.
    New Miss Marple to be young, match Patriarchy-imposed standards of hott sexxxiness.
  • [staff profile] denise: Technical debt and the making of payments on it
    The problem is, Dreamwidth isn't a two-year-old software project. We've only been open for two years, true -- but when we opened, we forked from LiveJournal, which sprang into life in Brad Fitzpatrick's dorm room in 1999. In forking our code from LiveJournal's, we inherited that decade's worth of features, fixes, and improvements, but we also inherited a decade's worth of deferred technical debt. Dreamwidth isn't a two-year-old software project; it's a twelve-year-old software project. And the face of technology has changed quite a bit in those 12 years.
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