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My sister is moving out by September 1, so there's a bedroom in my apartment in Jamaica Plain becoming available. Depending on Ellie's situation, your move-in date may be a bit flexible if you like. Due to my asthma/allergies, I require a non-smoking roommate.
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Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 15:00
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  • I am behind. I am really behind on my dreamroll, and my link-posting, and also my sleep. I know this and I definitely plan to catch up, although that might not happen until the weekend, because...
  • I have an internet date with C. tonight. Since we can't actually hang out in person, we are going to hang out using the magic of the interwebs and watch Dr. Horrible.
  • Trying to figure out when I can visit him; definitely not the week of SAA, since both my higher-ups here in the archives will be doing the professional conference thing. Maybe soon after that?
  • I also have to find time tomorrow or Saturday to get myself to Watertown and drop off my Blogathon auction pieces with [ profile] shadesong. But first I have to take pictures and finish writing up the descriptions.
  • And on Saturday, I'm seeing one of the Shaken Up Shakespeare plays that have been so wildly popular. With [personal profile] stultiloquentia, who I missed at Con.txt, and also [personal profile] kyriacarlisle, I believe. And at least one other person whom I have not yet connected to a journal.
  • I have been reworking my tags and dealing with imported content. My goals are to make my old entries accessible to either the general public or my access list (except for the ones that make me cringe, which can damn well stay private), and to make my tags make sense. (I would be focused on forcing the "evil ex boyfriend" tag out of the tags module in my layout, but as most if not all of those entries are private, no one but me can see it.)
  • Art Retreat at Wyrding Studios. !!!!!! Yes plz. Ellie will drive me up because then she's already in New Hampshire and can go to their lumber yards.
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Ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Or any sort of question, really.

I hope to get something relatively substantive up in the next few days, but a quick list:
* Work continues to be good.
* I haven't been doing enough writing and it bugs me.
* I haven't been doing enough anything lately, except for going out, and it bugs me.
* I know what I'm doing for NaNo (two ideas, actually - focusing on the more heart-wrenchingly miserable one, but will switch to the other one whenever I cannot go on *hands*).
* I suspect I need to go back up to 250 mg. Maybe even 300, but I'm scared to try that again since my memory was so badly affected last time. We'll see how I do between now and my next appointment.
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So the writing continues at a furious pace. I wrote 3000 words on my computer today, plus fuck knows how many in my journal (about four 8 1/2 x 11 pages, in teeny tiny print).

Expect small storybits to be posted soonish.

things that will have a negative impact on storybit posting
* 10-15 page paper this weekend
* Italian final
* final project and mini-papers for "food class"
* potentially my creative writing portfolio, I don't know how much revision my professor's going to demand
* take-home final for gender&society

things that will actually have a positive impact on storybit posting
* all of the above actually isn't that much and most of it will be done within the next week
* working exam week (there's a rush at the beginning of each shift with people coming in to take their exams, and then it's dead for the next four hours)

Also, when I attempted NaNo in 2004, I created a number of characters who were later abandoned. One of them was a drummer named Patrick. I don't remember a thing about him; I just made him up so another character would have someone to crush on. I'm going to bring him back, both because it amuses me and because I do actually need at least one more character who can play.
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Um, I fail at LJ, sorry. I slept and slept and slept when I got back from MCR, and then I saw TAI... in Providence yesterday. So here's my Wednesday and Thursday - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to follow in a separate post to avoid teal deer.

If you're wondering about the subject line, it's a result of a conversation I had with Kitty and Ness at one in the morning in a cafe in New York City.

I'm sorry I didn't make any phone posts from MCR. For about half the show, I couldn't even reach my cell phone, and then I was sure it would get knocked out of my hands if I tried to do anything.

The basics of this post were originally written in my journal at about 2:30 in a subway station in New York City, as was the cut text.

I lost my tiara and very nearly my glasses, my feet have moved past agony into the throbbing that means they can't process the pain, I am sweaty and smelly and Frank Iero spit on me. I haven't slept since 6:30 AM Tuesday and I won't sleep for hours and hours yet. I am fucked up. And I am happy. )
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• Happy birthday to [ profile] kisingchaos9 and [ profile] ladysorka!!!!

• I have completed my take-home midterm for Gender & Society. I think I accidentally went over the time limit, but that's just what happens with me (at least when I manage to focus on something).

• Directly related to the above, I'm stimulated again with regard to that semi-academic bandom thing I said I was going to write. I'll jot down my thoughts over the next few days, try to give it some structure.

• Note to self: "brb, South Station at ass crack of dawn."

• MBTA trip planner hates me. :(

• As a result, I'm going to actually go to South Station at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow, because I need to see what time I can get there by. Then I will go to campus and hang around the library until class. \o/ I am insanely devoted.

• Or perhaps just insane. Even more insane than you're probably thinking. All shall be revealed in due course. *mysterious*
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• Happy birthday to [ profile] sihaya09, [ profile] hansbekhart, and my LJ. Yes, that's right, today is my third LJversary with this account.

• My left ear is occasionally kind of sore and/or itchy. I think it's just being pissy, and the piercing is actually fine. *crosses fingers, spritzes with saline*

Is it can be fic rec tiemz nao? )

And now, sleep.
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Mom took Hugh and I to the mall and Target today (he needed socks, Mom needed gold jewelry, and I both like to shop and need to be encouraged to leave the house - all three objectives were accomplished, btw).

I don't remember what we were talking about as we entered the mall, but it prompted Mom to comment, "I raised such funny and irreverent children!" We went on to mock:
• the FAA
• teen moms who treat their children like dolls rather than, you know, babies
• male Abercrombie and Fitch models (Mom keeps joking that Hugh ought to get a job as one of their Shirtless Dudes, and today's addendum to that running joke was that at least Hugh's pecs are not so massive that he looks like he kinda needs a bra)
• loose-fitting wet-look vinyl clothing
• and probably other stuff I'm forgetting

Also, Hugh accidentally elbowed me in the nose.

Also also, we're going to build a zeppelin.
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• Happy birthday to [ profile] balefully and [ profile] vinylroad!

• Doctor's appointment and blood tests today. The blood tests went well, although the inside of my elbow feels a little bruised. :(

• Much LW activity today. Yay!

• Packing for Boston continues. Hugh derives much amusement from the fact that it will cost less to move two people and all their stuff to Boston than to fly one person to Grand Forks.
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• There's a fucking WASP buzzing around the attic. Which would not be much of a concern except I have to walk through the attic to get to my room.

• Why does the spam I get claim it's from people like Seymour England and Orlando Rankin? Or else it's in Chinese. Or from the U.K. Lottery.

• I am trying to get my FTP client to update itself and it's refusing to do so. Stupid thing. On the other hand, I have downloaded many shiny new games.

Re Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton (right-click)

• Icon post soon, as in "as soon as I get them uploaded and the entry coded."

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