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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 09:26
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Much of this essay annoys me, but I want to reproduce this quote:
But, in the digital world, you get to decide exactly who to be, where to go, and how to behave. This can be problematic if you try to create an entirely new persona (it’s a dishonest and unsustainable representation of yourself), but when wielded skillfully, it can propel the real you to new heights. Rather than create a whole new you, create the best you. Choose the traits you like about yourself, and exemplify them online. Let the less attractive qualities fall by the wayside. Place yourself in a digital environment that will allow you to flourish.

When I focus on creating an improved digital version of me, I find those qualities actually start to carry over into my physical self.
This is actually something I did in my offline life, parallel to beginning and sustaining my online life. I've referred to the name 'Sofia Blackthorne' (which I use in any context where my legal name is not required and where explaining myself won't be absurd) as an aspirational identity, by which I mean: I had an idea of who my ideal Me was, and I continued to develop that ideal self, and I named it so I'd have easier access to it all.

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Now to get ready for my interview. It's going to be great but I am still super-nervous, of course.
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Bookmarklets which allow you to reload Dreamwidth pages in each of the site schemes.

I must credit the creator(s) of the style=mine and format=light bookmarklets, whose names I have lost to time, since all I did was swap in "usescheme"* and the scheme names.

But I hope that someone out there finds these useful.

* The lesser-known sibling of style=mine and format=light is usescheme=foo, where foo is the name of the site scheme you want to, well, use.

ETA: Fixed a bug! The bookmarklets now work for non-siteschemed entries (such as this one). Please reinstall any you're using to take advantage of this expanded functionality. (Thanks to [personal profile] foxfirefey for introducing me to style=site!)
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Did you get an email?? (Note to anyone reading this who isn't my mom: she's been having issues staying logged in, thereby potentially missing locked posts, so we tried to set up a notification that'll email her whenever I post.)

EDIT: Just logged into the parental account (yes I know their password, shut up) and the notification wasn't set up. So I went ahead and did that. /o\ Note to Mom: it should work from now on.

[personal profile] foxfirefey has written a Greasemonkey script that allows you to collapse and expand entries on your DW reading page (provided you use a core2 layout).

And my suggested feature got migrated to Bugzilla! And [personal profile] yvi is working on getting it implemented.

Someday, I'm going to make myself a riot prrl icon. Though I should probably wait until I've done at least a few of the exercises from the perl-for-n00bs book I got, or submitted a patch. Or something.

Work is work. FYI, a digital collection of 80+ pdfs takes a really long time to build. Which wouldn't be so bad except that I now "build early, build often" so that Greenstone doesn't eat my work again.

We had no researchers today, but we did have 197381338482892 freshmen come in looking for classrooms. Lol n00bs, although I suppose I should give them credit for figuring out where their classes are before classes actually start. (I bet we get a ton of lost freshmen tomorrow [first day of classes], a few on Thursday, and somewhere-in-the-middle on Friday [for Tuesday/Friday classes].)
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Notes: This will require creating/editing a layer (theme or layout). The directions below are intended for use on Dreamwidth, but this kind of thing does also work on LiveJournal, and possibly on clones.

To see random text in action, view my journal in my style. The text appears in the left sidebar, beneath the pink rose. Refresh the page a couple of times to see the text change. If you'd like to view the code for my layout, here's the raw code and with syntax highlighted.

I am willing to help people troubleshoot their implementations of this code, but my time is not infinite and my skills are limited. But feel free to ask, and I'll do what I can.

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The concepts used for this code can also be used to randomize header graphics and background images.


Monday, May 4th, 2009 22:13
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Awesome: The Black Parade Mary-Sue Art Meme, hosted by [livejournal.com profile] theopteryx.

I have a half-completed painting that I will finish in the next couple of days. The final version will be posted on the meme and in my journal, of course, but I have taken some in-progress pictures and I might post them too.

Other news: I got my randomized-text code working in my Dreamwidth layout. Left sidebar, down below the little pink rose. :) Only works for account levels with access to advanced customization/layers, though. I've typed up a tutorial for it, but I want to sleep on it in case my directions suck or something.

Courtesy of Ellie: Tern. OMFG cool.

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