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Poetry workshop meets Tuesdays and Fridays.

Workshop schedule cycles through the entire class. Everybody gets 4 chances to workshop things.

My day is the first Tuesday of any given cycle.

A new cycle starts this week.

I have written ~600 words of New Orleans themed poetry for the occasion. And I will be wearing this.


Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 21:30
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It's been two years since Katrina. WTF, it feels like a lot longer. (Although my sense of duration is broken, so that's not surprising.)


the 8 stages of joining bandom

I went all the way from stage 1 to stage 8 in, like, a month.


I've seen this on my flist at least three times:

I love to get postcards and I also love to send them, so the first five people who comment will get a postcard from me. On one condition though, if you comment you have to offer this in your own LJ. That way there'll be a whole load of postcards circling the world, and how cool is that?!

But I'm happy to send out more than five postcards, so just email your address to and I'll get right on it.

Just an FYI.

Friday, August 24th, 2007 21:06
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Kiwi strawberry Vitamin Water tastes like amoxicillin. :(

In better news, bedroom pictures probably tomorrow. Furniture is assembled and arranged to my satisfaction, but I probably ought to vacuum and get rid of the Ikea debris in the corner.

Tomorrow, Hugh and I are going to buy window air conditioners, because we're from the South, which means we are used to central AC everywhere. When we get back, I will probably take some 409 to the plastic table we rescued from the trash a few days ago.

Hugh just came in and announced a craving for diner food, so he's gone to google that, and then we'll probably leave the house in search of food.
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Mom took Hugh and I to the mall and Target today (he needed socks, Mom needed gold jewelry, and I both like to shop and need to be encouraged to leave the house - all three objectives were accomplished, btw).

I don't remember what we were talking about as we entered the mall, but it prompted Mom to comment, "I raised such funny and irreverent children!" We went on to mock:
• the FAA
• teen moms who treat their children like dolls rather than, you know, babies
• male Abercrombie and Fitch models (Mom keeps joking that Hugh ought to get a job as one of their Shirtless Dudes, and today's addendum to that running joke was that at least Hugh's pecs are not so massive that he looks like he kinda needs a bra)
• loose-fitting wet-look vinyl clothing
• and probably other stuff I'm forgetting

Also, Hugh accidentally elbowed me in the nose.

Also also, we're going to build a zeppelin.


Sunday, April 1st, 2007 17:06
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I've kept this disguise up for as long as I could, but it's time to come clean. You guys are smart and you've figured me out. Well, not "me" specifically, but you know that someone's been watching all you fangirls. It's me - you never would have suspected me, right?

So, yeah. I'm absolutely not a nineteen year old college student in Boston.

That chick who met up with [ profile] swallow_soma for tea? A paid fangirl (who really is a college student in Boston, but whatever).

My parents [ profile] susanandleonard and my brother [ profile] zachens? Sockpuppets.

No, my friends. I am... ERIC KRIPKE!!!!!!

I'm in ur LJ readin ur fic & plannin WORLD DOMINATION )
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... and we've been saying all along that we want to share an apartment because dorms just suck. However, we may not agree on the decor...

[ profile] zachens:
[ profile] zachens: We could do that.
[ profile] sofiaviolet: YES PLZ
[ profile] zachens: haha
[ profile] sofiaviolet: NO SRSLY
[ profile] zachens: ...
[ profile] zachens: XD
[ profile] zachens: I was thinking we could you know put in our desks and a futon, maybe the TV too, make it a study/guest room
[ profile] sofiaviolet: BALL PIT
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If they hooked the ResMail package database up to myneu, so that students could check to see if they have packages WITH THE INTERNETS.

WTF 2.0

Thursday, October 5th, 2006 21:06
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I had a couple of bottles of raspberry soda sitting on my windowsill for a while. Today, I went to empty their remains into the sink and get rid of them.

Two of them were as expected, but the third... I opened it, marveling at its carbonation, and got a great big whiff of booze.

Yeah, my raspberry soda fermented into raspberry fizzybooze (not sure what it really would be called. Champagne? Sparkling wine? Something else?)

(no subject)

Friday, July 28th, 2006 20:19
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Heh. My family is weird:

My parents got a giant schnauzer puppy in 1986/7 (I'm not sure which). His name was Mac. (Mum thinks he was named after the computers, which, knowing Dad, doesn't really surprise me.)

In May of 1987, having just found out that there was a sprog due at Christmas, they gave "baby books" to their mums for Mother's Day.

Granny thought it was for pictures of Dad's niece and nephews (who, being approx. 10+ years older than me, weren't really babies any more, but ah well).

Grandma thought it was for pictures of Mac. *dies*

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