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• Happy birthday to [ profile] kisingchaos9 and [ profile] ladysorka!!!!

• I have completed my take-home midterm for Gender & Society. I think I accidentally went over the time limit, but that's just what happens with me (at least when I manage to focus on something).

• Directly related to the above, I'm stimulated again with regard to that semi-academic bandom thing I said I was going to write. I'll jot down my thoughts over the next few days, try to give it some structure.

• Note to self: "brb, South Station at ass crack of dawn."

• MBTA trip planner hates me. :(

• As a result, I'm going to actually go to South Station at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow, because I need to see what time I can get there by. Then I will go to campus and hang around the library until class. \o/ I am insanely devoted.

• Or perhaps just insane. Even more insane than you're probably thinking. All shall be revealed in due course. *mysterious*
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So my creative writing class took up "The Cut Direct" today and we had a nice round of "Sofia's issues, let her show u them." Cathartic, overall, and no one ripped my heart out or dismissed my emotions, and I got some good suggestions (he's gonna hang now, because execution is a little more forceful that prosecution).

The professor always brings food for my environmental science class - today it was $130 of heirloom tomatoes. We didn't eat anywhere near all of them, so I brought about five of them home in case Hugh wants to cook with them.

I had to do battle with the downstairs toilet again. Baking soda, vinegar, and a plunger to the rescue.

I also did some cleaning of my room, and the dishes. My desk area is a disaster but it usually is with me - I'll at least get the stuff off the floor tomorrow so I can vacuum - but other than that my room is about as neat as it can be with how much stuff I have.

I won a 40s jacket from ebay; now it just needs to get cold enough for me to wear it.

... note to self, hang up your freaking posters already.
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More for the Auriel Skippy's list:

13. I will not write band boys into Auriel in any context.

14. No, not even as unnamed background characters.

15. And certain not as things like a major character's roommate or coworker.

16. I am also not allowed to graft bits of their appearances or personalities or life stories onto otherwise original characters, because that way lies madness and eventual violation of 14 and 15.
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Bragging about how you haven't been sick since you were in high school?

Is totally the fastest way to come down with a lingering sore throat, with bonus random sinus pains! *facepalm*

Here, have some fantastic cat macros.

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