Friday, December 2nd, 2011

sofiaviolet: stone steps with moss (stone steps)
Made my first improvement to my Shadowrun character on Monday: acquired the Longarms skill at rating 2, so she can use a sniper rifle. Further away from the NPCs you're trying to kill means less chance they can lodge bullets in you. (This Monday, I need to actually buy the sniper rifle, and talk to Daly about initiation and Adept powers.)

Did my first survivor speech on Wednesday night. I drafted the full length of what I wanted to say in my paper journal a couple of times on Tuesday and Wednesday. When I went to actually give the speech, it just kind of happened (and I don't think I talked too fast or went over my allotted time). *sigh* Now that that's done, I am no longer wound up so tightly my spine's range of motion is obstructed, which I very much appreciate.

After work yesterday, I got lunch at Ghazal (where they now remember I like plain naan with my lunch buffet, I am there so frequently) and then went to the thrift stores on Centre Street. I got sweaters and glassware. Sweaters because I need warm things that are more professional than hoodies (which is a really low bar to set); one of them is argyle but none of them are cardigans because pullovers seem much more common and I an super-picky about my cardigans. Glassware is for terrariums and aquariums: Ellie's potted herb garden died a while back, so I am going to replace the rosemary, basil, and thyme with live moss terrariums (since they need less sun and there's no window in our apartment that gets much of that, particularly in winter). And I want some marimo balls to keep in my bedroom.

(Ellie mocks my desire for pet protists. I figure they're just the right amount of maintenance and attention for me to keep them alive.)

Any advice on super-low-maintenance, low-light houseplants welcome.
sofiaviolet: small jars of some kind of pigment and brushes (pigments)
I have decided I like red lipstick:

  • Its texture helps remind me not to bite my lips all the time (much like the slickness of nail polish helps remind me not to bite my nails).

  • Red lipstick + pale skin + dark hair = seems not inappropriate when my clothes required any degree of effort above "jeans and t-shirt." Not necessarily always the "right" choice, but probably not egregiously "wrong."

  • On the other hand, I'm not sure how well it goes with purple. (I am always purple, thanks to the hair. But so is a lot of my clothes, and most of the eye makeup I own.)

    At any rate, the possibility that my mouth clashes with my hair shall not stop me from testing ALL THE RED LIPSTICKS at Sephora tomorrow before the munch.

    My eye makeup skills are still subpar. I can kindasorta apply eyeliner now (I never thought I'd learn that skill! *excited*), but I still can't get it nice enough to wear in public. More practice needed. Eyeshadow... I can apply one color to my entire eyelid, that's about it.

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