Back in Boston.

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 18:09
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I had a great time in New Orleans. :)

Ellen and Greg arrived shortly after Christmas (they're moving in with my parents for part of the year). Cory was also around for a few days (he is actually planning to use the Hello Kitty dice bag). We went to the French Quarter twice (once with Ellen and Greg and Cory, once without), ate at our favorite restaurants, etc.

I did manage to get lunch with [personal profile] pinesandmaples, [personal profile] rooibos, and their roommate Sid right before leaving for the airport. Ellie and I had a very nice, very empty flight that got in early and good luck with everything once we landed except for the Orange Line, for which we had to wait because we'd just missed a train.

Since getting back last night, I haven't done much of anything, but Ellie has been on a "clean all the things!" binge today, mainly focusing on the kitchen and bathroom. We also got groceries and she's making chicken noodle soup for us and the one or more of her friends who are coming over for dinner.

I seem to have gained some weight, for once. I'm not sure how long it's going to stick around or what exactly happened - it seemed very sudden, in the sense that I arrived in New Orleans and the next day none of my pants fit any more. (I have no particular feelings about the weight itself, particularly since my body doesn't feel any different to its inhabitant, but I am annoyed that significant chunks of my wardrobe have moved from "easily wearable" to "do a bizarre dance to get into this article of clothing.") I have no plans to maintain or to work against this, because A) I am lazy, B) I have my doubts it would work, my body being unresponsive to all previous attempts to modify it through food consumption, and C) in light of the foregoing, any attempts to increase, decrease, or stabilize this weight gain are probably a special kind of unproductive.
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