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Lissa Valery (older than she looks, sacred knight of her adopted hometown)
"It is true, I was born in the hills far to the west of this city. But I was a sickly child, afflicted with the curse that sometimes befalls my people. I had been born away from my true home and would wander the earth until I found it, or wither to nothingness. This city of Auriel is my homeland. I am not a citizen born, nor even yet sworn, but I am Paladin and this place is written on my bones."

Ruth Behrman (teenage assassin, very angry that her parents are dead)
When his blood stopped flowing, Ruth wiped the knife off in his matted blond hair and tucked in back into the sheath strapped to her thigh. Then she took out a sack of salt and a bottle of kerosene from her bag, and set about reducing the last of her vendetta to ash.

Julia Sgraffa (apparently unkillable, but otherwise pretty ordinary)
"I. Uh. I definitely went splat. It was awful. I don't think human beings are supposed to feel that level of organs going squish, I think we're supposed to die before it registers."
"And yet, you're looking remarkably well. Completely uninjured."
"Yeah. I know. I got up, lost my lunch because, seriously, awful - and anyway, the short version is that I apparently don't stay splatted any more. I hereby volunteer as self-replenishing cannon fodder, if required."

(Lissa is the divinely appointed protector of the city! Ruth's parents belonged to the order of assassins who do the dirty work that people like Lissa aren't supposed to do! Julia was just Lissa's best friend and guide to Life In Auriel, and now she's all special! Together, they fight crime!)

(I have another thing in progress, too, but no one has final names yet and everything is just porn so far.)
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I periodically poke at Auriel, looking for things that need to be reworked. And while this usually winds up being a good thing - I always come out the other end with a more plausible and cohesive universe - it is always a massive pain in the ass while it’s going on.

And it’s never small changes. It’s always redrawing the map (at least I never got much of it done this time around), rearranging character relationships, etc. I move closer to and then further from our world in terms of technology and culture; this happens to be an away cycle, in the direction of clockwork infrastructure and art nouveau.

The things I drag in and take out have everything to do with what’s up in my life at the time. My impression of the sights and sounds changes - cambia, that’s Italian; I like it better. The taste of it, the sense of rolling over naturally, the way the seasons do (or should).

The constants (the subway, the river, the arrangement of the districts) might say something about me. But why things underground or public transit or urban planning matter so much… yeah, I don’t know either. We could ascribe the river to the Mississippi, if we must. (I’ve never named that river. If we break this project down and take it as far back as it goes, those are really the only constants: a city with a name, and a river without one.)

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I managed to complete NaNoWriMo in November, so I need to set a new challenge for myself.

The prompts at We Are Cities are intended for bandslash, but they’re good enough that I want to use them anyway. There are over 100 prompts already posted, and more to come.

So, the resolution: whenever I feel stuck, whenever I can’t think of anything to write about, I’ll reach for one of those prompts.

My other New Year’s resolution is to have assigned last names to the characters who don’t have them yet, and to assign everyone a birthdate. Age is just a number, and the stories span years.

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Obsessed much?

Saturday, December 8th, 2007 23:29
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I am working on the Big Damn Map for Auriel. I combed through old versions of the BDM, and as of my deciding to update my lj, there are 128 streets named. I counted. /o\

Which sounds fucking awesome, right. And yet, 128 names covers all the east-west streets in the Eastern Sector, and less than a third of the north-south streets in the Eastern Sector, and absolutely nothing in the Western Sector.

I need ~400 names total. *headdesk* Fortunately I don't need a complete map to write stuff. I just need to remember to keep the map compliant with whatever is in the stories.

(Also interesting to note: apparently when I am this tired, I am suddenly dyslexic.)

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