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Lissa Valery (older than she looks, sacred knight of her adopted hometown)
"It is true, I was born in the hills far to the west of this city. But I was a sickly child, afflicted with the curse that sometimes befalls my people. I had been born away from my true home and would wander the earth until I found it, or wither to nothingness. This city of Auriel is my homeland. I am not a citizen born, nor even yet sworn, but I am Paladin and this place is written on my bones."

Ruth Behrman (teenage assassin, very angry that her parents are dead)
When his blood stopped flowing, Ruth wiped the knife off in his matted blond hair and tucked in back into the sheath strapped to her thigh. Then she took out a sack of salt and a bottle of kerosene from her bag, and set about reducing the last of her vendetta to ash.

Julia Sgraffa (apparently unkillable, but otherwise pretty ordinary)
"I. Uh. I definitely went splat. It was awful. I don't think human beings are supposed to feel that level of organs going squish, I think we're supposed to die before it registers."
"And yet, you're looking remarkably well. Completely uninjured."
"Yeah. I know. I got up, lost my lunch because, seriously, awful - and anyway, the short version is that I apparently don't stay splatted any more. I hereby volunteer as self-replenishing cannon fodder, if required."

(Lissa is the divinely appointed protector of the city! Ruth's parents belonged to the order of assassins who do the dirty work that people like Lissa aren't supposed to do! Julia was just Lissa's best friend and guide to Life In Auriel, and now she's all special! Together, they fight crime!)

(I have another thing in progress, too, but no one has final names yet and everything is just porn so far.)
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Mom: blah blah blah batshit crazy blah
Me: I usually say batshit insane.
Dad: ... shithat? ...
Mom: ??? Asshat?
Dad: I'm mixing metaphors. Trying to pick up the lingo.


My mother bought a bottle of Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale. I think it tastes loathsome, but I have been gleefully proclaiming "Grail Ale!" throughout dinner.


Yesterday, Hugh and I installed a few outlet boxes, drilled some holes, and marked some studs in the apartment next door. Relatedly, something from Auriel:

A guy and a girl. He might have red hair, but it’s hard to tell under all the plaster dust. She is also covered in plaster, holding a hammer incompetently although she seems to think she knows what she’s doing. He holds a screwdriver with less confidence but considerably more competence. Both are looking up, toward the viewer but really toward the large hole where the ceiling has just fallen in on top of them. She looks slightly mystified, whereas he is merely resigned.

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