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I spent Thursday morning packing, and had to run out the door at the very last second to make it to school on time - I was giving a group presentation in class and needed to meet with the group beforehand. After class, I hopped the bus to Cambridge, checked into the hotel and got [ profile] elaineofshalott checked in, and went back to campus to meet with someone re: another class. After that, Elaine and I got dinner at Veggie Galaxy, picked up our reg packets, and hung out in the hotel room with [ profile] bessyboo and [ profile] daisysusan for the rest of the night.

I was awake and functional early enough to make it to the welcome/icebreaker. I hadn't been planning on attending either of the 9:00 panels, but since I was already down in the con space I went to Slash Pictionary. It was definitely fun but I don't think I would enjoy regular pictionary at all.

Then of course I went to the Avengers panel. (Alas, it was up against "Some people go both ways.") There was definitely a lot of enthusiasm. I stayed put for the polyfic panel - I love attending polyfic panels, because they really demonstrate the changes that are happening in fic over a relatively short amount of time, where the representation of various kinds of poly relationships is improving and diversifying.

I grabbed lunch at Fourburgers because a) quick, b) introvert alone time, c) fucking delicious - and was back at the hotel in time to peruse the swap table and make it to the 1:00 panel.

I camped out in the same panel room all afternoon. Fourth Wall Not Found was excellent, and we spent a fair bit of time talking about comics creators' level of engagement with social media and direct contact with fans. Then the Community panel - I love the show, though I'm usually behind on it because I apparently don't have the attention span to watch a single episode of a sitcom in one sitting. And finally, I threw up my hands and stayed for the knotting panel, on the theory that it would be hilarious to hang out in a room full of fangirls talking about it - true (I don't actually read very much knotting fic, and I tend to avoid A/B/O and omegaverse fics because the worldbuilding is usually lacking and there's a very narrow band of mpreg/impregnation kink I can tolerate, since pregnancy, especially compulsory pregnancy, is the single biggest trigger I have).

Dinner was at an Indian restaurant that was pretty good, but not nearly as tasty as Ghazal in Jamaica Plain. I got dressed for the vid show and dance party in kind of a hurry, and we squeaked in pretty last-minute. Despite only having time to change clothes and slap on some lipstick, I was very happy with how I looked and how my outfit worked with dancing my ass off. The vid show was fantastic, and I actually recognized a lot of the fandoms represented.

The dance party was tons of fun until the very end. The only problems were a major lack of free water - so I had to limit my dancing carefully to avoid having a non-alcoholic hangover Saturday - and then the fact that My Chemical Romance announced their breakup near the end. (I actually thought someone had died, based on the reactions people were having and the way the news was spreading.) There was a smallish get-together in one of the hotel rooms, where I went and was with people for a while, but I didn't stay long because I had to be up pretty early on Saturday.

I got up and went to my 9:30 class, gave my group presentation, and hoofed it back to Cambridge. On my way back to the con, I called my mom and told her about MCR - I'm the one who introduced her to their music, so I wanted to be the one to tell her it was over. We talked for a while, and I promised that we'd watch the Black Parade concert DVD I own next time we get together (I haven't ever watched it, because I was at the Hoboken show - my first MCR concert - but this feels like an appropriate occasion to take off the shrink-wrap. My mom never got to see them live).

So I had missed the tumblr panel (super sad about that), and I was extremely late to the Fall Out Boy panel. The third floor was swarming with children and their parents. Super-obnoxious, although people were speculating that at least the con would look spectacular to the hotel staff in comparison. Lunch at Fourburgers again.

The Marvel comics panel felt kind of scattered, but a lot of info came through and the use of handouts and free comics was pretty awesome. (Between the swap table Friday, this panel, and the last-minute "please take this stuff away" plea re: the swap table Sunday, I came home with a pretty decent stack of comics.) I was late to Fandom Osmosis because I was in the con suite poking through free comics.

When The Canon Breaks Your Heart was an interesting experience, and not at all what I would have expected before the con, or after the MCR news hit on Friday. We really covered a wide range of topics, and there were many fewer attendees than I expected - I guess some people weren't ready for that particular kind of processing? IDK.

Then I hit Crossing the Streams because two of my roommates were modding, along with one other person. It was cool to hear other people's thoughts and practices about how open they are about being in fandom.

Dinner was at Bertucci's with some folks I met through bandom, and then some of us played a round of Gloom before I took off for the Avengers room party, to which I was very late. But [ profile] selkiechick and [ profile] Kadorienne and I went over to the Asgard for drinks and further Avengers chatter - and then gaming chatter and con chatter.

When I got back to the hotel, Elaine and I talked for a long time and eventually noticed the smell of cigarette smoke seeping into our room, presumably from the people next door with the yappy dog who didn't shut up until 11 on Friday night (especially since the folks on the other side were also MJ people) and sicced the hotel on the problem.

We all got up a little later than I'd been getting up all weekend, and got our stuff together. We spent some time in the con suite - I was at the table talking about chicken-fuckers at great and hilarified length - and then my roomies invited me up to Harvard Square for food and meeting up with [personal profile] verymilkytea. After, she left and my roommates went in search of chocolate penguins, I came home and took a very long nap.

Until next time, my dears! :D

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