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So apparently I lied about only making one post for Dress Your Best. That's just how the picture-taking shook out.

Today's outfit was originally put together as an example of "casual night out" - dinner at a restaurant and/or one of the less-glittery local theater/dance/etc. things I go to. Unlike my fancier (by which I mean sparklier) stuff, I can wear something like this all day.

Today's photos also highlight one of my favorite "oh shit it's cold" coping strategies for Boston's sudden weather changes: Add A Hoodie.

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As you can see, I didn't really accessorize today - baby steps, people! - but I have plenty of red jewelry (the shirt does lend itself to one of the larger pendants from Wyrding Studios) and at least three purses that could work (the devil Hello Kitty bag if I need to carry a lot of stuff, a shiny red purse, or a faux leather black one). And it could probably do with a belt, but belts are tricky.

ETA: *facepalm* It helps if you upload the pictures before you post the entry. And also if you type the correct URLs. [No one saw that.]
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So, here's the thing. I'm going to put together five outfits (for Dress Your Best Week), plus an extra outfit or two to account for Boston's fickle weather.

But I can't work the timer on my camera to save my life (well, I can work the timer, but I can't get decent photos with it), so the next time that A) I'm awake, B) Ellie is home, and C) it's sunny outside, I'll get her to take pictures of all the outfits.

And I'll stick all the photos and all the fashion meta in one post, so that nobody will hate me for spamming them. :D?

In the meantime, the prep! My list of five body parts, and the types of outfits I want to construct... )

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 23:20
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Daily Song (right-click): Escape the Fate - Cellar Door
This may have to go on certain of my writing playlists. (Not playlists I listen to while I write, mind you. More like fanmixes I make for myself.)

Academichic: Dress Your Best Week
I'd like to participate in that, but IDK whether I'll have the spoons.* I could try picking out my clothes ahead of time and writing the entry in advance, I guess. I've been meaning to assemble fabulous outfits more often (inspired partly by one of my coworkers and partly by the underutilized parts of my closet), but, ugh, effort. This kind of thing is usually the first to get pushed aside.

When it comes to picking out clothes in advance, there's also the problem of Boston's highly fickle weather. I can't just glance at a forecast and create five outfits for a work-and/or-class-week! I have to have backup outfits: what if it rains, what it it's suddenly and briefly hot or cold, etc?

* I'm still trying to figure out the extent to which I'm comfortable with conceptualizing my depression as a disability. I often feel like I am too functional to really count. :\

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