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Monday, May 10th, 2010 01:38
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Northampton was a nifty place, even if it did rain on us twice. We will have to go back. Pictures tomorrow, since some of the ones I want to post are on Ellie's camera (mine being a rapid consumer of batteries that died very early on), but the summary:

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Upcoming: long-ass link roundup, as soon as I actually backread all of my dreamroll! Skip=300 and I am on yesterday!
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Since Saturday morning. (I mean, I do use Dreamwidth as my feed reader, but that's still a lot of posts.)

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At this point, my camera died. Stupid thing consumes batteries at a rapid pace. So all of the following photos were taken by Ellie.

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So, here's the thing. I'm going to put together five outfits (for Dress Your Best Week), plus an extra outfit or two to account for Boston's fickle weather.

But I can't work the timer on my camera to save my life (well, I can work the timer, but I can't get decent photos with it), so the next time that A) I'm awake, B) Ellie is home, and C) it's sunny outside, I'll get her to take pictures of all the outfits.

And I'll stick all the photos and all the fashion meta in one post, so that nobody will hate me for spamming them. :D?

In the meantime, the prep! My list of five body parts, and the types of outfits I want to construct... )

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