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[Probably of little interest to anyone but me; feel free to skip.]

When I go to New Orleans this summer, my plans are mainly:
1. eat good food
2. research
3. hang out with my parents
4. reclaim some of my stuff

I know there are books I want. There's also a folding table and two folding chairs which were in my bedroom at Fiona's house in Atlanta. The table will be of immediate use in my bedroom, and the chairs will probably go toward extra seating when Ellie hosts gatherings.

Mom can probably have boxes ready for me, because Mom is good at that kind of advance planning. Then I just pack up what I want, and we haul my shit to Fedex. Same process as the initial "Ellie and Sofia move to Boston" thing, just on a much smaller scale.

But before I can really bring more of my stuff to Boston, I need to finish dealing with the stuff I already have.

Loft bed: Most important part of getting my room to accommodate me. I need the under-bed space to be productive somehow; sticking some furniture under there seems like a good plan. My mattress it currently on a very low futon frame, and I keep tripping on it, and it accidentally my entire bedroom floor. :(

The bed I wanted was out of stock last time I was at Ikea. I finally got annoyed with their website and its unhelpful stock information, so I called them, and the perky female voice told me that their system is kinda broken right now, so they can't guarantee stock levels. *sigh*

I have figured out what I need from Ikea (besides the bed), and Ellie and I will drive out to Stoughton soon-ish. If they have the bed I want, hooray! If not, we will then go to Home Depot for lumber, and Ellie will build it, possibly cannibalizing pieces from the futon frame. (If we don't need to use the futon frame for anything else, bookshelves!) \o/ for siblings with skills.

Ideally, I will have a loft bed one way or another by the end of February, or definitely by the end of March or I will be most displeased. Which means I can finish arranging furniture, then finish unpacking my last box and cleaning my room.

Ellie will need to cut one of our existing bookshelves down so it will fit under the bed. I will also have to take my desk apart, move the top shelf down, and put it back together. Otherwise, I won't be able to use that shelf once I move the desk underneath the bed.

I'll also be able to remove my old desk from the kitchen, where it has been driving Ellie bonkers since we moved in - it is this huge peanut-shaped table and it gets piled with clutter. I want to use it as a vanity, so I'm patching up some damage and adding some lighting fixtures and mirrors. Bonus: if I put the desk at the foot of my bed and the vanity at the head, I can scoot between them on just one chair.

Much as Ellie would probably love it, my room is too small and too awkwardly designed to get my creative space out of the dining room. Well, my yarn stash might be okay, but not painting or jewelry. Too messy and too much stuff, respectively.

But once Ellie figures out what she wants to do with shelving and furniture in the dining room, I should be able to... contract. More/better storage near my workspace (as opposed to "all along the perpendicular wall"). I should at least be able to keep my beads/rocks/findings closer to my workbench, but I might be able to move my paints out of the living room, too.

I also vote that we mark where the dining room table belongs, using blue painter's tape on the floor. Because it keeps drifting until I have no space: away from the interior wall and toward the windows (so I can barely sit down to eat) and away from the living room and towards the kitchen (so it blocks off my workbench).

And yes, I can post pictures when it's all done.

Date: 2010-01-27 20:57 (UTC)
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Good luck making the most of your space!

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