Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

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A local fandom friend and I want to go to Flea (NSFW), but we need a couple of folks to share a hotel room with. :D?

sofiaviolet@sofiaviolet.com, or comment.
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[Probably of little interest to anyone but me; feel free to skip.]

When I go to New Orleans this summer, my plans are mainly:
1. eat good food
2. research
3. hang out with my parents
4. reclaim some of my stuff

I know there are books I want. There's also a folding table and two folding chairs which were in my bedroom at Fiona's house in Atlanta. The table will be of immediate use in my bedroom, and the chairs will probably go toward extra seating when Ellie hosts gatherings.

Mom can probably have boxes ready for me, because Mom is good at that kind of advance planning. Then I just pack up what I want, and we haul my shit to Fedex. Same process as the initial "Ellie and Sofia move to Boston" thing, just on a much smaller scale.

But before I can really bring more of my stuff to Boston, I need to finish dealing with the stuff I already have.

my bedroom )

crafting space/dining room )

And yes, I can post pictures when it's all done.

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