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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 17:06
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So, uh. *waves*

I had been waiting to post about this until I got some more items uploaded, but. I keep mentioning it to people, and there's thirteen things in there, which is just going to have to be enough for now. (I had so much more time when I had no social life, srsly you guys.)

Etsy shop. I has one. Jewelry and very tiny paintings - future plans include a wider selection of jewelry, larger paintings, and possibly other things. ;)

And some interactive funtimes: jewelry prompts! (I'll take painting prompts some time soon, promise.) Your prompt can be anything, but I reserve the right to engage in some wacky free-association to turn it into a piece of jewelry.

The prompter has right of first refusal on their piece. After that, I'll offer these pieces to my journal readership, and after that, whatever's left will go on etsy.

Even if you doubt you'll buy whatever comes of your prompt, you can still ask me to make something. No excuses or apologies needed. Nobody has to buy what I make from their prompt. I just want inspiration.
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I have a black wool coat whose lining is disintegrating. (Mom did fix it up for me last Christmas, but it is pretty much beyond repair by now.) So what I need, more specifically, is a black wool coat which is large enough to accommodate some sweaters/hoodies under it.

It's black! And wool! And, going by the measurements the seller gave, would fit me perfectly, with room for maybe a single relatively thin sweater under it.

I was outbid at the very last second, so I suppose it doesn't matter. To console myself, I bought this locket instead.

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Monday, June 29th, 2009 21:00
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[personal profile] hederahelix: Sizeism in fic and society

'Cis' is hostile? I remember being quite pleased the first time I became aware of 'cis' and related terms - it filled a lexical hole that I had not realized was there.

Weird passage of time at work today - doing really tedious stuff apparently makes the day fly by. Probably because I can devote a portion of my brain to pre-writing.

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