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Saturday, July 6th, 2013 22:08
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Roommate search may wind up resolved by boyfriend moving in. (We need to discuss it seriously, but that'll keep until the end of the month when he's actually here - especially since my phone is old and bitchy and drops calls like a motherfucker.)

As we've been long-distance for three years now (and have spent a total of 2-3 months actually in each other's presence over those three years): Separate. Bedrooms. I need my spaaaaaaaaace. Also, there is no way whatsoever to fit another person in my room for real (not just a houseguest kipping on my futon).

It's been non-stop family togetherness since I last posted, including a trip to IKEA (we love IKEA). Since I like my family, this is fine by me.

Thursday was taken up by cleaning house (me and Mom) and initial work on getting the bathroom put back together (Dad and Ellie). We went out for dinner and caught a little of the fireworks from near Copley Square, just because we happened to be there.

Friday was jam-packed: IKEA (breakfast, shopping, lunch), Home Depot (box fans), Target (other fan), thrift store and hardware stores (dropping off donations, picking up sash cord to re-attach a counterweight for a window), Best Buy (looking for more fans), other Target (return other fan for ineffectiveness), other Home Depot (more box fans), Stop & Shop, and Whole Foods - basically, we had a Zipcar all day, and made extreme use of it. Oof.

Today Dad and Ellie got the tiles back on the wall - tomorrow they grout. More housecleaning, putting together of the furniture from IKEA (two things with lots of smallish drawers), and putting things away using the new furniture and organizer doodads. I had a facial scheduled for the middle of the afternoon, so that was nice. Went out for dinner again. The postman apparently decided to Deliver All The Packages today - four or so for the neighbors, and I got four.

Date: 2013-07-07 22:26 (UTC)
cxcvi: Red cubes, sitting on a reflective surface, with a white background (Default)
From: [personal profile] cxcvi
There's nothing wrong with having separate bedrooms. My fiancée and I will have separate bedrooms when we finally get a place together.

I've still never been to IKEA, though...

Date: 2013-07-11 16:23 (UTC)
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The Farmer and I share a bedroom, but it is literally just a room with a bed. We both have a thing for sleeping in small enclosed spaces, and our house has two small enclosed spaces! Insert bed! Win!

He has the entire basement, the other small room, and a back room for his own spaces; I have a sitting room and the kitchen that are basically "mine". We sleep in the same space and split for adventures all day, plus storing stuff in separate spaces. It's awesome. When we're in a place long-term, he's going to build a bed compartment to replicate the little rooms of this house because we're so taken with the layout.

I am pro-shared spaces and pro-separate spaces. Maintain sanity!

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