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... I have been kinda busy. I did manage to finish the paper I was freaking out about, although of course it's not graded yet. I've also been to a board game night, a munch, and a play party.

I've also been doing small housekeeping tasks (load of laundry! put away clothes! load dishwasher! etc!) somewhat at random, when the urge strikes. Unfortunately, all the semi-compulsive neatening in the world does not change the fact that I Own Too Much Stuff And Need To Get Rid Of Some Of It. (Possibly the biggest glut of things comes of being the exact same size for nearly a decade that had "fleeing home with an overnight bag because of Katrina" in the middle of it; I own waaaaay too much clothes and it all still fits me.) (I also have a lot of notebooks and loose papers. I think I need to steal some of Ellie's cardboard storage boxes and turn my archival skillz on my own crap.)

I have not mailed anyone's cards yet, but the comment notifications are still in the Starred section of my inbox, reminding me that I need to do that. Soon.

I will be visiting my parents from December 18th to January 6th. For the first time in a long time, I will get to spend my birthday having a good time, rather than "on a plane" or "stepped off a plane yesterday." I am looking forward to that.

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