Care and feeding.

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 22:20
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Care and Feeding Instructions

  • I am generally healthy and easy-going.

  • Too much social may overwhelm me. I am pretty good at seeking out my own quiet time, but if I tell you I am out of cope, please do not argue with me.

  • My depression is generally adequately controlled by medication. Sometimes I am sad anyway, and sometimes the depression overflows the antidepressant's capacity. Currently unmedicated but doing okay. *hugs*, distractions, and nudges to Cheer Up Emo Kid are all generally appreciated in these circumstances.

  • I am a survivor of an abusive relationship. No known triggers.

  • I have food allergies. Do not feed me nuts of any kind. Other than that, I can be picky but can generally eat anywhere: no dietary restrictions and no sensitivities to sneaky ubiquitous ingredients like gluten.

  • I think your fuzzy animals are darling, but I am also allergic to them. Please let me know if there will be fuzzy creatures, particularly cats, so that I can pre-game with benadryl. Should I fail to take antihistamines ahead of time, I am able to take any allergy medication you may have in your house without side effects.

  • Medications: epi-pen, albuterol inhaler, Wellbutrin.

  • I have never developed a taste for recreational drugs of any type but you can do whatever in my presence. See: easy-going.

  • I am queer and polyamorous. Currently: in a long-distance relationship of serious caliber.

  • I like receiving mail. My birthday is in early January and I generally don't bother much with holidays. My address is available to my access list and (should you wish to send me a specific thingy) my vague $winterholiday wishlist from the most recent year is available to the public.

  • Online contact information, offline contact information (locked), and emergency information (private).

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