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2013-03-22 through 2013-03-23: Muskrat Jamboree (Cambridge, MA)

2012-11-11: Boston Anarchist Bookfair (Boston, MA)
2012-06-30: Brave + pho (Boston, MA)
2012-06-15 through 2012-06-17: Con.txt (Silver Spring, MD)
2012-03-16: Boston Tease Party Presents "Beaver" (Somerville, MA)
2012-03-09: BWWDM Munch (Boston, MA)
2012-03-01 through 2012-03-04: Louisiana Historical Association Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)
2012-02-10 through 2012-02-12: Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, RI)
2012-01-13 through 2012-01-16: Arisia (Boston, MA)
2012-01-12: BWWDM Munch (Boston, MA)

2011-12-03: BTNG Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-12-01: Bi Women Who Date Men Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-11-26: Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving (Jamaica Plain, MA)
2011-11-21: Greater Boston Trauma Survivors Munch (Somerville, MA)
2011-11-20: Mob business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-11-19: play party (Dorchester, MA)
2011-11-17: BWWDM Game Night (Boston, MA)
2011-11-10: Queer Boston Munch (Cambridge, MA)
2011-11-08: Bi Women Who Date Men Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-11-06: Safe/Ward (Cambridge, MA)
2011-11-05: BTNG Prudential Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-10-28: Rasputina (Boston, MA)
2011-10-16: Mob business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-10-11: Bi Women Who Date Men Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-10-09: CTNG Diesel Munch (Somerville, MA)
2011-10-01: BTNG Prudential Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-09-22: Bi Women Dating Men Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-09-18: Mob business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-09-17: [personal profile] oration's birthday party (Boston, MA)
2011-09-15: Mob Munch (Cambridge, MA)
2011-09-03: BTNG Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-08-21: Mob New England business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-07-17: Mob New England business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-07-06: GSLIS Advising Day (Boston, MA)
2011-06-18: play party (Dorchester, MA)
2011-06-17: Pervocracy/Manboobz Meetup (Boston, MA)
2011-06-04: BTNG Prudential Munch (Boston, MA)
2011-06-04: BARCC Survivor Speakers Bureau Training (Cambridge, MA)
2011-05-28: Kinky Tea and Tag Sale (Cambridge, MA)
2011-05-15: Mob New England business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-05-10: My Chemical Romance (Washington, DC)
2011-05-07: Boston Slutwalk (Boston, MA)
2011-05-05: My Chemical Romance (Boston, MA)
2011-04-26: Break the Silence About Sexual Violence! (Boston, MA)
2011-04-23: play party (Dorchester, MA)
2011-04-22: My Chemical Romance (New York, NY)
2011-04-17: Mob New England business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-04-01 through 2011-04-02: Muskrat Jamboree (Boston, MA)
2011-02-20: Mob New England business meeting and demo (Brookline, MA)
2011-02-11 through 2011-02-12: Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, RI)
2011-02-03: Boston Symphony Orchestra (Boston, MA)
2011-01-14 through 2011-01-17: Arisia (Boston, MA)
2011-01-09: BTNG Diesel Munch (Somerville, MA)

2010-12-12: BTNG Diesel Munch (Somerville, MA)
2010-12-10: The Slutcracker (Somerville, MA)
2010-12-09: Transcriptions (Boston, MA)
2010-11-13: Phone Whore (Cambridge, MA)
2010-09-04: Art Retreat at Wyrding Studios (Concord, NH)
2010-08-28: Scissor Sisters (Boston, MA)
2010-07-29: Dating While Feminist (Boston, MA)
2010-07-24: Festival@First: Shaken Up Shakespeare (Somerville, MA)
2010-07-17: Summer Flea
2010-06-18 through 2010-06-20: CON.TXT (Silver Spring, MD)
2010-05-22: Cameryn's Big Bon Voy-Fucking-Age (Boston, MA)
2010-05-21: Wide Load (Boston, MA)
2010-05-16: Fuckbucket (Boston, MA)
2010-05-16: Phone Whore (Cambridge, MA)
2010-05-15: Boston Derby Dames (Wilmington, MA)
2010-05-14: Slutbutter (Boston, MA)
2010-05-01: Thursday (Worcester, MA)
2010-04-18: Flea at MIT (Cambridge, MA)
2010-04-17: Boston Derby Dames (Wilmington, MA)
2010-04-09: Cabaret Grimm (Boston, MA)
2010-03-27: Big Moves' "Dr. Feelgood, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Body" (Cambridge, MA)
2010-03-26: Big Moves' "Dr. Feelgood, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Body" (Cambridge, MA)
2010-02-12 through 2010-02-14: Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, RI)
2010-02-12: Phone Whore premiere at Flea (Providence, RI)
2010-01-23: Show (Brookline, MA)
2010-01-21: Slutcracker cast party (Cambridge, MA)
2010-01-15 through 2010-01-18: Arisia (Cambridge, MA)
2010-01-08: Naked Comedy (Cambridge, MA)
2010-01-08: The Donkey Show (Cambridge, MA)

2009-12-18: Never Shout Never (Foxboro, MA)
2009-12-12: The Slutcracker: A Burlesque (Somerville, MA)
2009-12-11: Naked Comedy (Cambridge, MA)
2009-12-06: Bazaar Bizarre (Boston, MA)
2009-12-05: Marblehead Christmas Walk (Marblehead, MA)
2009-11-29: Rocky Horror (Cambridge, MA)
2009-11-28: Boys Like Girls (Foxboro, MA)
2009-11-21: Wyrding Studios jewelry party (Watertown, MA)
2009-11-17: Brand New (Boston, MA)
2009-11-02: Amanda Palmer (Boston, MA)
2009-11-01: Boiling Point Burlesque (Cambridge, MA)
2009-10-24: Translating Identity Conference (Burlington, VT)
2009-10-17: The Gaslight Anthem (Boston, MA)
2009-10-16: Art Brut (Cambridge, MA)
2009-10-07: wo(n)man show (Boston, MA)
2009-10-03: The Femme Show (Cambridge, MA)
2009-10-02: The Storm Is Here - NU drag show (Boston, MA)
2009-09-19: Yarr! A Pirate Cabaret (Brookline, MA)
2009-09-12: wo(n)man show (Boston, MA)
2009-08-31: Cobra Starship (Providence, RI)
2009-08-06: Blink-182 (Mansfield, MA)
2009-07-20: Green Day (Boston, MA)
2009-06-27: Taking Back Sunday (Boston, MA)
2009-04-28: Fall Out Boy (Lowell, MA)
2009-04-03 through 2009-04-04: Muskrat Jamboree! (Boston, MA)
2009-03-21: Tea and Strumpets 3 - The Copywrong Edition! (Boston, MA)
2009-03-19: Bloc Party (Boston, MA)
2009-03-13: Mindless Self Indulgence (Worcester, MA)
2009-01-23: NU drag show (Boston, MA)

2008-09-09: Reggie and the Full Effect (Cambridge, MA)
2008-09-07: Reggie and the Full Effect (New York, NY)
2008-07-09: The Hush Sound (Cambridge, MA)
2008-06-27: Mindless Self Indulgence (New York, NY)
2008-05-11: Panic at the Disco (Boston, MA)
2008-05-09: My Chemical Romance (New York, NY)
2008-05-07: My Chemical Romance (Philadelphia, PA)
2008-05-06: My Chemical Romance (Philadelphia, PA)
2008-01-20: Cobra Starship (Cambridge, MA)
2008-01-18: Cobra Starship (New York, NY)
2008-01-17: Cobra Starship (Albany, NY)

2007-11-15: The Pipettes (Boston, MA)
2007-11-09: Fall Out Boy (Lowell, MA)
2007-11-07: The Academy Is... (Worcester, MA)
2007-10-27: The Academy Is... (Providence, RI)
2007-10-24: My Chemical Romance (Hoboken, NJ)

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