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[personal profile] shadesong/[ profile] shadesong is looking for people to make t-shirts for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's Clothesline Project.

She says:
The Clothesline Project is for survivors of rape, sexual assault, incest, domestic violence, any kind of sexual violence, but can also be for loved ones of survivors; there are shirts by parents, partners, and friends of survivors. (Note: I am hoping for shirts from male survivors and anyone else whose experience challenges people's assumptions of "the typical rape victim", but I will take any shirt you want to make.)
This shirt-making event will take place at Shadesong's house at a time to be determined. They're also looking into ways for non-local survivors to contribute.


[staff profile] mark did a code push last night. Things that are live include a fix for removing users from subscription filters (basically, It Works Now) and [personal profile] yvi's sticky entry patch. To set a sticky post, you can choose any existing post and enter its URL or ID at the bottom of the Display settings page. Crossposting from clients should now work, although I haven't mucked around with it since I don't use a client. There are also a bunch of new themes.


Johnny Blazes will be performing Wo(n)man Show at Northeastern tonight. But Ellie isn't coming, because work. You should come and hang out with me, though! Email me if you are coming and we can meet up. Doors at 7:30, show at 8.

Date: 2009-10-07 14:42 (UTC)
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As soon as I saw that there had been a code push I immediately started fiddling with my filters again :-)

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