Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 22:30
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In recent years, my family has developed a new way to buy Christmas presents.

Mom hands out the credit card number, and the kids order what they want. Within reason, of course. Because everyone in this family sucks at telling anybody else what's on their list.

I don't open the boxes unless it's clothes (which I need to try on to make sure they fit before it's too late to return them), or I ordered something I truly needed along with whatever else.

I ordered a denim skirt. It's a nice skirt, very long. Holy shit very long. I think if I wore my stompy boots with huge wooden platforms, the hem would still trail the ground. Also, it's a size too big. So that needs to go back.

I also ordered a pair of forest green pants, which do fit and are awesome. I'm keeping them, but I don't zomg need pants right now. But they're green, and I have red shirts, and we're having an office Christmas party, and I've never had an office Christmas party before, and I want to be ridic and wear red and green.

And I had to liberate the bottle of toner from my awesome Sephora gift box. Speaking of which - I wore makeup today! I got compliments on my glasses and my sweater. IDK.

I'm supposed to give an 8-minute presentation to my history class tomorrow. When I twittered about it, I had a 20-minute presentation. I managed to cut it down to 10 so far, though. /o?

Finally, this is important: a student handed in a plagiarized assignment, concealed by feeding it through a website which somehow rewrote it so it looked like original work. I am one of the people tasked with trying to figure out what site this kid used. So what sites might a high school student be using to auto-reword a paper? I thank you, and my mother thanks you.

Edit: oh Toros

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