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Reposting from tumblr... I am going to see about getting back on Dreamwidth but I am more reliably on tumblr (also as sofiaviolet) because it takes less effort and gives me more pictures of Sebastian Stan.



That was everything I wanted and more.

Way to joss literally all the fanfic by exploding one of our fundamental assumptions about the structure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, guys.

Anthony Mackie stole the fucking show. I am officially invested not only in his Sam Wilson/Falcon, but also in him as an actor. I will be hitting up IMDB for his past work and following his career in the future.

I loved every second that the Winter Solider was on screen, surprising absolutely no one who is aware of my feelings regarding Sebastian Stan. I really hope they were setting up what I hope they were setting up for Cap 3 (which is “Steve and Sam’s quest to save Bucky”), because I will die of feels on all sides. The fight on the helicarrier was particularly emotional, and only kept increasing those stakes (you’re my friend, you’re my mission) - until we get to the end, where it’s Steve falling falling falling and Bucky managing to hold on - and then saving Steve. Even if he does just kind of leave him on the beach because he can’t quite figure out why he just saved the guy he was supposed to kill.

I sincerely hope lots of people write fic that fills in the time between Avengers and this film. A Steve who’s pretty well-adjusted to The Future was nice to see, especially after so many Captain Cannot Internet fics, and I know fandom could come up with plenty of great stories that show some of the process and hit all sorts of issues and emotional registers.

I loved seeing Maria Hill do more stuff. I hope she’s back a lot in future movies and that she continues to get character development.

I also think that Natasha’s role in the film and her position at the end of it demonstrate the viability of a Black Widow movie. She has skillsets that none of the other characters with individual franchises have, as explicitly contrasted with Steve in this film; they can make a different kind of movie with her as the lead. There is at least an entire film in those lines at the end about all her covers being blown. Whether that film is about her moving forward or about her past catching up to her, I don’t know. I think Marvel is more likely to do the latter; I’d possibly rather see the former because I think it’s a fresher, less obvious take. (Or, you know, they could make more than one Black Widow movie. I’d support that.)

More thoughts to come if they come to me.

[They did.]

They more or less said that Alexander Pierce was on the World Security Council for years, right? Which would include the events of Avengers.

I feel like that sheds a new light on the Council’s stupid-ass decision to nuke Manhattan…
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