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Words: Well, uh. That's the thing.

Word tells me I have 6180 as of writing this entry. The NaNo word counter tells me I have 6267. This is good, actually, but the discrepancy is really bugging me when it comes to my super-detailed spreadsheet.

I am doing fine with regards to standard NaNo targets, but my personal goal was 2500 per day, and I haven't hit it yet this month. I mean, I have some excuses - burlesque on the 1st, random Amanda Palmer show on the 2nd. And it doesn't help that I'm behind three of my writing buddies right now (of seven who actually seem to be doing NaNo this year). Way to make me feel inadequate, guys (I still ♥ you).

Here, have a quote from the part of the story I'm not supposed to be working on yet:
He ducks his head, bites his lip – he's going to puke butterflies all over her if he opens his mouth, 'I like you' and 'I'm nervous' and 'please be okay with me' and 'please believe I'm okay.'
Perhaps I should do something with [personal profile] brother_marcus? I mean, I am writing his story for NaNo.

Notes on NaNo.

Saturday, October 31st, 2009 11:00
sofiaviolet: NaNoWriMo - easy peasy (nano: pumpkin pie motherfucker)
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* I am going to hate myself so much by December. Not just because 2500 words per day, but because those words are going to come from putting a character I really do love through hell many times over.

Or, when I can no longer cope with Marcus and his alcoholism/depression/dead and dying friends and relatives/et cetera, the words will come from the prickly young genius who does not like to talk to anyone, not even his creator. I guess it's cheating to have a backup novel to work on, but I do expect to burn out on And In Darkness, Light early and often throughout November.

(I should note that by the time AIDL is completed, Marcus will have found some stability and happiness. But for the ending to actually get written - well, I'm waiting on some people to deliver the framework I will need. And they will not be rushed - certainly not by the likes of me - and believe me when I say I'm not the only person going nuts over it all.)

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