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So I mentioned a little while back that I am visiting Cory's parents after Christmas.

I am totally sending them a card, whenever he gets around to giving me an address. I am also going to send a card to his brother Chris and Chris's girlfriend Kajsa (who was one of Ellie's friends in high school, actually).

But I also want to get them gifts! Because I do that! !!!! And this is where I turn to you, oh lazyweb...

Kajsa crochets; I can get her some yarn, y? Or am I projecting my own desire to be gifted with craft supplies? Other people who crochet: what is a reasonable quantity of yarn?

As for the other three, I am completely lost and I doubt Cory will be any kind of help. What kinds of things are reasonable, non-weird (well, non-excessively-weird) gifts for the parents and siblings of one's partner?

I get that this is probably a weird and excessive thing to be doing, but. *hands* I had a Thing about the holiday season as a kid - I tried to get stuff for all my cousins, even the ones I wouldn't be seeing (not make my mom get stuff and put my name in the From: field. Pick it out myself, even if she did give me the money to pay for it). It faded for a while, and then a few years ago, the holiday wishlist meme and the people offering to send out cards brought it out again.

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Friday, October 22nd, 2010 11:49
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Lazyweb time: is anyone out there familiar with JFK and making connections there? Particularly in the terminal(s) that Delta uses? How fast can I dash through there at 7:30am on a Saturday?

I know I can make my connection in Minneapolis, having done it before in the same (very short) amount of time (and in heels, no less, which mistake I will not make again). But I'm thinking I should maybe suck it up and pay the baggage fee so I don't have to sprint through two airports, one of which I am not sure I have ever flown through, dragging a bright pink suitcase behind me.
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Internets! I am supposed to write a little blurb about myself that will be sent out to the entire library in the form of a "look! shiny new student employee" email. Tell me what I should include? EDIT: Or you can suggest things for me to include in my profile, in the same area as that quote from [personal profile] hagiologic.

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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 22:03
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Internets, counsel me on my Itchy Welts.

some icky TMI behind the cut )
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Boston-and-environs: recommend therapists, especially kink-friendly ones!
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... and using subject lines:

1. Today is my mother's birthday.

2. I need to buy a new alarm clock. I somehow managed to break mine. :( I didn't even have it for more than a couple of months.

3. I am looking for podfic recs! I often have the opportunity to listen to my ipod at work, but I spend too much time fiddling with it whenever it plays a song I don't like, and I suck at playlists. But today I listened to [ profile] inkjunket's reading of [ profile] sevenfists's The Sky-High City and it was awesome. Just what I needed.

So, yes. Ur podfics, give them to me. Bandom preferred, but feel free to take this as an opportunity to recruit me into your fandom via ficcy goodness.

4. How much do I love Firefox's search capabilities? I found the links in #3 so quickly in my bookmarks/history.

5. I really need to import/upload/redo my tags and icons. But I need to catch up on writing even more.

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