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Thursday, May 6th, 2010 23:00
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Today's Daily Song is not a single song! I have zipped eight songs from the supplementary playlist for And In Darkness, Light, the name I use for stories about Marcus (currently in progress: a trilogy plus some other stuff).

And In Darkness, Light (Supplementary Soundtrack) 47.2mb

1. Thursday - Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother, the Failure
2. The Used - Say Days Ago
3. Mindless Self-Indulgence - Bed of Roses
4. Pulp - Disco 2000
5. Weezer - The Good Life
6. Reggie and the Full Effect - E
7. Thursday - Jet Black New Year
8. The Used - Pretty Handsome Awkward

There are actually two playlists for And In Darkness, Light: the one that's kind of like a fanmix, and the one that provides/reflects the story's structure.

The latter playlist, the one not represented by today's upload, contains one song per chapter, in order, plus some "bonus tracks" for the sake of completeness.

The current structure of the story (and its playlist) is provided by 38 songs and 5 bonus songs. And I'm fully expecting to add more onto the end.

So my outline currently looks like:
Book One: eleven chapters
Book Two: thirteen chapters (direct continuation from Book One)
[one storybit goes here]
Book Three: fourteen chapters (skips ahead from the end of Book Two)
[four storybits go here]
hypothetical Book Four: unknown number of chapters (skips ahead from the end of Book Three)

If I post about the actual content of AIDL, in terms of themes and plot and everything, that'll probably go in [community profile] auriel, but I'll link to it the next time I update my journal.


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