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Thursday, December 17th, 2009 20:48
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Look, I wrote stuff!

(The wall is actually a real place in my neighborhood, though [community profile] auriel is a fake place in my head. I walk past the wall every day. Maybe it will give me something I truly need, one day.)


All the MCR fans reading this journal have probably already seen [livejournal.com profile] morebliss's Gerard Way picspam/quotespam, but my mom hasn't. (We are crossing our fingers so hard that they play New Orleans in June, so I can take my parents.)

Speaking of my parents! They will be here on Saturday!! !!!!!!!


Mainly intended for people who are seeing this on LJ...

If you've noticed OpenID profileSofia Violet Emilie Blackthorne [dreamwidth.org] friending you, don't worry. It's still me! This OpenID is linked to my Dreamwidth account and is my preferred way to read and comment on LiveJournal. Friending this OpenID will allow me to read and comment on your posts while I'm logged in via OpenID, without duplicate posts on your flist.

[personal profile] sofiaviolet and [livejournal.com profile] sofiaviolet contain the same entries, so you can read whichever you prefer. Comments are on Dreamwidth, and the LiveJournal crossposts contain a footer which links to the original post and shows how many comments there are. I wrote step-by-step directions for OpenID; once you're logged in, you can comment as usual.

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