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Follow Friday: all-communities edition

[community profile] metaquotes.

[community profile] holiday_wishes is a place to post your ten wishes and find other people's wishlists.

[community profile] beginningcocks features the hilarity of bad sex writing, and frequent games of lube/not-lube. Name comes from a misread of "beginningcooks." NSFW.

[community profile] boilingwater: f00d for n00bs. A beginning cooks' community. SFW.

[community profile] omnomnom is a recipe-sharing community. It should be searchable, as someone(s) seem to keep it paid.

[community profile] dailyprompt is a writing prompt community.

[community profile] intro_to_cs is a learning community based around the MIT Open Courseware Introduction to Computer Science and Programming course, which teaches [community profile] python. (Next semester, I would actually have time to do this. On the other hand, what I want to learn is [community profile] perl. On the third hand which is now apparently growing out of my torso, Ellie says that once you know the basic concepts, everything else is syntax.)

As always, please share your Follow Friday posts at [community profile] followfriday.


Today is Dad's birthday. (I am not actually sure if he still reads this. Mom does. I already said 'happy birthday' on the phone, but it doesn't hurt to mention it again.)

I've bugged my honors advisor again, about the junior/senior project this time. It's not a requirement for the honors program (one can earn a course distinction and/or project distinction, and I'm on track for the former), so unless the history department will let me count it as my capstone, I don't think I'll do it. The effort:tangible-benefit ratio just isn't good enough.

The one course I am definitely 100% totally taking is an honors seminar called "Being 'Crazy' in America: History, Policy and Popular Culture." Between my background in social construction theory (one course and internet debates) and my actually being 'crazy,' I foresee a fair bit of "lol no," but if I made it through Women's Studies 101 without killing anyone, I can also avoid homicide here. [Monday, 5-8]

There's also an honors seminar on the history of espionage (Wednesday nights), one on health care (Monday and Thursday lunchtime), and one on alternative medicine (Tuesday nights).

I'm considering taking Intro to Sociology. Every spring, there are a few really fucking awesome sociology courses listed, and they almost all have Soc 101 as a prereq.

One that doesn't is Gender in a Changing Society. There's also Sociology of Boston, Social Movements, Race ad Ethnic Relations, and Current Issues in Cities and Suburbs. I would love to take Computers and Society, but it conflicts with my honors seminar.

The history offerings aren't making me dance with joy this semester, sadly. Cultural History of the United States could be interesting but the course description was kind of not. American Elites would probably just make me want to kill people. Soviet Secret Police is a popular course, but I'm not sure I want to take that. There's also Colonialism and Contemporary Africa.

I could take 701 (which does fulfill the history capstone requirement) this spring. The course topic is the Global 60s. Or I could take 911 and pick my own damn topic. Or I could wait for my last semester.

Then there is Media and History, which is a combined grad/undergrad course. Looks like there will at least be some allusion to topics like preservation.

Right now, my tentative schedule is:
Monday: Colonialism and Contemporary Africa (1:35-2:40), Gender in a Changing Society (2:50-4:30), Being 'Crazy' in America (5:00-8:00)
Tuesday: sleep, code, knit, paint, make jewelry, write
Wednesday: Colonialism and Contemporary Africa (1:35-2:40), Gender in a Changing Society (2:50-4:30), Media and History (4:35-7:35)
Thursday: Colonialism and Contemporary Africa (1:35-2:40)
Friday: sleep, code, knit, paint, make jewelry, write

Why yes, yes that is two days off and no class earlier than half past one in the afternoon. *smugface*
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