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Step One

- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

- Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ, or link to this post (it'll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.
Step Two

- Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

1. Anything from my etsy wishlist.
2. Gift certificates for places like Sephora, Target, H&M, Wyrding Studios...
3. Any kind of mail - postcards, letters, whatever.
4. New music. I don't care what - I'll give anything a listen.
5. Buttons! I put them on my purse. 1" is the best size, but I'll take larger ones, too.
6. Earrings. I can wear any kind of metal, oddly enough, so no worries about reactions.
7. Beads, findings, and other crafty stuff good for jewelry-making.
8. Hello Kitty. I heart kawaii.
9. Long shot, but if you have any primary sources on voudou in the 19th century in and around New Orleans, I have a paper to write.
10. Good thoughts for my brother, who had a tumor in his knee and still needs one more operation, and my aunt, who just had a double mastectomy the day after her birthday.

Email me ( if you need my address.

Date: 2008-11-10 18:00 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
re: 5
Oh man, in my first two years of college I had a messenger bag just COVERED in 1" buttons and it was always a major conversation piece, usually while in line for the bathroom at shows *g* I kind of miss that.

Date: 2008-11-10 18:33 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
6) Oooh. I could do this one. (and also 10, of course)

Date: 2008-11-12 20:39 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
can do something for 5,6,7.
Re: 4, would you like some italian music? (not euro disco, I promise :P )

Consider 10 done.

Date: 2008-12-04 04:54 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can do a few of these! Alas while I have a lot of info on voudu, it's all Haitian or West African. But I'll see what I can dig up...

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