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Dyed my hair - I had done it not that long ago but I somehow fucked up. I had a whole patch above/to the right of my left ear that just didn't get affected and was many many shades lighter. So now my hair is uniformly the darkest one can go besides black.

I'm still kind of sick. The only thing wrong with me is a sore throat and cough that feed each other. Reading stories of hacks and pranks out loud to my family probably didn't help.

I had to burn all those cds I made for my mom before I left Boston, because I apparently moved my laptop around too much while they were burning. They all skip all the fucking time. On the other hand, the albums that were supposed to be gapless actually are this time around.

It's now technically Christmas. My family will do the gift thing at some point within the next 23 hours. Mom is going to go to church - she kind of has to, I think, seeing as she teaches at a Catholic school. And I need some sleep. We're a lot more laid back about this than we were when I was a kid. No waking up at stupidly early hours. I don't even think anybody wrapped presents. We all know what we're getting because we were there when the gifter bought it, or in my case at least, bought it ourselves with the parental credit card.

So I already know what I'm getting and could do a gifty inventory now, but I'll wait until it properly passes into my possession.

Night night all. I'll see you around lunchtime, I suspect.

♥ you all.

Winter holidays

Date: 2007-12-25 15:04 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Happy, happy to you too, love. This holiday has come to mean being all together for me. The gifts could come at any time you needed/wanted the item. This year in a very real time manner, I know that having us all in the same room is precious.

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